Today’s Educational Choices Determine the Future Your Children Will Have

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Some people call it Cheers and Jeers, some people call it highs and lows. No matter what name you want to attach, there is no denying that 2018 was a year that included lots of educational news. From the Red for Ed demands that teachers across the nation were making as they tried to negotiate a livable wage to the news that educators who had worked for 10 years and made the required 120 on time payments to student loans that were denied forgiveness, there are many indicators that education is going to struggle to attract the best applicants. When you also factor in the levels of poverty and other systemic conditions that schools face with today’s student population, it is no wonder that there are a number of parents who are looking at the benefits of private school curriculum offerings.

In all cases, however, it is essential to look at the key components of a successful educational setting: class size, teacher qualifications, and special services. Whether you are looking at a public school preschool setting or a private middle school or high school option, if you are not aware of the importance of these three factors you may not be making the best educational choice for your family.

Class Size Is a Key Indicator of Student Success
Although there are many things that are not measured by efficiency in a school classroom, numbers do matter when it comes to class size. And while it takes time to make sure that all students are able to reach proficiency levels in reading and writing, it is important to know that it will always take more time if a classroom is overcrowded. A high school English teacher, for instance, cannot give the same amount of quality writing evaluation comments to a class of 35 compared to a class of 25. When schools, both private and public, strictly control the number of students who are in a classroom, they are making a decision that significantly impacts the success of those learners.

One advantage that some parents find in private school settings, especially is large cities, is that 87% of private schools have fewer than 300 students. This often translates into individual class sizes that are much smaller and more manageable.

Individual Classroom Teachers Effect Student Success

From the best private middle schools to the top public elementary schools, how qualified a teacher is determines classroom success. Well trained educators practiced in both their content areas and classroom management can effectively offer the best opportunities for their students.
Typically, 60% to 80% of private school educators will have an advanced degree. If you live in a large city where this is not the case in the public school system it might be time to consider what option is the best one for your family. Teaching in today’s world is about more than knowing how to impress a class with the latest technology. Today’s most effective educators need to provide a setting where students can make their own discoveries about how cross curriculum topics relate.
Special Services Provide Opportunities for All
Just as our society is diverse, so it the population of any classroom. From the top learners in any group to those students who will always struggle to succeed, if a school has a platform in place to meet those needs, everyone wins. If there is a problem with public or private middle schools, for instance, it often comes down to classroom offerings not meeting the needs of individual learners. The best schools understand the importance of providing not only advanced offerings for highest achieving students, but also the specific strategies that will allow a struggling student to succeed as well.

There is nothing saying, for instance, that a school cannot have both advanced placement classes in individual subject areas and classroom settings where students with all learning levels interact.

Today’s parents face a challenge when it comes to finding a setting that will help their children get the best educational foundation for their future. Taking the time to understand the key components of class size, teacher qualifications, and
special services, however, can make these decisions more manageable. From the earliest days in preschool to the time spent in a private middle school, parents want the best opportunities for their children.

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