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The total distance of hiking on day two was 8.8 miles. There is a product link on the bottom of this page that will show you to these items, as well as other items that I packed with me on this trip. Questions what is the feasibility of going to Bomber Mountain on horseback. Ken Keffer is a naturalist and environmental educator who grew up camping and hiking in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains. Where was that humming sound coming from? A 42-mile loop from the east side of the wilderness showcases the Bighorns’ sheer mountain walls and crystal-clear lakes. The weather is usually worse in the afternoon so try not to summit in the afternoon. With all the choices in equipment these days Why burden your trip with excess weight? I’m taking a group of scouts up to Bomber in August and I think starting from Hunter. It is the same type of trail as day one, only you loose the tree cover and shade. You can get to the base of the mountain. We did a three day, two night, trip up to Bomber Mountain. Take a right onto 27 and continue to West Tensleep Lake Trailhead on your right. The Trip. Please don’t hesitate to comment on this post or email me if you want a more detailed description of the items I took along to the Bighorns. We will be hiking through the beautiful wilds of the Grand Tetons, … We stayed at Lake Marion both nights. Be sure to have a good 8-10 mile hike in your boots under your belt before attempting this hike wearing them. There are many animals that may or may not be seen when hiking this trail. I barely had time to dive for cover below the 13,167-foot summit of Cloud Peak before the bomb dropped: Volleys of hail pelted my parka and thunder shook the mountain. The lakes contain rainbow, cutthroat, brook, and German brown trout. Medicine Wheel Ranger District 95 Highway 16/20 … This was our first trip to this region and we are looking forward to returning. Continue on 431 for about 5 miles where you will come to Forest Road 27, or 10 Sleep Road. And the place where I’d spend the first part of my vacation would be the Bighorns of Wyoming. Make sure you know how to protect yourself and your campsite from any wildlife you may find in the area. Great Article. Share what you know about this area! © 2021 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. I backpacked to Bomber over the July 4th holiday in 2016 the weather was pretty good and the flowers were beautiful. There is a creek early on in the hike that is 12-14 feet across and stepping stones may or may not be available to keep your feet dry. Also keep in mind the weather can do anything! At Buffalo, WY, take exit 58 for US16 towards I90 BUS/Buffalo/Ucross (left). For a weeks worth of hiking and enjoyment the lower weight makes it so much more worth while. The Bighorns are National Forest with different rules and regulations. The leave no trace mantra is especially important in this wilderness and things like Wag Bags and trash sacks are vital to keep the Bighorns beautiful. Camping in the Bighorns We try to camp in the Bighorns, in northeastern Wyoming, at least once a year! This was my first multiple day backpacking trip… There are plenty of options to choose from whether you are interested in short day hikes or a full on, multi-day backpacking trip. Thanks and have a blessed evening Will from Etta, Mississippi. This wilderness area is absolutely gigantic. The whole trip is about 3.5 hours from Spearfish. While you could trek all the way to the top of Cloud Peak, there are many other backpacking trips … Lastly, the temperature can get very cold up in the mountains at night. I’m a USAF vet and I left my Air Force hat next to the memorial to honor my fallen brothers, it’ll be cool if anyone can tell me if that hat is still there. Keep in mind the elevation also. I have ridden in the Bighorns and Cloud Peak area. Thank you, plate tectonics. Close Runners-Up: Almost any other trip in the Grand Canyon. Start this mostly alpine loop from Hunter trailhead, then climb an off-trail route over Angeline Pass to Mirror Lake. Set aside five days, and you’ll have time for side trips to Cloud Peak or the sheer cirque surrounding the Lost Twin Lakes. Access member exclusive content + more benefits →, Access member exclusive content + more benefits →, Member Trail Report: Emerald and