Did You Know Early Education For Your Child Can Increase Their Chances Of Graduating?

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What do you look for in a preschool or kindergarten? There are many different aspects to your child’s education, from learning how to socialize with others to developing skills like reading and writing, and schools come in many shapes and sizes as a result. While some parents find their children better suited to public schools, others prefer the advantages of private schools to give their little ones the special attention they need to thrive. No matter your decision, taking care to set your child off on the right path with early childhood education will pave the way for financial and social success to come. Let’s look below at what constitutes the best public preschool or private school and how you can go about finding the institution that suits your child best.

Early Education

The first few years of your child’s growth are some of the most vital, as they will establish their foundation for language, motor skills, socialization and much, much more. A full day preschool schedule is often turned to by parents who want to give their child a thorough head start before they reach kindergarten and elementary, with multiple studies showcasing the emotional and physical benefits a full day preschool schedule provides. For example, an ongoing study using over 14,000 kindergartners found early development increasing their reading and math scores in the future. It’s estimated over two-thirds of American four year-olds attend child-care centers or preschool, thus increasing their likelihood of graduating high school and college down the road.

Public Schools

Public schools are funded by the state and are easily accessible for parents who have busy schedules or prefer to live in urban environments. There children will have access to a wide range of activities, ranging from developing their motor skills through play or developing their language and reading skills through engaging activities. Preschool will establish basic skills, such as counting numbers, recognizing shapes, naming body parts and identifying colors. If you are interested in a smaller learning environment, or perhaps want more control over your child’s education, than you might be more interested in attending private preschools.

Private Schools

On the other hand, some parents find themselves turning to private schools for a few different reasons. Due to their foundation and particular learning process, private schools often have smaller class sizes and more intimate learning environments as a result. Another advantage of private preschools is their encouragement of parental involvement, allowing mothers and fathers the luxury of having more of a say in their child’s unique developmental path. Children with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia or ADHD, are also encouraged to attend private education to better accommodate their needs. Whether public or private, how can you go about finding the best early education and development?

Finding A Good Kindercare

A good school should offer your child a wealth of activities to better enrich their mind and encourage their individuality to flourish, including but not limited to singing, dancing, painting, sports, science projects and free play. A full day preschool schedule, be it a public school or a smaller private school, is absolutely vital to cement useful skills in your child and help them progress easier in life as they grow older. If you or someone you know is looking for a full day preschool schedule for their child, contact your local educational institution and ask them for a tour of their facilities. A little care and discretion taken in your decision now will go a long way in creating a bright future for your little one.

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