What a Respiratory Therapist Does


In this video, you will learn about local respiratory therapist jobs. They care for patients who have trouble breathing. Should you become a respiratory therapist? They consult with doctors to develop treatment plans. These therapists also teach patients how to use mediations to help them breathe.

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The average salary is going to be about $70k. This is going to depend on if you work in the private or public sector. This does not include overtime or pay raises. The country they are working in and their experience are going to also impact this amount. This can definitely increase. Different states like California vs Mississippi will have differing salaries based on the cost of living. Respiratory therapists have a unique job because they can work in different locations like hospitals and private practices. Keep in mind that this occupation does not require a master’s degree. There are shortages of respiratory therapists. Many of these people might be working overtime. Many respiratory therapists are needed to help operate ventilators. The number of respiratory therapists is growing and increasing. Especially going through the pandemic, the need has seriously increased.

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