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Child Care Options Continue to be a Major Concern for Many Families

Nearly 33% of families spend at least 20% of their household income on child care. Finding a way to more easily manage these payments is the goal of child care center management software systems.
And while most of us think about teacher to student numbers and curriculum when it comes to selecting a daycare, it is also important to work with a business that uses child care center management software programs to not only manage bills, but keep families informed of any events that occur during the day.
In addition to the typical fire drills that have been a part of beginning of the school year routines for years, schools are now competing for their customers by offering the latest in day care center software programs that help parents see what is going on with their children throughout the day. By posting feeding and napping schedules to a parent portal, for instance, a parent can stay involved even when they are separated from their child. And instead of simply planning for what to Read more »

Where Is Childhood Hiding?

Having a chance to learn through play and deep relationships is essential to the healthy of today’s youngest children. Unfortunately, a combination of stresses caused by technology and too much academic work too early is endangering the childhood of today’s kids. Although there are still a generation of parents who remember what it was like to play outside for hours at a time, this is not necessarily the norm for many of today’s young children.
Parents are concerned about creating great athletes or developing young scholars, and as a result they push their children into situations that do not allow children to just play. When children were allowed to be kids they learned many of life’s lessons for themselves in non threatening environments. They learned that you can make mistakes, pick yourself up, and continue on your way. Educational experts are becoming increasingly alarmed that because children are forced into overly structured classrooms too soon, they lack the empathy, the pa Read more »

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