Massage Therapy, CEU Courses, and Everything In Between

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Traditional ceu options

One of the rising trends across the globe and specifically within the United States involves getting a massage. Now, this may sound ridiculous on the surface, but it is definitely true. As a matter of fact, people absolutely love getting massages and as the culture in the United States changes, this is a trend that is only going to grow.

The American Massage Therapy Association is just what the name hints at, an association of Massage Therapists. This group has conducted some consumer surveys that engage with consumers and their massage interactions. This survey has revealed that an average of 19% of all adults in the United States got at least one massage between July 2015 and July 2016.

If you are thinking about getting massage therapy or a sports massage then you should. On the other end of this conversation, if you are looking for massage courses and how to do massage online CEU then follow through. This is a huge industry and it is growing every year. Here are all of the facts on massage therapy CEU courses.

First and foremost, it is important to understand what it means to get involved with massage therapy CEU courses. CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. This is basically a credit that stands in for ten hours of actual massage work.

So when you sign up and follow through on your massage therapy CEU courses you are basically getting courses online that stand for real massage activity. This is a great way to get in on massage training online in a way that is practical and in a way that can fit your schedule.

A recent survey amongst customers revealed that just about 89% of all consumers agree that getting a massage can be effective and helpful in reducing their pain. As a result, it is important for people to get the right kind of help that they need.
Recent research has been done by experts in regards to the industry of massage therapy. This has revealed that the industry of massage therapy has managed to reach $12.1 billion in just the United States alone. Keep in mind that this stat was determined for the year of 2015, so it is still in the process of growing.

The average wage for most modern massage therapists is just about $46 an hour for all massage related work. This is another reason why so many people are getting involved with massage therapy CEU courses. It allows for them to easily train and get accreditation for a job that pays them quite well.

A Global Shapers Survey was recently conducted and deals with online education across the globe. This survey revealed first and foremost that just about 78% of all respondents stated that they are taking online courses. Also, this survey revealed that just about 41% of all respondents have stated that an online education is just as strong as learning in a regular, more traditional classroom. This is why massage therapy CEU courses are on the rise!

The vast majority of massage therapists, just about 94%, have taken continuing education classes. Almost 82% of massage therapists started practicing massage therapy as a second career. It is estimated that there are 325,000 to 375,000 massage therapists and massage school students in the United States.

In Conclusion

Every single year more and more people get involved with massage therapy CEU courses. These types of online classes are not only easy to sign up for but they are also easy to handle in terms of your schedule. They can be flexible to match your daily, busy schedule.

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