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Who cared, certainly not me. Peter Grant’s company, SwanSong, also contracted the Davies brothers to build a curved camera track and video platforms. The Dodge is ideal for literally living in – it sleeps five, it’s got a cooker, fridge, air conditioning, stereo, toilet and wash basin and even a shower! First things first then, tickets – when and where? Das erste Konzert in Knebworth mit der Allman Brothers Band im Jahr 1974 zog über 60.000 Besucher an. I remember camping out all night outside the record store in Camberley, Surrey - the nearest venue to stock tickets for the show. All I remember is that zeppelin was awsome, the place was packed and we had the time of a lifetime. We all had a sing-along with ‘Misty Mountain’ and stood in silent reverence to ‘Stairway To Heaven’. Zeppelin also played the event on August 4, and the two performances marked the first time the legendary rockers played their native U.K. in four years. We followed the crowd (assumed they were going to concert). Breaking down the main gate in the early hours. He even has a street legal Formula Ford racer, taxed and MOT’d would you believe. “I came armed with a presentation of how Showco might approach this and the associated six-figure costs,” recalls Calmes. From Street Machine Magazine Dec. 1979. Thanks for eleven years!". Achilles is respectable as this song live has seen it's better days. (Hello Simon, Sandra, Graham, Jill, Ray) Reading the comments here, it seems like it was the first concert for many and although the boys were probably not at their best, it seems the show was indeed quite literally mind-blowing. AUGUST 4 - KNEBWORTH FESTIVAL, STEVENAGE, UNITED KINGDOM (SATURDAY, start at 11am and Led Zeppelin took the stage at 11pm) Whole concert was professionally recorded and filmed. We snuck up the side of the security fence in the campsite, and had a head-start when everyone started charging to the arena. Solve this simple math problem and enter the result. My roomate and I were young Privates in the Canadian Airforce stationed in Ottawa, Ontario. That technology later evolved into Vari*Lite.”. [{"parent":{"title":"Get on the list! Plant pushes his voice to the limit during a frantic Celebration Day.The massive crowd sings along with every word during a bone-crushing Black Dog. He says: “I discovered they were planning a big one at Knebworth with their old buddy, Freddie Bannister, and were doing some fancy footwork with [North Herts District Council] in order to get a licence. We called the radio station who told us to call a record store in London (don't remember the name). “It was a very time-consuming process to set up the 60’ x 40’ screen and interlock those Eidophors, and get them lined up to give you a clear picture. Click Image To Enlarge. From there I think it took a couple of hours to get over to Stevenage. Sounds like you are (/were) a true Zephead and enjoyed the show for what it was, unlike so many reviewers and detractors who can't understand the mammoth power that was Zeppelin. Only one comment required: Best Gig I Ever Attended. The guitar solo was unbelieaveable (I can still see the lasers swirling around Jimmy Page). I was 20 years old. When they played Stairway to Heaven it was just magical Robert Plant's voice floated over the crowd and everyone was singing as background corus. Would like to hear from Deej - if you're still out there, I was there, right near the front - truly brilliant. Hearing the opening chords of 'The Song Remains the Same' sent my heart racing and my knees trembling. A LONG dedication prefaces Stairway to Heaven and again, this song has seen better (check out Earls Court '75 on the DVD). At the time, Knebworth had emerged as a major venue for open air rock and pop gigs and was growing in popularity since its formation in 1974. Yeah that was right they took all your "ticket". I took the Friday off work and travelled to Stevenage from Kent on my Kawasaki 250cc motorbike with a friend - my longest trip at the time. I aslo remember missing the coach back to Manchester cos the show finished late - getting a train to Kings Cross and sleeping on the platform. Contiene le riprese televisive del concerto dell' Agosto 1979 come principale attrazione del Knebworth Music Festival, in Inghilterra. Eventually Zeppelin treated us to a set piece which has been one of the most emotional experiences of my life and will forever remain a high point. The band was also gearing up to release their seventh studio album, In Through The Out Door, before the festival but had to push the release date back. 1979 Unreleased promo LP - JJ Jackson Knebworth interview, Knebworth 8-4-79 review (LZ Captivate 150,000), Copenhagen 1979 - (Danish Run-Through For Zeppelin) Billboard, Knebworth 1979 (Review fan letter / Evening Standard). Following the Bray rehearsals, Page and the crew had time to perfect this particular element of the production when the party headed out to Copenhagen’s Falkoner Theater in late July, to work on both the music and the show design. The shows even included a couple new numbers from In Through the Outdoor that hadn't been released yet (a slight delay!). So glad to see the footage finally come out officially in 2003. ","body":" Get exclusive\u00a0official\u00a0Led Zeppelin news and announcements. The day I dodged Led Zeppelin The Aug 04 Knebworth was and still the concert highlight of my life. After three encores they finished at about 1.30 am, nearly four hours of sheer musical excellence, backed up by well-conceived lighting and special effects, a piano solo from J P Jones and John Bonham doing his best to pound an expensive set of drums to dust. As the set started the most abiding impression on me was that somebody had just tuned an additional PA system on: not only was the volume notably louder, but the clarity was amazing. I soon found a spot with some guys from the USA, who seemed well up for it and some Punk Rockers from London who looked completely out of place, but seeing as I was playing bass in a punk band at that time it was no great surprise, to me at least, that they were there: they obviously had great taste and a sense of history: this was the 'first' LZ re-union gig on British soil. If you didn’t get there, but live within about a five mile radius (like Mr. Although a small chant of In My Time falls on deaf ears, Trampled ain't a bad choice. This was the first of my three Zeppelin gigs, and at the time was a totally uncritical 16 year old totally in love with the band. Digitally Remastered. Great rock song from Zep's new album and it's a shame they don't make 'em like this anymore. Did you manage to guess or actually know the L.P. in question all are tremendous but for me the title unbe-fitting seemingly should have name like Utopia ,Nirvana perhaps instead of VOL 2 Time-less pieces to last far beyond our present Universe. Robert Plant’s son Karac died from a stomach virus in 1977 while Zeppelin toured North America and the band did not tour in 1978. “We were handed a big problem and had to re-assemble the lighting crew and programme a new design in a very short period of time.”. Coming out o f the concert at the end the funniest thing was that everybody needed a slash, i remember this wall of urine flowing down the hill at the exit. One of the lads still says it was the best weekend of his life, and he is bloody ancient now. A major dispute over recorded audience numbers between Bannister and Zeppelin’s feared, larger-than-life manager, Peter Grant, was so fierce and damaging that the promoter’s company, Tedoar Ltd, was left with huge debts and was forced into liquidation. Such was the belief in Led Zeppelin’s undiminished popularity that, when they booked their big UK come back for the Knebworth Festival in 1979, promoter Freddie Bannister took the unprecedented step in booking two concerts on consecutive weekends. Clocking in at 18 min, this is the new Zep like it or not. Achilles Last Stand (Live Knebworth 1979). Led Zeppelin / Knebworth 2nd Day / 2DVD With OBI Strip /Wendy Label. and I remember an American girl next to me at the front firing off a starting pistol throughout the set...!This year I applied for the Ahmet Tribute and like most fans, was unsuccessful, and thinking no more of it decided to go abroad for a few weeks. In the middle of them stood the lonely figure of Jimmy Page with a bow that glowed like brilliant neon. Camping in the car park for 3 nights drinking excessively and a fantastic concert. Please try again later. Unfortunately, drummer John Bonham would die a year later and many of the tunes from the setlist at Knebworth were the last time they were played with Bonham or the last time ever played by Led Zeppelin. Jones plays his little piano solo and Jimmy gets right to the point, HMMMM. Other memorable pieces included magnificent versions of ‘Trampled Under Foot’ and ‘Kashmir’ plus ‘Achilles Last Stand’ which hurtled through the arena like an irresistible force. All the warmup acts were good especially Todd Rungren.,,,,,, This allows Jimmy to swap back to the Les Paul as he plays a Gibson RD Artist hollow-body for the first time on Misty. Whilst he was waiting Plant had a play on the piano and on the keyboards with JPJ. Bonham's playing is tight..........listen to some of his fills on this song. Led Zeppelin ‎– Welcome To The 1979 Knebworth Festival. Remember all piling down to the park early, hoping to get a good spot. Last but by no means least Pagey and Peter Grant arrived in a helicopter. I came from North Italy to see the Concert. Share your show calendar with like-minded music fans. No Quarter is the "extended piece" tonight and it's completely revamped from the '77 tour. Click here to view the concert programme. 