DIY Garage Door Fix You Can Do At Home


Are you having an issue with your garage opener? When it comes to fixes like this, typically you want to leave it to the professionals, but if it’s a small fix, maybe the cost of garage door repair is worth it rather than hiring a commercial garage door company. If this is the case, your detective skills need to be in full effect in order to spot some of the little fixes that can potentially save you tons of money.

The first thing to do is to look at the garage door.

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Yes, just look at it. Although this seems trivial, sometimes inspecting something you otherwise don’t pay attention to can give you the answers you need. When looking at your door, see if any of the garage door panels are bent. If they are, this could be a big reason why your garage door opener can’t pull your garage door up. Another small thing you can check is your garage door sensor. If this is unaligned, then the opener will not be able to tell if someone is under the door or not.

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