Should Private Schools Be Abolished?

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The election of Britain’s 20th Etonian prime minister has raised doubts and questions in many citizens. They have started wondering if the country’s education system is the solution to its stagnant social mobility or maybe it’s causing the problem.

Eton College, where the prime minister graduated from, doesn’t look like a high school campus. Looking at it from Windsor Castle and across the Thames river, you may mistake it for a small city in that historic town instead.

As one of the best private schools in Britain, Eton has a half-dozen galleries and museums among its hundreds of buildings. It has also built a great reputation among the elite. And in this prestigious school, the British elite cultivates and develops their skills.

Many of the country’s ruling class and dominant elite have graduated from Eton. Some of them include judges and legislators. It’s actually no surprise since graduating from Eton, or any of the other top private secondary schools in the UK makes one part of the elite tier in the country.

Even at the early age of 13, a person is already marked to achieve greatness in the following decades. Advocacy groups who believe that this predicament has gone on for far too long question why the country has local private schools and whether it’s high time to abolish them.

Watch and listen to this video by The Guardian where Maya Goodfellow discusses why private academies need to be abolished today.

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