Many Ways, And Reasons, To Meditate

Meditation for kids Mindfulness Mindfulness exercises

Meditation for kids

There are many types of meditation that one can practice, but one of the things they all have in common is their notable benefits. These meditation benefits can include both spiritual or psychological changes of a positive nature, or even some measurable physical health benefits.

What are some of the types and styles of meditation you’re familiar with? I’ve found that some of the most popular of the secular forms of meditation (not meaning that they aren’t used in religious practice, but just that they’re usually not inexorably tied to some particular religion) to include: transcendental meditation (or TM), Zazen, Qi Gong, mindfulness, heart rhythm meditation, Kundalini yoga, trance meditation and guided visualization to name just a few.

So about the meditation benefits I mentioned earlier, let me say a word about what some of those are. The benefits of mindfulness exercises can include improved concentration, improved mood, decreased stress, improved communication and social awareness and a major boost to your overall creativity, in whatever form that’s likely to take for you.

And one of the great things about all this is that these meditation benefits are not the exclusive property of adults. Meditation for kids, if not yet a common trend, is something that a few lucky parents, educators and kids of various ages have discovered. There are many types of meditation that it’s possible for even fairly young children to learn and practice, and the meditation benefits that tend to result from this have received much praise from people in the counseling field and the education community.

If you’re thinking about taking up meditation practice, go for it! Even in the early stages of practice, you too can begin to experience some of the meditation benefits described above.

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