What Is Environmental Contracting?


Are you wondering what environmental contracting is? Environmental contractors are knowledgeable about sustainable building practices, green construction, and how to clean up a piece of land that is unsafe for construction or use. They often provide solutions after contamination or are involved in building projects. They could also give advice on the prevention of contamination or environmental dangers.

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Environmental contractors perform various types of environmental construction and remediation tasks for the private and public sectors. Such tasks include promoting green construction practices, reviving land area, and cleaning up hazardous materials.

High quality data gathered at the outset by environmental contracting and ground investigation teams underpins project consent and value engineering scheme design, but also has longevity into construction, as well as operations and maintenance. The information can also uncover potential challenges leading to the timely identification of key risks – and opportunities – particularly in relation to the ground and the environment. Mitigation measures can be instigated early reducing costly overruns and environmental damage, while improving safety for construction teams.

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