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Giving the Gift of Education The Statistical Advantage Granted Through Private Education

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Our daily lives are fueled by the need to work in order to provide for our families; this is colloquially referred to as that “daily grind.” Although Americans are making more money per hour today than previous years, one must also take into account the cost of living changes that have occurred over the decades. In 1975 the average cost of a new home would be $209,417 in 2015 dollars while today’s equivalent in minimum wages for 1975 would have been $9.16 per hour; compare that to 2015′s average for a home at $270,200 and minimum wage of $8.25 per hour! It is no surprise to learn that parents are spending more time at work with roughly two-thirds of children between the ages of two and four years old attending part time or full time child care centers.

The Age of Learning

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