Searching for a Preschool Program Takes Time and Patience

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After parents have spent many years in education themselves, they often have a pretty good idea of what kind of preschool program they have in mind for their own children. Especially if parents find themselves looking for an infant room that cares for six week to 18 month old children, they are likely already looking at the pre-kindergarten or preschool experience that center can offer as their children get older.
Does Finding a Peaceful Teacher Matter to You?
If you have read many books about the philosophy of early childhood education you might have come across the book Tao of Montessori. This text by Catherine McTamaney talks about the peaceful teacher and what that person’s classroom might look like. For example, a peaceful teacher allows students to do their work, often free from interruptions. Instead of aimlessly talking about what a cute outfit that child might be wearing, these teachers tend to train themselves to offer help and suggestions to those who request it. Their keen skills of observation train them to monitor student progress, while at the same time allow students the opportunity to develop what today’s educational trend now calls “grit.”
A nonpeaceful teacher can be a whirling dervish in the classroom, so intend on putting on a show that he or she may upset much of what they come in contact with. In a sense, in their best efforts to control the classroom, they often bring the real learning to a crashing halt. While some parents have mastered their own peaceful style at home, others search in earnest for a teacher who can provide their youngest children, and themselves for that matter, a model of peacefulness that encourages learning and independence. A calm, observant parent sitting in the corner who watches her children play instead of over scheduling a long list of play dates, will be the kind of parent most in search of a peaceful teacher.
Observing Peaceful Children Is an Indicator of a Nurturing Preschool Program
The eyes of a peaceful child are focused on the work, not necessarily on others. She is a student so intent on her work that she does not think about stopping what she is doing until she is satisfied with what she has learned. He is intent on finding the exact spot for the 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 63, 72, markers on the bright blue nine chain. To this friend at work, nothing else matters. Only the work at hand.
While peaceful teachers may be what some parents search for, they might do well to look for the peaceful children in the room as an indicator that a thoughtful educational environment is doing its job.
What Are Your Priorities as You Search for Affordable Child Care and Preschool Programs?
While some parents focus on the educational philosophy in a preschool program, others make their choices based on other priorities:

  • Rich language environment. Research indicates children learn many words in their vocabulary when they are as young as 15 to 18 months.
  • Elimination of screen time. The American Association of Pediatricians recommends children younger than two years of age not watch any screen media. A preschool providing even the occasional Friday afternoon movie is not making the best use of time
  • Dedicated staff. One measure of a preschool environment is satisfied staff. Children benefit from a consistent group of adults dedicated to a great workplace.
  • Engaging curriculum. Different preschools take different approaches to educational philosophies. Manipulative math materials, sensorial stations, and language areas that foster reading and writing skills signal a centered and focused school. Curriculum matters because the average human’s brain is 95% of its maximum size by age six.
  • Certified staff. If you find a center where every person on staff has come from a strong early education background, you can fill comfortable knowing that all of the quality preschool strengths will be employed.

Finding the best educational environment for the youngest children is a priority of parents, educators, and the entire nation. A growing amount of research indicates that the preschool advantage stays with children throughout their educatonal careers. The search for respectful adults who realize and appreciate the value of every child will be rewarded with students who learn to be self disciplined and self motivated.
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