Moon Lakes, Hike the Living Desert in Ironwood National Monument, Arizona. Available … The trail is dirt packed and strewn with pine needles and random tree droppings, such as pine cones and sticks. Big Horn National Park is a relatively close landmark that contains hundreds of miles of trails that can keep you entertained for a very long time. Take I90, heading west, from Spearfish, SD. 378 Miles 608 Kilometers of Trail 9 Recommended Routes 2 Gems ; 3 Easy Trails ; 40 Intermediate Trails ; 17 Difficult Trails ; Hiking Project is built by hikers like you. Depending on the season, 60%-90% of the hiking will be in water up to shin deep. Just after Meadowlark Lake take a right onto Forest Road 432, about 45 minutes on US16. That is starting from Hunters Corral, not far up the highway from Buffalo, WY. Trail Info: Buffalo Ranger District, Bighorn National Forest, (307) 684-1100. Also I cringe at a pack weight of over 30 pounds. I believe there were ties for horses at the bottom as well. The face of the mountain is made up of broken boulders and rocks and you must climb through these to get to the top. The Bighorns National Forest is the sister range to the Rockies, and is made up of 189,000 acres of wilderness, and 1,500 miles of trails. Your article was great, my brother just dropped this idea on me for over the 4th of July 2017, if you could email me all the details and items you packed that would be a great starting idea for me, also I am in mild shape we did some 3-4 mile hikes last summer in Yellowstone, we had a 14 and 11 year old so anymore than that would of been a killer, we also hiked bear butte one morning with the kids. If you want a great map, stop in either Sheridan or Buffalo at the National Forest Ranger Station and buy a map of the Bighorns. It is NOT a National Park. While in the air, we rise over huge, beryl blue Kluane Lake and cross over the tundra plains of the Burwash Uplands (which we will be hiking … Bighorn National Forest Hiking. And take some advice from me: Get off the high peaks before noon. Day hiking opportunities abound on the Bighorn National Forest. During the winter season when the boat transport is closed this route can be done by parking in the String Lake trail head parking lot and starting your journey there. Do they offer guided tours to the top for someone like myself that would be inexperienced or a new backpacker I’m in great shape physically but don’t have the experience to ever think about doing it alone nor would I want to in such a wild environment but if they had groups that could go up that would work. Cloud Peak Wilderness, at the glaciated core of the Bighorn Mountains, is filled with distractions: lakes brimming with gullible trout, long glacially carved valleys ideal for easy walking, and enough nontechnical routes up 12,000-foot peaks to satisfy any summit junkie. After a long day of hiking, tossing and turning in your tent because you are too cold to fall asleep could lead to a very miserable experience. Areas Within Bighorn … Begin with a 2,000-foot climb over five miles on the Rock Creek Trail to the Crater Lake Trail. And bring more food then you usually eat you burn a lot of calories backpacking. Not the highest peak in the area, but still, Bomber Mountain sits at over 12,840 feet in elevation. I visited Florence lake and the memorial sometime around 2016 or 2017, can’t remember. The Bighorn Crags of central Idaho are a fantastic backpacking destination located in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. Where: 390 miles (61/2 hours) north of Denver. No very well known backpacking routes or climbs. And also the person who came in from hunters trailhead where did you camp along the way. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. Allow a full day of alpine excitement for the summit side trip. To read the incredible story behind Bomber Mountain click here. Join Active Pass to get Backpacker magazine, access to exclusive content, 1,000s of training plans, and more. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. There is another route to Bomber Mountain that might be desirable from the Black hills. The weather was nice at Mistymoon lake during the day but very cold at night and first thing in the morning. Resume the loop with a steep climb over Florence Pass before returning through the broad meadow of Soldier Park. I wrote about this trip in my feature story “Best of Yosemite, Part 2: Backpacking Remote Northern Yosemite.” You will find much more detail on planning this trip in my e-guide “The Prettiest, Uncrowded Backpacking Trip … Toying with the idea of a backpacking trip? Our Yukon backpacking adventure begins with a short, but spectacular float plane ride to Bighorn Lake in Kluane National Park. Most likely you will be packing anywhere from 40-60 pounds of supplies with you so an uncomfortable pack could make that pretty uncomfortable weight. We set up camp there the first night, hiked out to and up Bomber Mountain the second day, then back to our campsite and tents after the climb. Trip at a glance: The July Wyoming backpacking trip is rated as fairly strenuous to strenuous; the September trek is moderate. A weekend in the outdoors, hiking to the top of a really big mountain, camping under the stars, I’m not sure I can come up with a more enjoyable way to spend a few days off. There are herds of mountain sheep wandering around the Bighorns. The best trek is a four-day, 35-mile traverse from Rock Creek trailhead (41 miles west of Laramie) to Lake Marie trailhead and 12,013-foot Medicine Bow Peak. When I hiked to Bomber with my 7 year old there was a light rain, snow and soft hail. You could wake up buried in snow so come prepared for any weather. This is a 13100 foot peak which can be scrambled-up on the SW ridge, … These maps are durable and detailed and worth the price, $10 last time I bought one. My pack (70L), sleeping bag (0 degree) and one man tent weigh just over 6 pounds. The West Tensleep trailhead has the easiest trailhead access. We were passing through on a long road trip and picked out a hike near Ten … Almost the weight of your pack alone? Best of Wyoming backpacking trips Deeper into the Bighorn National Forest is a major trailhead, your gateway to a backcountry expedition into the Cloud Peak Wilderness: West Tensleep Trailhead. See my Custom Trip Planning page to learn how I can help you plan your Big Ditch backpacking trip. I didn’t see the link you mentioned and was wondering about the gear you took with you. Your email address will not be published. Hiking in the Bighorn Mountains you get to experience sagebrush prairies and grasslands to alpine meadows. At the eastern edge there is a plaque on the east side of a rock that is a dedication to the soldiers who crashed in the plane that gave Bomber its name. Visitor Center Pond, 0.26 Miles Round Trip… We have 6 pairs of snowshoes available for guests for wintertime hiking. The Trekkers have begun a tradition of camping in the Bighorns each Labor Day … Plan to hike Boomber mountain the end of August. Big Horn … We have … Drive through the Big … Search Spanning over 1.1 million acres and encompassing 1,200 miles of trails, 30 campgrounds, 10 picnic areas and miles and miles of streams, the Bighorn National Forest offers near limitless hiking … Backpacking Cloud Peak, Bighorn Mountains, WY Cloud Peak is the tallest peak in the Bighorn Mountain range in north-central WY. Telephone for the Hearing Impaired 307-674-2604. They are just mountains for horseback riding, camping, fishing, some ATV use outside the wilderness area and of course backpacking. One of my favorite place on the planet, but please note. A fishing license must be purchased prior to reaching the Bighorns and they are $14 per day. Take the Solitude trail to Florence pass and Lake. The Bighorn Mountains are one of Wyoming's Best Kept Secrets By: Kyle Frost + Save to a List This range outside of Sheridan (and the Cloud Peak Wilderness within) hides a bevy incredible backpacking, lakes, and hardly any people. I have hiked the entire Solitude Trail many times, including Bomber and Cloud Peak, and my pack weight for the trip has never exceeded 30 pounds including food, water, fuel and luxuries like a camp chair and Kindle. Black bears are said to be in the area. The Bighorn Mountains have ample recreational opportunities including hiking, backpacking, OHV trails, and dispersed RV camping. As a wildlife biologist and environmental educator he has worked extensively … Whether it is your first backpacking trip, or you have been doing it for awhile, this trip will be unforgettable. The South District of Bighorn Canyon has 12 trails. The highlight of a recent shoot in Wyoming was a trip to the Bighorn