What are the Different Types of Window Shades?


There are so many design options when it comes to our windows. Besides the actual windows themselves, window treatments are used to give it a better look. Shades are one kind of window treatment. In this article, we are going to look at some window shade options that you can use for your home.

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Roman shades are the first type of shades that we are going to look at. Roman shades are distinguishable by the folds that are evenly stacked on them. A benefit of roman shades is that there are a bunch of different styles that you can choose from. These shades don’t do well with moisture so it is best if you left these shades out of bathroom or kitchen spaces.

Roller shades are another option. These shades, as the name suggests, can be rolled up neatly onto a tube at the top. This is a more modern option, so if that is the style of your home, consider these.

The last type of shade that we are going to look at is solar shades. This solar shade has a similar look to a roller shade, however, it does a better job at blocking the sun. These shades also do a great job of getting rid of glare on our electronic devices.


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