13 Top Innovative Schools in America


Talltanic presents this YouTube video on the top 13 innovative schools in America. During the presentation, they address the prime elementary schools and the best international middle schools.

What makes an innovative school? It goes beyond the education students receive. It’s their design and their location.

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For instance, the McCorkle floating school in Nigeria. The three-story building is constructed on a series of platforms to fight the rise of flood waters common in the area.

Additionally, it focuses on classroom structure, or a lack thereof. At Ohio’s Carpe Diem School, students learn by computer and are separated by cubicle walls. Although it seems less than ideal, the design increases the student’s focus on the lesson instead of what goes on around them.

In the end, an innovative school takes the STEM curriculum and turns it on its head. Students are provided with new ways to learn and interact with teachers and peers. As a result, they’re provided with the tools to excel in other educational areas as well as in adulthood.

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