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4 Unexpected Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Daycare

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In today’s day in age, it is quite normal to have your children attend daycare. More and more parents are joining the workforce, and fewer than one-third of all children have a full-time, stay-at-home parent. Compare this to only one generation ago in 1975, when half of all children had a stay-at-home parent.

However, because infant care and early education is still a relatively new concept for some families, it is important to concentrate on the peace of mind of the parents when discussing child care. We all know that attending child care centers is helpful for both making your child socialize with their peers along with starting education early, but did you know there are some unexpected benefits of placing your child in daycare? Here we explain.

Creating a social circle not only for your child but you
It is no secret that placing a child into any early childhood education facility can be a trying time. But, you have to remember that you are not alone! There are plenty of parents in your child’s class that are going through the exact same thing, so take advantage of this opportunity to meet up with people in the same boat as you.

Boost their immune system
While sore throats and sniffly noses may cause a headache at first, know that those common colds all throughout daycare are working hard to make your child healthier down the line. Being around their peers will boost their immune systems so much so that it is likely your child will heal faster compared to a child who is around the same people every day.

Add variety to their diet
Your child will be fed plenty of interesting snacks in daycare — things you may not have even thought of. So take advantage of this variety and be open to it; who knows, this may be the time where your child decides they suddenly love broccoli!

A predictable nap routine
We get it, there are different things that get in the way of your child’s nap time. But at daycare, your child will have a nap at the same time every day, making a happier child and a less stressed out parent!

Who knew there were such unexpected benefits of early childhood educational facilities? If you are interested in learning more, please contact our teachers today.

Choosing Reputable Daycare Providers

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Family structures and the role of women in the home have changed dramatically over time. The concept of child daycare began in the 19th century when working class families had to send the mothers to work. Then, in the middle of the 20th century, most working class families were able to subsist themselves on one income (typically the income of the father). In the 21st century, as more and more families require two incomes to sustain their standard of living, more and more families require the services of daycare Milford CT. Today, there are approximately 16,520 licensed childcare centers and 150,159 home daycare providers in the U.S., including daycares in milford ct. If you are one of the many families in need of daycare Milford CT, there are few guidelines you should follow when making your daycare selection.

Approximately 7,000 centers nationwide have been accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This is regarded as the highest standard, so if possible, begin your day care milford ct search with one of these. The next step in selecting a daycare Milford CT is to remember that word of mouth and reputation is key. There are very few sources better than first hand experiences. Additionally, what are the credentials of the daycare Milford CT staff? Is the staff childcare and educational professionals? Will their curriculum align with age appropriate activities? In addition, take a look at the daycare Milford CT facility. Is it clean and safe? Enlisting daycare services is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, so be sure to ask yourself these guiding questions before making your choice.

Why Choose Day Care?


From birth until five years old, children are the most capable of absorbing information than they will ever be again. Studies have shown that attendance at a preschool or educational day care or child care programs are almost always positive contributors to children’s success in school, in business, and in their careers. The numbers range from specifics, such as children being 24 percent more likely to attend a four year college, to generalizations, such as children in early education tend to be healthier and wealthier than their peers who do not attend such programs. Day care as an institution has been around since 1840, when it first appeared in France; the Societe des Crèches was recognized in 1869 by the French government. Nowadays, almost all children spend some time in daycare by four years old. Some people do not like entrusting childcare to people they consider strangers, especially with stories in the last twenty years about malicious abuse and mistreatment at certain day care centers, but there are now rigorous standards to which daycare centers and their employees are held. These standards include seminars about recognizing and stopping abuse, either in the home or elsewhere, background checks through the state and federal databases, and more. Day care can be one of the best choices for your child, both socially, economically, and academically.

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