Learning Spanish In Preschool How It Works

Preschool spanish curriculum lessons

Learning a new language isn’t easy — and it definitely isn’t easy when you get older. Many of us hate the fact that we’re just monolingual. Knowing nothing but your mother tongue can hinder a person when they’re competing against polyglots for jobs. In fact, many jobs now only consider applicants that can speak two or more languages. Even graduate school admissions are affected by a person’s ability to speak multiple languages — or their lack thereof. While it’s not impossible to learn a new language as an adult, it’s certainly much easier to do so when you’re younger. So why not consider assisting your child in this endeavor? Perhaps the most valuable language for Americans to learn is Spanish. Spanish is used in many different professional fields, and for that matter the close Read more »

How Spanish for Preschool Can Change the World

Childrens spanish curriculum

This world, though vast and varied, is growing smaller with each new invention and connected device. There are more and more individuals deserting the standard formula and expectations of getting a job and settling down in one place. People are realizing that this beautiful world is worth wandering and exploring. And even for those staying put, there are more and more opportunities to interact with people from other cultures and people who speak other languages. One way that you can help to encourage this interaction and openness is by getting your children involved from a young age. Spanish for preschoolers is a great way to introduce your young ones to other cultures.

The many benefits of Spanish for preschools
Learning a new language is the perfect window into anothe Read more »

Giving the Gift of Education The Statistical Advantage Granted Through Private Education

Coconut creek preschool

Our daily lives are fueled by the need to work in order to provide for our families; this is colloquially referred to as that “daily grind.” Although Americans are making more money per hour today than previous years, one must also take into account the cost of living changes that have occurred over the decades. In 1975 the average cost of a new home would be $209,417 in 2015 dollars while today’s equivalent in minimum wages for 1975 would have been $9.16 per hour; compare that to 2015′s average for a home at $270,200 and minimum wage of $8.25 per hour! It is no surprise to learn that parents are spending more time at work with roughly two-thirds of children between the ages of two and four years old attending part time or full time child care centers.

The Age of Learning

P Read more »

Ensure Your High School Student is Prepped for Success

Best middle schools in miami

Currently, there are approximately 30,861 private schools in the United States. These schools provide an education to 5.3 million students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Are you considering a private high school for your teenager? If so, you are probably already aware of the many benefits to attending a private, rather than a public, high school.

The Benefits of Private School

First of all, most private schools have less than 300 students. These schools also tend to be less than half the size of an average public school.

Secondly, the classes are smaller with a lower student-teacher ratio. Private schools usually have 12.5 students for every teacher, while public schools usually have 15.4 students per teacher. Since there is a smaller student-to-teacher r Read more »

Brilliant Ways to Deliver Spanish Lessons for Preschoolers

Preschool spanish curriculum lessons

Today, raising a bilingual child is a hot topic among many parents, and Spanish is by far the most popular foreign language for children to learn. Previous studies have shown that bilingual employees earn 20% more per hour on average than monolingual employees. There are also many cultural benefits to learning a second language as well.

The earlier you introduce your kids to a foreign language, the better, and parents should try to start lessons before the age of five years whenever possible. While that might seem premature, very young children are actually far, far better at learning new languages than even the smartest adults. If you cannot find a dual language preschool or secure admission to an academy that offers preschool Spanish lessons, there are still options. If you’re interested in fun Spanish lessons for preschoolers, then here are a few things to keep in mind:
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Making Your Masters Degree in Adult Education a Reality

Degree in interdisciplinary studies

There is a formula in the United States that suggests, should it be followed to the letter, you could end up with your perfect, ideal, American dream, the kind that maybe you have fantasized about since you were a child, or that you marveled at in movies when you were growing up. Go to college however it is possible for you to do so, whether or not that includes going into debt, get a job, get a nice car, buy a house, work as much as possible to afford it all. Follow this formula, and it could all be yours.

The problem is, real life is messy, and very easily gets in the way of a structured formula. And on top of that, not everyone’s perfect American dream is made of the same key ingredients.

Breaking down the formula to make more sense

Of course Read more »

Getting Autistic Children Ready for School Does Not Have to Be Painful

New jersey school for autism

Awareness of autism and the problems that is causes has risen in the past few years. The condition itself is a neural development disorder. The characteristics of autism are impaired social communication and interaction and by repetitive and restrictive behavior. Approximately one in 50 children is impacted by autism, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It impacts the way information is processes by the brain. This is because the nerve cells and their synapses have been altered so they organize and connect in a different way than in non-autistic people. The signs of autism are apparent before a child reaches the age of three. If your child ha Read more »

Begin Preschool Spanish Lessons When Children are Naturally Acquiring Language Skills

Elementary school spanish curriculum

It looks as if your oldest daughter’s Spanish education has come full circle. Three days after she walks across the stage and receives her college school diploma, she, her fellow graduates, and the Spanish language professor are leaving for Spain. This final part of her formal Spanish training, and an amazing addition to the Spanish curriculum, will include trips to the following locations:

  • Prado National Museum in Madrid
  • Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  • Seville Cathedral in Seville
  • Siam Park in Adeje
  • Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote
  • Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Pilar in Zaragoza

All of this with a group of friends and adults who are fluent in the Spanish language. A perfect way to wrap up a college degree Read more »

Nine Characteristics to Look for When Identifying Great Middle Schools

Best middle schools in miami

Finding the best academy middle school for your child is a big factor in their successful high school experience, and even in their college education. While the grades and extracurricular activities that your child participates in in middle school is as critical in their ability to get into good colleges as their high school success, having the best academy middle school experience prepares them for a successful high school education. And this is what gets your child into a good college, and even gives them the skills they need to be successful throughout college, and beyond!

The hard part is, determining the best academy middle s Read more »

Wondering How to Get a Tattoo Apprenticeship? Try These Strategies

School for tattooing

So you want to be a tattoo artist? Joining the exciting world of body adornment offers many exciting opportunities, and can be very prolific. Indeed, an estimated 14% of the American population has at least one tattoo. You can immerse yourself in a world of people dedicated to a unique form of self expression, self-made artists, and other people involved in the creative world. making a name and a place for yourself in the industry is a guarantee to be part of a thriving culture and community.

But for beginners, the real question is: How do I get there? Indeed, sometimes it can seem like a secret club. Check out this basic guide for how to begin your career as a tattoo artist today.

Go To School
Yes, there are in fact schools for tattoo art and piercing. While your art will alway Read more »

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