Getting Help for a Troubled Teen Daughter

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The world is a difficult place for young women. From pressure in the media to the implicit challenges of navigating adolescence, many teens find it difficult to cope with the problems they face every day. Unfortunately, some teen girls who feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to face those challenges turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms. The statistics are heart-breaking:

  • About one in 200 American girls between 13 and 19 cut themselves as a coping mechanism.
  • About 11.3% of American children use synthetic marijuana before they reach their senior years of high school.
  • Around 7.5% of American children have used Vicodin for non-medical reasons before they reached their senior years of high school.
  • According to the CDC, nearly a quarter of Americans under 21 have binge drank in the last 30 days.
  • About 8% of underage American drinkers have driven after drinking.
  • More than half of all teenage girls use unhealthy weight control behaviors like skipping meals, fasting, smoking cigarettes, vomiting, or taking laxatives.
  • Nearly 90% of those with eating disorders report that they began their behaviors before the age of 20.

There is no question that it is difficult for a parent to watch a beloved daughter engage in self-destructive behaviors, but many parents feel unsure about how they can help. Here, we’ll look at a few options for parents who want to get help for destructive behaviors in their teenage daughters.

At-Home Intervention

For girls who are still in the early stages of difficulty, open communication and careful support from family, friends, and loved ones may be enough. The key is to provide structure and to encourage an environment of trust and openness. If your daughter knows that she can be honest with you about her fears, challenges, and slip-ups, she’ll be more likely to accept your help.

Regular Counseling

For many girls who have become embroiled in unhealthy habits, there is an underlying issue or anxiety that must be addressed. Regular counseling sessions are often available through rehab facilities and drug addiction treatment centers where girls can receive help coping with difficult situations and learn alternative strategies for working through their issues.

Girls Residential Programs

For teens who are deeply involved with unhealthy behaviors, girls residential programs can be an ideal solution. They provide girls with an opportunity to leave behind many of the stressors that have contributed to their behaviors and to spend time focusing solely on healing. Though it is often difficult for parents to send their daughters away for such a long period of time, many recognize that the time away is important to their healing processes.

From at-home intervention to girls residential programs, there is a continuum of solutions for parents who don’t want to look on helplessly as their daughters engage in self-harm. Though it can be difficult to intervene, such actions are often necessary for parents who really want the best for their beloved children. More.

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