How Do I Know If My Child Is Ready For Preschool?

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Working parents sometimes need to bring their work home. Other parents attempt to do all of their work from home. As any adult knows, the key to focusing on the task at hand is peace and quiet. This can be incredibly difficult to achieve when small children are around.

There are a few options available to find quiet time to work. Children five and older will be at school for a few hours during the academic year, but what about small children? A great solution is to enroll small children in academic preschool programs.

Are Academic Preschool Programs Preferable to Daycare?

As many as three-fourths of small children in the U.S. participate in a preschool program. One 2015 study found that 51% of all three to four year olds participating in those preschool programs were in a full-day program. Academic preschool programs differ from daycare programs. While one is focused on simply providing a safe, nurturing environment, the other also emphasizes a learning plan.

Is My Child Ready For Preschool?

While many preschools have a starting age of about two and a half, this is by no means the age your child should start. The starting age for preschool differs from child to child. Your child’s behavior will indicate when they are ready.

Independent Children Are More Likely to Be Ready For Preschool.

A major consideration in making the decision is potty training. Children who are not fully potty trained are simply not ready for academic preschool classrooms. The idea is for the child to have a certain measure of independence. This independence will be evident in several ways.

One, they will be able to adhere to a schedule each day. It doesn’t need to be a strict schedule, but hopefully they will nap regularly instead of when they choose. Also, children should have some experience being away from their parents for a few hours.

Preschool is daunting for some parents. It is a clear sign that their little baby is growing up. While daycare programs are good for babies, small children may need more stimulation. Children who are questioning the word around them, and curious to learn more, maybe ready for the next step, which in this case is a good preschool program.

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