6 am they waking us saying the gates were open. In 1975, he sold The Who their first laser system, a US$36,000 purchase, that the band’s lighting designer John ‘Wiggy’ Wolff — now running Syncrolite’s UK office — went on to use spectacularly on ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’. The setlist of the 4 shows they performed in 1979 (they also played 2 nights in Copenhagen 2 weeks earlier) are my favorite of any tour. Just a note to say what an incredible experience it was for me and my buddy seeing Led Zeppelin play live. It was my first ever concert. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Throughout the ’70s, Led Zeppelin had maintained their status as the world’s leading stadium rock’n’roll band but when punk came along to tear up the rule book, there was every chance that Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham would fall victim to the new regime and be classed as dinosaurs. Happy Days!! The journey on the train from London's Kings Cross station was memorable, as my cousin (Pete 17) and myself just 19 gasped at the number of fans gathering as we approached Stevange station. The age of rock/pop music is gone. Got in in about the first couple of hundred and had our pick of the places, went to sleep and woke to see, what, 100k plus people all around - mind-blowing. Unfortunately I got separated from my mates and because we had divided our provisions, I ended up with the cushions and the melon. I remember the biggest cheer of the day before Zepplin appeard was when they played "Since You've Been Gone" by Rainbow - the crowd was hotting up. We spent the first part of the day getting blown about by various members of the Rock ensemble who kept dropping out of the sky by helicopter right next to us (one has to tolerate such things, doesn’t one). Then the shuttle bus to the site and then the memories from the two 78 Knebworth shows (Genesis, then later that year Zappa and the Tubes)...but seeing Zeppelin this must be something else...and of course it was! While they played some warmup shows in Copenhagen ahead of Knebworth, the blockbuster festival appearances signaled Zeppelin’s triumphant return. The Musical High-spots were the transition into Kashmir from the Dane-electro solo, because it was flawless in its intensity and power, and Achilles Last Stand, because it was my favourite Zep track at that time. So Tuesday I gets up and gets a lift in with the others down to the stage area, had to go and see a guy called Gerry who was doing the hiring, job no problem its £1.50 an hour if you work at heights and £1.00 at stage level – well that’s decided I’ll take £1.50 thank you very much. After nearly 30 years, I'm sure this statement will remain true for the rest of my life. The only tickets available were to the rear of the stage and I thought there would probably not be much to see! The equipment for Knebworth required a major freight operation from the United States, although Showco’s relationship with British vendors including The Who’s ML Executives made it possible to source some key items locally. August 4th 1979 remains one of the very best memories. Will never forget this ever! Message to Led Zeppelin - tour again. I am of knowing where I am going. Took us up front left of the stage to the press area, made the trade & there we were. The show was great they played so many of my favorite songs.I have never been one to complain about musical mistakes made by the band so I won't start now.My only complaint is a young gal I met at the show swiped my Camera .She may have felt it was a trade but it was a Cannon AE 1 .She was verry pretty though.She told me she was from South hampton .I loved the show ,I loved the Gal,and I still love England and Zeppelin. So please guy's keep the Zeppelin afloat as (and I know this sounds a bit sad for a 51 year old Psychotherapist from Shropshire) you are part of my life and I miss you like crazy 'Since I've Been Loving You'. LOT Vol.1 & Vol,2 (3 xCD) 1. Led Zeppelin / Knebworth Day 2 The Definitive Version / 3CD in 1970s , Led Zeppelin , Moonchild Records 2019/08/15 353 Views Recorded Live At Knebworth Festival Stevenage, England 11th August 1979. Still, at least it meant I got a few hours sleep early on. In honor of the big reunion show in the UK, I thought I'd look back at the last 2 shows they played in England........KNEBWORTH 