5 Private School Myths Debunked


For many parents, the common myths and misconceptions around private schools can be a bit of a deterrent when it comes to looking at education options for your children. However, many of these myths aren’t entirely true, and understanding the reality about private education can help parents make the right decision when enrolling their children in school. Here are five of the most common private school myths, debunked.


Myth: “Private schools are rich kids.”


Fact: Private education programs are available to a wide variety of students, all with different experiences and economic backgrounds. Some private schools can be more expensive than public schools, but many affordable programs exist as well, making private education accessible to families with average incomes.


Myth: “Private schools are religious.”


Fact: While some private schools do have religious elements, not all of them do. Many private schools focus on specific areas of expertise, and while some may be religious as a result, many others focus on things like the arts.


Myth: “Private school students are isolated.”


Fact: Many people worry that private school students, particularly those enrolled in private elementary schools, will not have exposure to a diverse group of students, but this isn’t necessarily true. Private school students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, helping students to develop social and emotional skills like empathy.


Myth: “Private schools aren’t any better than good public schools.”


Fact: While good public schools might be the right choice for some students, there are some definite benefits to enrolling in private schools. For example, between 60 and 80% of private school teachers have an advanced degree, making them better equipped to educate your children.


Myth: “Private schools are a waste of money.”


Fact: Education is incredibly important for your child’s future, and so while investing extra money on education earlier on might seem like a waste, you’re actually investing in your child’s future success. Academic success early on can set up your children for success in further education and even their future careers.


For more information on the benefits of private school for your child, contact us today. Private school education can be beneficial for many students, and understanding the reality of private education can help parents make the right decision for their children.

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