How to Become a Criminal Law Attorney


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Criminal law attorneys prosecute or defend alleged criminals on a day-to-day basis. There is a lot of learning and hard work necessary to becoming a criminal law attorney. This video explains some of the traits you need to successfully become a criminal lawyer.

An ability to read is the most important thing in any lawyer’s arsenal. Lawyers need to read and sort through thousands of legal documents to build a case. It’s an endeavor that requires a lot of time and focus. There are small crumbs of evidence, precedence, and ways to spin facts to support the case hidden in layers of boring legal jargon.

Other than an ability to read, criminal lawyers need to keep an open mind. In the United States, defendants are guilty until proven guilty. Going in with an arrogant demeanor and one’s own sense of right and wrong can lead to a lawyer missing an important piece of information, or worse, wrongful conviction.

The other thing criminal lawyers need to do is gain practical experience in the courtroom. Even lawyers that come from the best law schools in the nation will not be fully prepared for the unexpected curveballs and mistakes that can occur in court.

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