Servers and Their Functions


In this video, you will learn about a server and its functions. There are a lot of functions of a server. Certain companies have a few different server options that do different things.

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File servers are the first thing. These are for storing files and servers. This is going to be accessible on the network for people to connect to it. If you open the computer you will find the drive with the files on them. Most of the time, these point to a full server. This can be data that is relevant to that department. Commonly, a server will be on a windows based file server environment. This is acting as a file server as well. The main controller is going to act as a communicating directory. You build a windows server and install directory tools. What you can and cannot access are all within the domain controller. You are able to push out controls. You might want to disable certain things. If you are in a larger business, this could convert your host name to an IP address. When you ping a server, this is controlled by your IP address.

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