Sending Your Child to Preschool? 3 Points Worth Keeping in Mind

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Does preschool matter? Most research would seem to indicate that the answer is ?yes.? A student?s experience in preschool can have profound effects on their life later on. According to one study, for example, children enrolled in preschool will then perform 21% better on math and reading tests than their kindergarten companions who did not enroll.

Being comfortable with subject matter can have a large influence on how a student approaches the rest of their educational experience: do they move forward with an eager desire to learn, or trepidation over whether or not they will be able to understand the subject matter? Here are 3 things you should keep in mind as you consider preschool options for your child.

1. Independence is a Gift

The temptation to micro-manage children can be a strong one, especially when it feels like so much is at stake. Allowing a child to manage their own wins and losses, though, is an especially important part of childhood. Being a successful adult — whether it?s advocating for a raise in the workplace, or managing their own homelife — requires making a careful evaluation of the opportunities and issues, and making thoughtful decisions as a result. Preschool is an environment where a child stretches the boundaries of their independence and learns to deal with day-to-day stresses, friendships and challenges without their parents to guide (or lead) the way.

2. Not All Schools are Created Equal

Many wonder why there can be such a large difference in price between one school and another — especially when they?re all state licensed. The reality is, there is a wide range of quality when it comes to care. Some preschools will provide the bare basics — food, a clean area to play in, and supervision. A private school, on the other hand, might emphasize preparing students for the future while also enriching their days with meaningful activities in art, second languages, music and more.

3. Moving Toward a Preparatory Academy

In many parts of the country, competition for placement in a good school is strong. This can extend even to kindergarten. Private kindergarten schools are often more willing to accept students who already have experience with going to preschool — they are better equipped to prepare for the day-to-day rigors of grade school. The top private schools are ultra competitive, and any edge can help. A preparatory academy is, by many, seen as the right step toward a successful future (consider: 88% of junior-year private school students will apply to college this year, compared to under 60% of public schools students).

Would you agree with this list? What do you think it takes to get into a preparatory academy — does preschool help? Let us know.

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