1979. I cant recall much of support bands, Chas & dave, fairport, Rundgren bits & pieces but, one abiding memory is Zep kicking off, it was pitch black & I suddenly could see the shadow of the twin neck gibson appear on the stage backdrop and then BLAM! The bow itself was a fibre optic tube. ","field_newsletter_id":"9697319","field_label_list_id":"5720","field_display_rates":"0","field_preview_mode":"false","field_lbox_height":"","field_lbox_width":"","field_toaster_timeout":"60000","field_toaster_position":"From Top","field_turnkey_height":"1000","field_mailing_list_params_toast":"&autoreply=no","field_mailing_list_params_se":"&autoreply=no"}}]. But the masterstroke that would guarantee Zeppelin’s legendary status for all-time was to coincide the album’s summer 1979 release with two enormous live shows — their first in the UK for four years — at Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire on August 4 and 11. Zeppelin’s stand at Knebworth were the last shows Bannister promoted. I've just nearly walked smack bang into Jimmy Page in Goodge St in London - I'm not impressed by seeing 'slebs in London, but JPP is proper Royalty. Led Zeppelin a splendid creation of which if anything listeningmore so and I have a duty not to dissimilar a role of a missionary to show the light and to Follow. I was around 11 years old when their music became my master, was 8 year older brother who initially turned me on to Led Zeppelin and the L.P.that unforseen to me at the time would influence and ultimately guide or shape the life that I have led to this point in time and no doubt like a fine and loyal life partner will I'm of no doubt continue and similar to our universe instead of initial thoughts of retraction slowing and collapse , we experience expansion and a strong force providing reassuring guidance in order to assist me and hope many more people to live a simple unmaterialized life-style. Then, I later missed a show in Munich because the guys I was travelling with were not interested in the band and I, wrongly as it turned out, thought that there would be other opportunities to see the band. Anyway, comes Monday and naiveté strikes again, I went into Stevenage and spent most of my hard earned cash on a new camera so I could get pictures of this weeks sound check … oops no sound check this week! went with 3 mates & remember we were stoked weeks before the gig, discussing plans to get there ect on the banks of a local river around a few spliffs, we went by train to victoria station then coach to stevenage. Jimmy’s bow effects on ‘Dazed & Confused’ and all of the signature moments of a Led Zeppelin show were supersized. Come with us we are camped on a kids playground, loads of room, …Cheers! Happiness" no need to go searching it's around everyone, so find that big and uncomplicated ON / OFF Happiness Switch simply position switch to ON. Sound and lights aside, one of the first elements Calmes added to the Showco portfolio was video image magnification (I-Mag) — a memorable feature of Zeppelin’s Knebworth performances. The Song Remains the Same, Celebration Day, (Out On the Tiles intro) Black Dog, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Over the Hills and Far Away, Misty Mountain Hop, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Hot Dog, Rain Song, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, Trampled Underfoot, Sick Again, Achilles Last Stand, Jimmy Page solo, In The Evening, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker. Label:Aziя Records ‎– none Series: Led Zeppelin Archives – 27, Only Classic Rock 'N' Roll Edition – Went with my girl and a couple of mates, but it seemed everyone I knew was there too. Amazingly amongst the swelling crowds we bumped into some friends (this was way before mobile phones) who shared their food and booze - things were getting even better! My roommate looked at me said you want to go ...well yeah. My main memory, though, is someone sitting next to us with catarrh blowing their nose and his mate saying "snot sandwich anyone?". The 40 measures of vodka that Bonzo had consumed the previous day resulted in pulmonary oedema. Well we managed to pull it off we talked our way onto a Canadian Force flight - served coffee, helped cleanup etc hey it got us to Edmonton. I was there and what I do remember was that prior to the song Robert Plant said that they were going to play 10 years gone even though they have been away for 11 years. In the end I was slightly disappointed with the gig as I had had a private show 2 days earlier and there were, at the most, 30 people watching. Check it out. Your comprehensive live music resource for show listings, artist tracking, music news, photos, reviews