The Day in the Life of a Catholic School Student


What is it like to be a Catholic school student? This short video sums up what Catholic school students feel about attending Catholic school. Catholic school students follow a curriculum that keeps them busy when they are in school.

A classic Catholic school education focuses on the whole student. Students are nurtured in an environment where they feel they are part of a community.

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Education focuses on mind, body, and spirit in a Catholic school. Children are challenged to reach new levels of academic excellence while being encouraged to ask for help when they need it.

A day in the life of a student in a Catholic school may include spending part of the day enjoying a variety of electives, like foreign languages or fine arts. The day may also include some time spent in extracurricular after-school sports activities. Catholic school kids have a full day ahead of them full of possibilities, encouragement, and an education that will prepare them for a bright future. Watch this short video now to get a feel for what Catholic school students think about attending Catholic school.


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