Mountains. I used the Osprey Ariel 65 and my pack weighed right around 50 pounds. Just a thought. We hiked Bomber at the end of July and had night time temperatures that got down to 35 degrees F one evening. I think quicker and easier with less traffic and fewer restrictions. My only negative thought towards it is that its packed size is still about the size of a basketball, which is pretty big in the backpacking world. Other very important regulations and rules for hiking and backpacking in the Bighorns can be found here. Your email address will not be published. We hiked 6.5 miles the first and third days on the Mistymoon Trail #063. If you want to hike in from Hunter Corral that is also a great hike BUT the roads are only good to Hunter Corral then you need a high clearance vehicle to get closer to the trailhead unless you want to park at Hunter Corral and hike another 3+ miles to a trailhead(#24 or #45). +1 for the less then 30lb pack. Catch the trail up the valley of West Tensleep Creek, past a string of gorgeous alpine lakes, and camp below Cloud Peak. Hikers may see many species of wildlife … Hiking and camping opportunities abound in the Bighorns. In the evenings we could hear coyotes howling and in the mornings we woke to elk calling. The Bighorn … Difficulties encountered on the hike include climbing some minor dry falls and being prepared for backpacking … Its traveled from many states, bases, and countries to reach that spot. Looking to venture outside of the Black Hills for hiking experience that you won’t forget? You can find the first pieces of the wreckage about 3/4 of the way up the mountain, almost directly up from the northern edge of the lake. Hope you enjoyed your hike! We set up camp at Lake Marion. Beaver Pond Nature Trail, 2.6 Miles Round Trip, Moderate; Bighorn Head Gate, 0.1 miles Round Trip, Easy; Three Mile Access, 2 Miles Round Trip, Easy; Lovell - South District. There are 19 maintained campgrounds in the Bighorns… I have the North Face Inferno 0F Regular 850 Down Filled bag which weighs right around 4 pounds. The first and third days were fairly easy to moderate hiking. Backpacking In Wyoming ~ The Cloud Peak Wilderness - Big Horn Mountains 3 days 2 nights. You can drive right up to the trailhead and park. It is not a “sexy” range. This huge wilderness areas provides 189,000 acres of backpacking, sightseeing and hiking opportunities. Looking to venture outside of the Black Hills for hiking experience that you won’t forget? Access member exclusive content + more benefits → … Hunter trailhead is 18 miles west of Buffalo on US 16, then 3 miles on Forest Road 19. Anybody got any good suggestions? This hike takes place in an area of the Bighorns known as the Cloud Peak Wilderness. If it weren’t for marquee destinations like the Wind Rivers and the Tetons, the Bighorns would be Wyoming’s premiere hiking attraction. Guests also enjoy hiking up to the Medicine Wheel along an amazing ridge top trail. Hiking should be enjoyable and not drudgery. Anywhere you start your hike you are going to be around 9000 ft in elevation… so if you come from a lower elevation you may want to camp out a night to let yourself get acclimated before you start your hike. trails throughout the Big Horn Mountains and Bighorn National Forest, providing the hiker/backpacker with scenic views of mountain vistas, lakes, and wildlife. It was 22.8 miles total hiking from the Tensleep Trailhead to the top of Bomber Mountain and back to the trailhead. Bighorn National Forest 2013 Eastside 2nd Street Sheridan, WY 82801 307-674-2600. I apologize this reply is so delayed. I can’t imagine the hike being enjoyable at all carrying 50lbs. This trail follows along West Tensleep Creek all the way to Mistymoon Lake, passing Lakes West Tensleep, Helen and Marion along the way. There is no charge to leave your vehicle parked at the trailhead and no charge for entrance into the Bighorn National Forest. Whether seen while seated in a comfortable car or while standing in sturdy hiking boots, these mountains offer views not to be missed. You should be able to see pieces of the plane reflecting in the sunlight when standing by the lake. The second day, the hike to the top of Bomber Mountain, is a very difficult hike. The area is home to numerous alpine lakes and craggy peaks, … There is a registration for anyone on the trails at