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Are You in the Process of Looking for a First Preschool for Your Child?

Parenting can be challenging, but what is even more challenging is making decisions about the kind of care that goes on when you cannot be present. When parents make the decision to send their children off to preschool, for instance, there are very important considerations that need to be addressed. Too often, parents find themselves overly concerned about the nursery school admissions procedures that are in place in the most popular locations. But the reality is there are far more concerns that the parents should have themselves.
Parents can get caught up with the list of references that they need to apply to some schools, but these parents should be seeking their own recommendations. Getting into nursery schools can be a stressful time for many families, so it is important to make sure that you slow down and take the time to understand what you should be looking for in any school where you enroll your Read more »

Today’s Educational Choices Determine the Future Your Children Will Have

Some people call it Cheers and Jeers, some people call it highs and lows. No matter what name you want to attach, there is no denying that 2018 was a year that included lots of educational news. From the Red for Ed demands that teachers across the nation were making as they tried to negotiate a livable wage to the news that educators who had worked for 10 years and made the required 120 on time payments to student loans that were denied forgiveness, there are many indicators that education is going to struggle to attract the best applicants. When you also factor in the levels of poverty and other systemic conditions that schools face with today’s student population, it is no wonder that there are a number of parents who are looking at the benefits of private school curriculum offerings.
In all cases, however, it is essential to look at the key components of a successful educational setting: class size, teacher qualifications, and special services. Whether you are looking at a publi Read more »

Mental Wellness, Vision Screening The Small Ingredients That Contribute To A Great Education

Children need to be given the full package when signing up to a new school. This doesn’t just include a higher chance of attending college and a more attentive classroom setting.

Their physical health and mental wellness needs to be of the utmost priority. School staffing agencies today have quite the juggling act to keep track of as they give their educational foundation another look. What’s the best way to ensure children are both socially adjusted and generally healthy? While every school is going to have a slightly different way of doing things, the basics should be just that. A little bit of everything in one accessible package, including, but not limited to, check-ups, vision screening, and counseling.

Learn more about what children are facing today and how your school can help them through.

Vision Screening

Good health is an ongoing process. This means providing children with regular check-ups to catch any small problems before they Read more »

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