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Ringo, a bounty hunter, has killed the father of Glenn Garvin (Glenn Saxson) to collect a bounty. Category:Heroes | Django Unchained Wiki | Fandom. She is the grandmother of Django of the Dead She was voiced by Susan Silo 1 Biography 2 Abilities 3 Enemies 4 Allies 5 Trivia 6 Navigation She is the one who gave Manny Rivera his scar. The wiki will document all information regarding both the Japanese series and their American adaptations, and will strive to include all characters, powers, settings, and timelines. This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? In This Wiki Guide. Django is a character who appears in a number of Spaghetti Western films. Kaya. Tony Tony Chopper. It stars Django from Django Unchained, but also the Spanish hero of the West, El Zorro. Yassop. Django Reinhardt was a jazz guitarist at the Café du Dôme in 1927. Published by: Taschen, 2004 - 640 p. ISBN 3-8228 … Django. Django; King Schultz; Calvin … Yosaku. Glenn kills Ringo and then takes his father's body to town to collect the bounty himself. Top Contributors: Fantasicaky , Achel2onX, ConTheDead + more. Most Popular Villains. 1 Biography 2 Abilities 3 Appearances 3.1 DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3.1.1 Season 4 4 Behind the scenes 5 References In 1927, Django Reinhardt was seen playing music for the customers of the Café du Dôme. Calvin Candie is the owner of a plantation called "Candyland." Nico Robin. Django's hard, badass character falls under the new category of antihero who actually succeeds. Aberrant timeline: The minotaur attacked the restaurant and slaughtered Django and everyone else inside. Candie is a Francophile, although he is not fluent in French. Register Start a Wiki. blazblue crisis reversed 1 Background 2 Involvement 3 Strategy 4 Quotes 5 Trivia 6 See also 7 External links phineas and ferb django how to fight like melty blood against makoto u-12 and ragna blazblue 3 django vs makoto Link External link Current … Django Brown is a recurring character in Phineas and Ferb. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Iron Man (Tony Stark) Captain America (Steve Rogers) Hulk (Bruce Banner) Wolverine (Logan) Deadpool (Wade Wilson) Villains. Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) Flag; View History; Ground Attack Air … Plot. Corbucci's westerns were dark and brutal, with the characters portrayed as sadistic anti Viewers were able to relate to these down to earth heroes more than some glorified gods. Django searches for her after being freed by Schultz, and they are eventually reunited at Calvin Candie's plantation, Candyland. The goal of Metal Heroes Wiki is to become a collaborative repository for all Metal Heroes information. Published by: Mpw Medien Publikations, 2008 - 256 p. ISBN 3-931608-86-7, ISBN 978-3-931608-86-6; Jürgen Müller "Movies of the 60s". Django Unchained Quentin Tarantino Ennio Morricone Characters. Monkey D. Luffy. Main Characters. Welcome to the Metal Heroes Wiki, a site dedicated to the Japanese Tokusatsu franchise "Metal Heroes". Top Content. 52,089 Pages. Calvin Candie. Johnny. Welcome to the Metal Heroes Wiki, a site dedicated to the Japanese Tokusatsu franchise "Metal Heroes". Django Unchained (/ ˈ dʒ æ ŋ ɡ oʊ /) is a 2012 American revisionist Western film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, starring Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, and Samuel L. Jackson, with Walton Goggins, Dennis Christopher, James Remar, Michael Parks, and Don Johnson in supporting roles. Tatewaki often uses his company's resources to assault his rivals and quench his own selfish vices. Fantasica. He was written by TKandMit. Roles Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain - Yanagida's minions (episode 18), Tokusou Robo Janperson - Bounty Killer Django (episode 3-4), Blue SWAT - Under Zodo (episode 22) Nami. Eren Yeager; Titans (Attack on Titan) Siren Head; Jimmy Hall (At Dead Of Night) Dabi; Cartoon Cat; Jeff the Killer; Newly Changed Articles. Allies Edit. Schultz was born in a very wealthy family in Germany. Django Unchained is a 2012 film in the style of a Spaghetti Western by Quentin Tarantino (his seventh film overall), who calls it a "Southern" because it is set in the Deep South rather than The Wild West.. Usopp. He is also a very good artist and participates as the announcer in Phineas and Ferb's chariot race. Django wiki. Villains Wiki. His son Remy is gifted with a keen understanding of cuisine, which Django really doesn't understand, as well as a powerful sense of smell and taste. Django is a major character in Disney/Pixar's 2007 animated feature film Ratatouille. She is The First Best Friend of Manny Rivera, & Arch Enemy of Frida. Cutty Flam/Franky. Alias: Wanda Maximoff Designation: Mutant Powers: Reality warping and hex energy Team: The Avengers, The Brotherhood of Mutants This Incarnation: Classic First Appearance: X-Men #4 Born at the Wundagore base of the High Evolutionary, Wanda and her twin brother Pietro were eventually placed in the care of a Gypsy couple named Django and Marya Maximoff, from whom they were separated as … Rango is the titular main protagonist and a major character of Rango and Rango 2. Page Tools. Add new page. However, Remy gets confused when he sees Linguini bonding with Colette, the only woman cook in the kitchen, and crediting his talents to her. Heroes Edit Supporting Edit Allies Edit Anti-Heroes Edit Villains Edit Other featured characters Edit Gallery Edit Heroes Edit. It's estimated that Schultz is in his late 40's to early 50's during the events of the movie. Jango Fett is a supporting antagonist in the Star Wars franchise. He is the secondary antagonist of the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, the titular main protagonist of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, and a posthumous antagonist in the 2008 animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Games Movies TV Video. is a financial corporation owned and run by company president Ryuzaburo Tatewaki. All Comics Essential Reading. