What Does Your Cerebral Cortex Do?


Our brain is the main character in our body. It controls all of our actions, both voluntary and involuntary, yet the average person doesn’t know much about it. To start our learning journey, let’s start with the outermost part of the brain, the cerebral cortex. It’s the pink or gray area of our brain that is folded up in our heads.

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The entire cerebral cortex is made up of mostly the neocortex but also some allocortex or mesocortex.

One part of the cerebral cortex takes care of sensory processing. Everything you touch goes through that area of the brain. There are also parts called the primary visual cortex and primary audio cortex which, your guessed it, covers what you see and hear respectively. In addition to that, there is an entire section of the cerebral cortex that takes care of your motor functions. Really, the cerebral cortex does a lot when it comes to your everyday human functions.

You could stay that the cerebral cortex is the jack of all trades when it comes to the brain, but that would be severely under-representing everything it does. It’s working every minute of every day to ensure that you don’t miss anything out of life.


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