Do You Regret College?


Cost for college education

College education costs are rising every year. It is to the point where the cost for college education makes higher learning completely out of reach for a large part of the population. If the cost of a college education does not make continuing education out of reach, it most certainly is setting up future graduates to decades of payments that will compromise their quality of life and above all, it can compromise their freedom.

I knew the cost of college education was high before I went off to school. But as the naive age of 18, I was sure that right out of college I would find an amazing job with an incredible paycheck and I would be able to pay any monthly payment because I was just that awesome. But that was really stupid. Many 18 year olds are stupid. For me, the price of college education, a commitment I made when I was a kid, is now preventing me from buying a home. It is preventing me from traveling. And it is forcing me to look for a paycheck instead of a job that would make me happy.

The price of college education is just out of hand. The price of college education in the United States has risen by two and a half times sine 1981. I just do not understand where this money is going. Is the university system as discouraging and unmindful about my money as the government? Where is this money going and why is the price of college education raising so darn quickly? I fear it is going to get to the point where the culture is doing to swing the other way until it is the norm for people not to plan to go to college. We are headed down a slippery slope with the continuously rising price of college education.

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