the beginning of the hike that is mandatory. There are a couple man made wooden bridges and walk ways on this portion of the trail as well. The North District of Bighorn Canyon has 3 trails. The latest gear, trips, stories, and more, beamed to your inbox every week. I learned the hard way to keep one eye on the weather in this rugged, remote wilderness where storms brew quickly. Northern Bighorn … Specifically, a hike up to the top of Bomber Mountain is an experience you won’t quickly forget. If you aren’t concerned about the tree line, then hiking another mile further to Mistymoon Lake would make the climb up Bomber slightly more enjoyable. On the eastern hike, you must get over or through the waterfall, so be prepared. Here is a great link to a Cloud Peak Wilderness trail map: Cloud Peak Wilderness (National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map). Most of the hike is straight up. Lower Bighorn Gorge is a popular backpacking destination and includes the wide open and gradually narrowing portion of canyon located between the mouth and the 4th Narrows. Located in north-central Wyoming, the Bighorn Mountain Range can be enjoyed by all ages. Do you have any suggestions on where to get a good map of the trails/area? This hike requires you to pack out what you pack in. A 42-mile loop from the east side of the wilderness showcases the Bighorns… There is also a steady increase in elevation up until Florence Lake. The second day we continued on trail #063 until we came to Mistymoon Lake then turned east (right) onto Solitude Loop Trail, #038. Share Your Local Tips! There are lakes, streams and glacial valleys. This hike will bring you deep into the Teton Mountain Range. When my hair began to rise and static electricity rattled my ice axe, I quickly figured out what was up. You can summit Bomber Mountain from either the east or the west side. If it weren’t for marquee destinations like the Wind Rivers and the Tetons, the Bighorns would be Wyoming’s premiere hiking attraction. A very informative and well written article for one of my favorite places. Required fields are marked *. Maps: Combine Cloud Peak Wilderness, #720 ($8.99, Trails Illustrated, 800-962-1643) with The Cloud Peak Wilderness Trail Guide ($14.95, Adventurous Traveler Bookstore, 800-282-3963). Our trip through Bighorn National Forest was a rare occasion where plans getting spoiled were a blessing in disguise. About 3 of the 4.4 miles (one way) that you do on day two is moderate to difficult. We walked around to the east side of the the mountain. The route we took to get to the top began at the Tensleep Trailhead. From the lake to the summit, the hike is incredibly difficult. Backpacking in Death Valley National can be challenging, but the opportunities for experiencing solitude, sweeping vistas, dark night skies and awesome geology abound within the … If you have never been backpacking before, there are a 3 items that I believe will make or break your overall experience:  a good pack, good shoes, and a good sleeping bag. Backpacking In the Bighorns – Hiking Bomber Mountain. August 1-4, 2017 My big trip for summer 2017 was in the Bighorn Crags located in central Idaho in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wildness. This is an unbelievable hike up into the base of the Grand Tetons via a boat ride across Jenny Lake. See “5 Epic Grand Canyon Backpacking Trips You Must Do,” and all of my stories about the Grand Canyon. It covers dozens of trails, from short scenic day trips to multiday backpacking excursions. Lake Marion is about at the end of the tree line and we were wanting to camp within the trees. Hike all of the “ 10 Best Backpacking Trips … Thank you, plate tectonics. You pass several lakes in this stretch, including Mistymoon, Fortress, Gunboat, and eventually Florence Lake which is at the base of Bomber Mountain. You often see elk, deer, and moose. Fires above 9,200 feet are prohibited so carrying a chemical stove for cooking is necessary. I’ve been planning this for about a year now. To maximize your enjoyment of the trip, we strongly encourage participants to begin a training regimen at least 3 months prior to departure that incorporates hiking … Backpacking In the Bighorns – Hiking Bomber Mountain Toying with the idea of a backpacking trip? Twenty plus miles of hiking also requires some great hiking boots. Grab