4 Ways Colleges Can Benefit from Using CRM for Admissions


A CRM – or Customer Relationship Management Software – is commonly used by businesses to improve client relationships and drive sales. But CRMs can be invaluable to institutions of higher education, too.

Today, there are numerous universities to choose from, and students are spoilt for choice. In the United States, there are roughly 5,300 universities and colleges. With all these options available, how do institutions of higher education stand out from the pack and attract top students? They use college admission management software.

While famous alumni, industry links, and a tranquil environment conducive to studying may attract students to a university or college, these factors aren’t enough. If an institution’s admissions process is long and complex, it may discourage potential students from joining the institution. That’s why CRM software is essential for institutions of higher education.

That said, keep reading to learn more about what CRM software is – specifically college admission management software – and how it can aid the admissions process.

What Is CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management Software is software that facilitates communication and information transfer between team members. It is commonly used by businesses to enhance customer relationships, streamline processes, and boost profitability.

While CRM software was particularly created with businesses in mind, today, it is integral to other institutions as well. College admission management software, a type of CRM, is essential to the admissions process. Are you thinking of investing in a CRM for higher education to improve your admissions process? Here are the benefits of using a CRM for university admissions.

1. A CRM Can Help You Track Marketing Activities

A CRM can help you to keep tabs on your marketing efforts. For instance, it can help you monitor whether potential students stumbled upon your university via your website or a social media marketing campaign. With this information, you can then evaluate the best platform for your marketing efforts.

2. A CRM Can Simplify the Admissions Process

No one likes tedious processes. Even if students decide to join your institution, you may lose them at the last minute with a long and complex admissions process. College admission management software can streamline the admissions process. From application form submission to fee payment, higher education admissions software can smoothen the enrollment process and increase the odds of students joining your institution of higher learning.

3. A CRM Can Help You Attract Top Students

Many students conduct thorough research before they pick a university or college. Using CRM software, you can nurture these prospects. A good CRM can allow you to engage with prospects interested in your college or university before they even apply to it.

4. A CRM Consolidates Data in One Location

Decentralized data can be difficult to keep track of and analyze. College admission management software prevents this by centralizing data in one location. As a result, it allows team members to easily collaborate and view important student information from one credible source.

The Best CRM for Higher Education

In conclusion, using college admission management software can provide you with all the benefits listed above and help your university or college attract students. Want to attract more students? Request a demo to learn more about our best CRM for universities.

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