Making Your Masters Degree in Adult Education a Reality

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There is a formula in the United States that suggests, should it be followed to the letter, you could end up with your perfect, ideal, American dream, the kind that maybe you have fantasized about since you were a child, or that you marveled at in movies when you were growing up. Go to college however it is possible for you to do so, whether or not that includes going into debt, get a job, get a nice car, buy a house, work as much as possible to afford it all. Follow this formula, and it could all be yours.

The problem is, real life is messy, and very easily gets in the way of a structured formula. And on top of that, not everyone’s perfect American dream is made of the same key ingredients.

Breaking down the formula to make more sense

Of course, there is nothing wrong with your dream if it happens to line up with that formula that we are taught from such a young age. But is important to keep in mind, particularly if your ideal is not in line with what is passed off as “normal” or “standard,” is that there is not one surefire or correct path to success that works for everyone. Make your own goal, and then find the right way to get there for you, which could very well differ significantly from what is the right way for the person next to you.

Yes, there is a reason that higher education is part of the formula. But rather than mindlessly following the steps to the formula, take a step back to really look at what it is that you want out of life. Once you have assessed that, you will be able to approach the path to a Bachelor or Masters degree in adult education geared specifically toward what you want. And you will be able to appreciate the learning process that much more.

Is a Masters degree in adult education calling your name?

One of the greatest powers anyone can possibly have on this planet is knowledge. Education is such an understated branch of our society that could change, improve, and build so much if properly utilized. Most, if not all, of the problems that we face, particularly in society and between individuals or groups of people, stem from a lack of open-minded education about one issue or another. Making the decision to get a Masters degree in adult education, especially after taking a break from your education for whatever reason, is a bold step in the right direction.

Why going back for a Masters degree in adult education is worthwhile

Many people revel in the memories of their college years, but most often the reasons are not related to the actual classes or education. College is a great place to find yourself, meet new people, start to become an adult, and yes, earn your degree. But most of the time, the focus is not on the value of that education until later on, or when numbers can be measured up to it. Recently, American graduates with a four year bachelor degree were starting out at an average salary of around $45,000, and were making an average of about 98% more per hour than those who were working without a degree. But it is about more than just the numbers. Yes, around 83% of those with a degree have said that it has paid off. Yet the value of that education that they gained cannot be limited by a monetary number.

Education and knowledge will always open up more doors and foster more growth, tolerance, connection, and understanding than ignorance or narrow-mindedness ever could. So whether you want to get a psychology degree, or a Master of business administration degree, or any other type of degree, do your part in helping to bring the world together by continuing your education. Believe in your abilities, and in the capability of this world to get better, and then get your learn on.

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