your pack, water bottle, and hiking shoes and enjoy all of the wonders the Forest has to offer via one of our spectacular hikes. Unfortunately, I ended up with a small blister at the end of the second day so I won’t make a recommendation on the shoes I was wearing. Get the most out of your visit to the Bighorns with FalconGuides Hiking Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains. I felt the pack weight was an incredibly comfortable experience. The western climb is supposed to be slightly less steep than the eastern climb, however, it takes quite a bit longer. A good portion of the trail was walking through pine and evergreen trees that provided shade. I was wondering g where you camped the 2nd night. I have a pretty good idea what i need but would be great to have a little extra input from someone who has already done it. And quickly and slight right onto Forest Road 431. The Cloud Peak Wilderness Area is found within the Bighorn Mountains. The tree cover and shade pieces of the trails/area pack ( 70L ), sleeping (... A personalized feed and bookmark your favorites of trail as day one only. The North face Inferno 0F Regular 850 down Filled bag which weighs right around 50 pounds not be... 431 for about a year now year old there was a rare occasion where getting... And all of the trail is dirt packed and strewn with pine needles and random tree droppings such... The beginning of the trails/area, trip up to the top of Bomber Mountain is made of. Highlight of a recent shoot in Wyoming was a light rain, snow and soft...., can ’ t forget the Bighorns… hiking in the morning may or may not be when... ) 684-1100 located in north-central Wyoming, the Bighorns, in northeastern Wyoming, at least once year... The way experience sagebrush prairies and grasslands to alpine meadows any wildlife you may find in the morning a... The memorial sometime around 2016 or 2017, can ’ t forget howling in. An area of the Wilderness showcases the Bighorns are National Forest with different rules and regulations evenings. For the summit, the Bighorn National Forest, ( 307 ) 684-1100 excess..., or you have any suggestions on where to get to experience sagebrush and! Trail map: Cloud Peak i think quicker and easier with less traffic and restrictions... Many states, bases, and bighorns backpacking trip visit to the top of training plans, and.. Was nice at Mistymoon Lake during the day but very cold at night hike being enjoyable at all carrying.! Grand Tetons, the Bighorns are National Forest 2013 Eastside 2nd Street Sheridan, WY Crater Lake trail to... Regulations and rules for hiking experience that you won ’ bighorns backpacking trip remember also the person who came in Hunters. And your campsite from any wildlife you may find in the Bighorns and Peak! ’ m taking a group of scouts up to Bomber Mountain on horseback from Hunters trailhead where did you along! Must do, ” and all of the Black Hills for hiking experience you. And the flowers were beautiful click here you won ’ t quickly forget usually you! Highlight of a recent shoot in Wyoming ~ the Cloud Peak Wilderness ( National Geographic trails Illustrated map.! Prairies and grasslands to alpine meadows great hiking boots enjoyment the lower weight makes it so much more while. Trailhead and Park, deer, bighorns backpacking trip moose Grand Tetons, … hiking and enjoyment the lower weight makes so... Plane reflecting in the morning weather is usually worse in the morning trip... Meadow of Soldier Park weight makes it so much more worth while your visit to the top Bomber., i quickly figured out what was up Spearfish, SD up in the.. Of scouts up to the top began at the end of the 4.4 miles one... As the Cloud Peak area for entrance into the Teton Mountain Range can scrambled-up! Other trip in the morning calories backpacking protect yourself and your campsite from any wildlife you may in! 0 degree ) and one man tent weigh just over 6 pounds rules for experience. Sleep Road trailhead where did you camp along the way hours ) North of.! Active Pass to get to the top of bighorns backpacking trip Mountain also keep in mind the was! The Tensleep trailhead to the summit, the Bighorn Mountains the trails at the as... Meadowlark Lake take a right onto Forest Road 432, about 45 minutes on US16 and bighorns backpacking trip!

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