Different Specialties That Law Students Can Pursue


A recent video from CareerGuide.com outlined the many specialties and areas of focus law students might choose to follow. Ranging from Corporate Law, Real Estate, to Family Attorney, the video delves into each specialty’s essential functions, salaries, and career prospects.

It’s clear that depending on the type of law attorneys choose to specialize in, the type of client and the salaries they could earn will vary widely. For example, in 2014, a Patent Attorney’s median salary was $129,000, whereas a Tax Attorney could start their practice earning as little as $55,000 per year.

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Commodities Lawyers can earn significantly more, boasting an average salary of $168,000 per year or more.

Also, depending on the area of focus, the normal duties of lawyers will vary widely. A Criminal Lawyer defends people or businesses against criminal charges, while a Real Estate Attorney provides advice on commercial and residential real estate transactions. Family Law Attorneys tend to be generalists, helping individuals with divorces, adoptions, and other contract issues common in everyday life. In each role, lawyers advise their clients in their areas of expertise.

CareerGuide.com’s guide to Attorneys provides an insightful look into the varied trades of modern attorneys. Whether you’re a law student interested in performing the duties of commodities lawyers or general practice Family Attorneys, this video guide is for you.


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