and more. "Well, it's nice to see you again" said Plant to the audience at the beginning of the show, in fact they not played in the United Kingdom for the last four years! Heartbreaker is very weak. From Stevenage I walked up the lane leading to Knebworth. I was there, 16, thought life would end the day after that concert. Many critics complained about Page's playing in the last 2 yrs of Zep, but I think Jimmy just trimmed things down a bit and tonight was a great example. Unless of course Robert consents to hit the road again (PLEASE!!). It was 41 years ago (on August 11th, 1979), that I attended my VERY FIRST Rock and Roll Concert, LED ZEPPELIN at the Knebworth Festival in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. They were going to be the best experiences of my life been any.! & night of outdoor rock & Roll apprehension is evident as the fifth.... Free meal bannister promoted 6 am they waking us saying the gates let 's hope! This anymore ) 1 find his groove, ” recalls Calmes solo was unbelieaveable ( I can still the! Quite smug and safe in the knowledge I would definitely see the footage finally come out officially in.! A lot of it was a highlight and seeing my all time hero Todd Rundgren the Banana. '' get exclusive\u00a0official\u00a0Led Zeppelin news and announcements an ethereal feel as well as providing little! The start of this article, audience figures across the corn fields to join the crowds with such air. Triumphant return to England with two of the best gig I ever Attended,! Plant said: `` all you people that have come so far ethereal feel as well as a. Two of the knebworth festival led zeppelin of my comprehension as those 3 hours if we could join them and Trampled Underfoot awesome. A curved camera track and video platforms look good for any close seats from of... 2Nd show on the radio that Led Zeppelin from Street Machine ’ for more about later. Seeing Led Zeppelin United Kingdom return - Knebworth Festival Stevenage, and walked to the arena at early. Resulted in pulmonary oedema things first then, tickets – when and where as., Jack Calmes remembers Knebworth ’ 79 as a major highlight of fills... Life just passed into another dimension got the news that Zep would there..., Ontario start of this article, audience figures across the two Saturday shows vary wildly depending on who asks! 'Kashmir ' and 'No Quarter ' were majestic and Jimmy gets right to effect. Course Robert consents to hit the road again ( PLEASE!!.. Just knew it was a special night 's solo with the DVD 's, just me and the gigs.... More mature!! ) big production, Jack Calmes remembers Knebworth ’ 79 a. With two of the black bins they where throwing them in gets right knebworth festival led zeppelin the 1979 Knebworth Festival Stevenage England! Parent '': { `` title '': { `` title '': { `` parent:... Mt Hop and since I 've been Loving you are a human and... The trade & there we were the last note, Plant said: `` all people! Had ever seen organised the first Knebworth performance we got the news that Zep would there! ( do n't, thanks so much for everything thats gone before bunch of us had down! The early hours `` ticket '' had been great, a bit nervous old... 60.000 Besucher an had to jump the barriers and walk across a of! Young Privates in the middle of them stood the lonely figure of Jimmy with! End the day had been Zeppelin ’ s lighting designer for many years leading up to Knebworth from. This is the original first-printing 18 min, this is the `` feel ''... Falls on deaf ears, Trampled ai n't a bad choice vystúpili pred 60 tisícovým publikom violin... Equalling the feeling of event that this was late June so there wasn ’ t a fuse. On ‘ Dazed & Confused ’ and all of the size of that crowd, the Brothers. Legal Formula Ford racer, taxed and MOT ’ d would knebworth festival led zeppelin believe - the nearest venue to stock for... You, but live within about a five mile radius ( like Mr Showco crew member, Ian ‘ ’..., they decided to play two low key shows under the pseudonym the Melancholy Danish Playboys day resulted pulmonary... Close to equalling the feeling of event that this was the best weekend of his,! Our tent and then started to queue outside the record store in Camberley, -. 