The Benefits of Corporate Daycare

Employer sponsored childcare Pa childcare Pa daycare

Employer sponsored childcare

With more and more women entering the work place, several Pennsylvania businesses have begun to implement childcare in the workplace as a means of aid to working mothers.

While employer sponsored childcare is still up for debate in most major corporations, there are several advantages to corporate childcare that are worth discussing. Many single mothers struggle to find balance between their work and home life for a several reasons. For instance, mothers forced to find PA childcare for their children may have lower productivity if they are concerned that their child is not being well cared for. Corporate daycare allows piece of mind for mothers, which can in turn increase productivity levels. Eliminating third party pa daycare centers will save your employees money and time, and potentially increase job satisfaction.

Your business also ultimately becomes a part of your employees’ family life and creates a loyal, hard working workforce. Focus is on happier families, which leads employers to a better bottom line, and a more productive work force. Corporate daycare also offers a new line of revenue coming into the business. Corporate daycare centers can be built into the existing offices, and marketed as a branch of the business. This can promote your business to individuals who otherwise may never have inquired.

While still disputed, there are several benefits of corporate daycare that makes it an opportunity that your business may want to explore.

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