3 Steps to Take When Choosing a College Application CRM


Are you looking for a college application CRM? It’s important to figure out which piece of software works well with your enrollment funnel. Clearly, this is not an easy decision as every college differs in size and focus. You need to consider several things before you make your choice. You also need to see the CRMs in action, meaning that you must schedule demos with your team. Here are some factors to consider when making your final decision.

1. Determine Which Features You Need

The pricing of admissions CRM software usually varies depending on the features you need. A system with more features is usually more complex and will cost more. As such, you need to figure out what features you can’t do without. In most instances, smaller schools don’t need much. You can sit with your team and brainstorm the important features you should have. This will help you choose the best CRM and the best package that will cover all your bases. Your budget will determine the capabilities of the systems you can choose from.

2. Come Up with a List of Standout CRMs

Before you can make your choice, you should come up with a list of CRMs that seem like they would be a good fit for you. You and your project members can search online, and each person can suggest who they think will provide the best services. When making your list, don’t forget the budget. However, you may not want to rule out options that go totally beyond your budget. You can ask for special pricing and packages, as most providers offer a variety of different services.

3. Get Demos of Potential CRMs

The best way to eliminate bad fits is to get a chance to view demos of potential college application CRM packages. If there’s a project manager on your team, they should schedule demos of all the systems you are considering. Everyone on your team must attend the demos. If any CRMs are clearly not going to cut it for you, don’t hesitate to scratch them off the list. Demos should leave you with one or two possible choices. If your college requires that you submit a proposal, use it to share the CRMs you are considering.

Choosing a college application CRM is not an easy process. There are so many things to consider, budget and functionality being some of the most important.

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