Tips for Pressure Washing Your Driveway


New homeowners need to learn tons of things to keep their properties well maintained, including how to keep the exteriors of their homes clean and free of dirt and grime. Powerwashing sidewalks and driveways is a quick and efficient way to ensure cement and other surfaces stay looking great. Take a look at the video or read this article for tips on driveways pressure washing and more.

Go slow!

When cleaning cement, it’s critical not to rush things.

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Doing so often results in swirls and other unseemly marks remaining on the concrete even after it’s been cleaned.

Watch the overlap

Many people try to get their driveways and sidewalks as clean as possible by cleaning in overlapping sections — this creates highly visible streaks that are left behind. The streaks are caused by uneven cleaning: the overlapping sections end up being cleaned twice while the centered segments only receive one treatment.

Pretreat the area to be cleaned

Pretreating consists of using high-power water to remove the first layer of build-up and dirt. Doing so greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning once surface cleaners are applied. It also helps prevent the occurrence of stripes and swirls during the cleaning process.

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