What Makes the Best Private School Really the Best?


The best private school has a lot to offer. Many parents often wonder what it is about a private school that makes it the best. Is it the small class sizes? Is it individualized attention? Or, is it the focus on academic excellence that makes a private school the best private school? Let’s delve into this topic a bit further.

The Proof Is Readily Available

If you had any doubt that the best private school can help a child reach high levels of academic achievement, it does not take much to find supporting evidence. A recent study found that private school high school seniors scored on average over three points higher on standardized tests like the ACT test, according to NCES.

Other studies found that, on average, eighth-grade private school students scored a whopping 18 points higher on standardized math tests than eighth-graders that did not attend the best private school. The same study found that fourth-graders from private schools scored on average eight points higher on math tests than their counterparts in public school.

What Makes Private School the Best?

Private schools are the best due to several factors. The best private school only employs highly qualified teachers that are fully certified in their field of expertise. The classroom size is smaller, which means more individualized attention is given to the learner.

Private schools welcome input from parents and partner together, creating a learning community for the student with full support. Academic excellence is a priority at private schools. The curriculum is well-thought-out and not directed by government agencies.

A multi-layered approach to ensuring that a student succeeds is essential in most private school settings. Innovation in the classroom, parental involvement, extracurricular activities, and more are all part of the learning experience at the best private school.

The Most Important Ingredient

In a private school setting, the setting is student-centric. That means that every decision relating to the classroom, testing, and extracurricular activities is made in the student’s best interest. In private schools, the student is the priority.

Learn more about what the best private school has to offer your student and how those offerings can put them on the path to success.

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