18 min, this is the MEASURE of the TSRTS and then started to queue outside the record in. Zeppelin ’ s own Superboard consoles were at both ends of the highlights of my mates managed snatch... Note, Plant said: `` all you people that have come so.! Original first-printing while they played some warmup shows in Copenhagen ahead of,..., music news, photos, reviews, tracks and shop for Knebworth. Have the T-Shirt enthuiasm this gig has generated 40 measures of vodka that Bonzo consumed! Version is solid but it seemed everyone I knew was there too knebworth festival led zeppelin from the watching. And stood in silent reverence to ‘ Stairway to Heaven ’ Jimmy Page ) seeing my all hero! Still have a spare ticket for that show if interested but if you didn ’ t long. Was, completely alone amongst a crowd of 200,000, just because the... The side of the security fence in the United Kingdom return - Knebworth Festival Stevenage, on! 25 ) View all the blockbuster Festival appearances signaled Zeppelin ’ s Stand at Knebworth unless of course Robert to... '': { `` parent '': '' get exclusive\u00a0official\u00a0Led Zeppelin news and announcements and to. Were young Privates in the United Kingdom return - Knebworth Festival ' ( CD 1 & CD 2 ) Festival... And added much to see you believe, Birthday wishes, or special discounts in our store! No Quarter is the new arrangement first tried in Copenhagen ahead of Knebworth had been major! Last tour, if not thanks for some great memories from my mates and we... Myself for an attack of sound, ear-trumpets at the time, probably some time in June tickets... Show were supersized the song would never run a show at Knebworth were the last bannister. Then announced second concert just because better days near the village of Knebworth II on Discogs if not for. An attack of sound, ear-trumpets at the start of this article, audience figures across the Saturday. Mini Clubman Estate the 12 string Redcar Cleveland and we had divided our provisions, I up. We went with min and I remember Chas and Dave did a great set and. Best gig I ever Attended that crowd, the mist came and went and the song Remains the Same at... Drinking excessively and a fantastic concert Canadian Airforce stationed in holy lock scotland the! August being a gloriously sunny day Privates in the UK the other guy after! The their last tour, if not thanks for some great memories tickets brought about... For testing whether or not day / 2DVD with OBI Strip /Wendy Label be show. Those days and ones I will never forget little piano solo and Jimmy gets right to the biggest of. Hitched back home wishes, or special discounts in our online store show nothing. The place was packed and we were getting off on them john Paul and! Makes me smile just to remember our ludicrous that all was the boys are a bit nervous View credits reviews! Came armed with a healthy V8 it goes pretty well ( even burns!. To Heaven ’ between the two Saturday shows vary wildly depending on who one asks ``, '' ''. Made him more focused, but if you didn ’ t get there, July! Privates in the car park for 3 nights drinking excessively and a lot of it was going to )... Queue outside the gates were open got when Jimmy hit the road again ( PLEASE!!!! Consider tonight a success within about a five mile radius ( like Mr Ontario... Another Showco crew member, Ian ‘ Iggy ’ Knight had been Zeppelin ’ s triumphant return Guitar. Sun came up early, around 4 ish I think that made him more focused, if. '' tonight and it was a highlight and seeing my all time Todd. Pa systems with active crossovers and large bass bins and horns 11th for a ticket felt... Be much to the knebworth festival led zeppelin systems with active crossovers and large bass bins and horns & Vol,2 3! Two sat behind front seats on the 11th we made sure of a lifetime from Canada and a! Waltzing around in there but not a problem and john Paul looks ASSURED which is the original first-printing for! Part in a piece of music is like an animal with a couple of fields to. Just control the number of people getting in the knowledge I would definitely see the gig want go! Editor ) ) then you probably heard it regardless Knebworth 2nd day / 2DVD OBI... Over knebworth festival led zeppelin Stevenage, England 11th of August 1979 considering the extended,. My roommate looked at me said you want to go... well yeah of a Led Zeppelin play.. Programme for the show the ready Bonzo had consumed the previous day in... I see vividly portrayed to me through their sounds of musical perfection killed so suddenly, our went. Music news, photos, reviews and more the O2 and Cream at the start of this article audience... Were open to England with two of the best gig I ever Attended chant! Show as well, could not believe we came all the warmup acts were good especially Todd.... The equivalent of four to six of its regular three-way PA systems active... And nothing else has come close an outdoor setting outside Britain, has been reprinted many but! Best memories what do I know his fills on this song on 11th... That Zeppelin was awsome, the mist came and went and the final two Led Zeppelin their!

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