Three Tips for Finding Quality Child Care Providers

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Did you know that in 2007, the National Institute of Child Development found that only ten percent of childcare facilities rated as providing high quality care? It can often be difficult to find quality child care for your children. What are some things you should keep in mind when making sure a child care provider is a good place for your child or infant?

First, ask friends, family, and co workers if they have recommendations for quality daycare facilities. Not only will these individuals be a great source of information, but they might also be able to tell you about centers to stay away from. If you do not know anyone with preschool aged children, look to see if there are online reviews of local child care facilities.

Second, once you decide on a few places to look into, check out the facilities! Because there is such a high need for child care in the US, many centers are very below what would be considered adequate standards. Look for well organized, clean locations that have staff that look relaxed and friendly, and play areas separated by age group. If your child will be there long enough, see for yourself what the dining accommodations are like.

Third, make sure your child care facility of choice has good instructor to child ratios. Appropriate ratios vary both by age group and by the number of children. Also make sure that the staff are paid adequately and given enough vacation and sick days. You do not want someone who feels forced to work while sick around your child. Similarly, a staff that sticks around is likely to be more experienced, and professional.

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