Finding a Good Minecraft Server


Choosing a good Minecraft server can be a challenge. You’re sure to find something you enjoy among the thousands of options, but how do you get started? This video explains the top Minecraft servers and what makes them a good server.

Pick the right type of gameplay.

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The server descriptions or tags should describe what the server is all about. You’re probably familiar with most of these if you’ve played on popular servers before.

Look up the population. Most of these lists display how many players are currently logged in next to the name of each server. If you’re looking for a place to play minigames or be part of massive projects, choose a server with at least 100 people logged in. If you’re looking for a more intimate community, you might prefer one with 50 or fewer people online. Check for grief protection: Preferred by most players outside of PvP, this feature makes it difficult for other players to destroy your buildings and items. Survival servers usually mention this in the description if they have it, but not always.

Visit the server website. Is the server’s forum post or website page nice to look at? Does it include information about the server rules, features, staff, and community? The best servers tend to invest time into their online presence, making it user friendly and informative.


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