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? The wiki will document all information regarding both the Japanese series and their American adaptations, and will strive to include all characters, powers, settings, and timelines. Candie is an avid fan of "Mandingo fighting"—a bloodsport where male slaves fight to the death. He isn't very bright. Django Unchained. Pietro was born at the Wundagore base of the High Evolutionary, he and his twin sister Wanda were the children of Romani couple Django and Marya Maximoff. Django Freeman battled Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Dr. King Schultz in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid vs Dr. King Schultz and Django. The goal of Metal Heroes Wiki is to become a collaborative repository for all Metal Heroes information. Shanks. Django is brought in with the others to Hunson and thinks that Hunson will kill them except he followed them to their journey and waited for Alt Doof to come in play and recruited him and teams with the heroes against the Legion. Django Shoots First (Italian: Django spara per primo) is an Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Alberto De Martino. ... Jasper P. Morgan "Spaghetti Heroes: Ringo, Django und Sartana. Vinsmoke Sanji. He is one of Phineas and Ferb's friends who can surf and, so he believes, put his foot behind his head (painfully). The Film. Ashes of the Sun; Other stories. She is voiced by Candi Milo Trivia [edit | edit source]. Add a photo to this gallery. [*Django Freeman's... FANDOM. The Tatewaki Konzern (帯刀コンツェルン, Tatewaki Konsurun?) Black Cuervo is the Secondary Antagonist Turned Supporting Protagonist of El Tigre!. Django Freeman was a slave who was separated from his wife Broomhilda when they were sold to separate buyers by the outlaw Brittle brothers, Django was freed by the German bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz, who was tracking the Brittles and needed Django to identify them.After Django helped Schultz kill the Brittles, Schultz took Django on as his student and later partner. Bill isthe titular main antagonistof the Kill Bill duology. In Dixi he plays the character of Django Actor (4 credits) 2019Blinded by the Light Alan Brook . Ship of Smoke and Steel, January 2019, Tor Teen, ISBN 978-0-7653-9724-9; City of Stone and Silence, January 2020, Tor Teen, ISBN 9780765397270; Siege of Rage and Ruin, January 2021, Tor Teen, ISBN 9780765397317; Burningblade and Silvereye series. Games Movies TV Video. Loki Laufeyson ; Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) Red Skull (Johann Shmidt) Thanos; Random Character Comics. John Golden & the Heroes of Mazaroth; The Wells of Sorcery trilogy. he did various roles in the Metal Hero Series. Epic Rap Battles of Heroes … Fantastic Four #1; Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man's First Appearance) … Directed by Quentin Tarantino. 83 Pages. Django asks Remy to stay but Remy shows his loyalty to Linguini having bonded with his new human friend while being absent from his rat colony. Wikis. He is Remy and Emile's protective and stern father. Add a photo to this gallery. Register Start a Wiki. Sartana of the Dead is the main antagonist of El Tigre. Wikis. Scott Folan is an actor, known for Blinded by the Light (2019), Dixi (2014) and Brotherhood (2015). Kazuo Niibori (新堀 和男 Niibori Kazuo) is a veteran suit actor. Django is Remy and Emile's father and the leader of the rat colony. Sartana is the most dangerous villain in El Tigre and is (apparently) the head of organized crime in Miracle City and Mannys/ El Tigres arch- nemesis. With Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington. Die Helden Des Italo-Western/Heroes of The Spaghetti Western". He is an intelligent and eccentric chameleon who is initially the pet of a human family, but after an incident with the car he falls out of his tank and the car leaves him behind. Zeff. Supporting Edit. He arrives in the frontier town known as Dirt, where he becomes the new sheriff and a great hero. Dr. King Schultz(early 1800s - May 5, 1859) was a dentist-turned-bounty-hunter who freed Django and helped him rescue his wife. Schultz was eventually killed in a shootout when he shot Calvin Candie in the chest with his ladygun. By choosing these characters to be the heroes in the film, the director (Quentin Tarantino) was able to have a special feel in his film. Roronoa Zolo. With the help of a German bounty hunter, a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. Django/Zorro is a seven issue crossover comic book mini series co-written by Matt Wagner and Quentin Tarantino. The High Evolutionary supposedly abducted the twins when they were babies and experimented on them, once he was disgusted with the results, he returned them to Wundagore, disguised as regular mutants. He is a major character in Disney/Pixar's 2007 animated feature film Ratatouille.. Role in the film. Last Edited: 19 Aug 2012 6:54 am. Add new page. Summary: Gyakushuu no Fantasica is a strategy RPG by Silicon Studio, the makers of 3D Dot Game Heroes… Register Start a Wiki. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? He is able to save his wife and blow away every person in his way. Heroes. Koby. Trivia Django is only referred to by name once in the film, while Remy is telling his father about his new living situation, another rat comes over and starts talking with Django, thus interrupting the conversation. The companies legitimate activities were barely explored in the series. Django saves his team from The Galactic Federation and works to fight Thawne.

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