cleaning with bleach while pregnant no gloves


Plus, oxygenated bleach doesn’t contain chlorine. I have a shower with tile and glass and it gets dirty all the time. You can buy any grout sealer at home depot or similar for twenty dollars. Keep us posted on the cork floors, I’ve never installed them but would like to some day , Doesn’t liquid dishwasher soap have bleach in it? I wore gloves and covered my nose and mouth with a towel while i sprayed. The resulting fumes such a combination releases can be very dangerous to anyone inhaling them. I agree with you on Tilex-it works by the bleachy smell is so overpowering that I don’t use it. If no luck with that get bleach (for bleaching hair). Here is where the angels sing, the rainbow is above my house and the birds are singing a beautiful song….the magic bar truly worked like magic! Keep me posted Katrina. Just a random thought (I have a lot of those)… and if that is the case, that ain’t comin’ out honey!! and while i am here, please don’t flush any old medicines down the toilet or sink as they are also so very harmful . I’ll give the toilet bowl cleaner a try today while I’m doing some pluming work around the house. I’ve seen rave reviews on various blogs. Sorry to hear the toilet bowl cleaner ruined your sink Pam. Much more appealing than the blue dawn recipe. Never ever try to smell it, but the 50 to 50 water combo takes the edge off to a very tolerable level. I came across your website and decided to give this a shot. Thanks for the great tip . I like for things to be very clean with little chemical presence and with minimal effort. It is still fabulous 6 years later!! When cleaning an infected area, a person should use rubber gloves and bleach-based cleaners and disinfectants. I was amazed at the result. Really great question. The area was indeed spotty looking before I cleaned with all the different products. I’d totally use your tip if my wife didn’t have asthma (bad genes). Everything beads off it! Be aware that both tile and grout are porous and absorb water. Good luck! (start updated information) If they become contaminated, for example, during patient care, they should be removed, hand hygiene performed and a new pair donned. They aren’t expensive. I don’t see a ring at all until the bleach cake is nearly gone. Although telling everyone in the family about this plan is probably a good idea (LOL). Grout discolor happens because it soaks through the grout all the way through. Please whitelist our site to get all the best deals and offers from our partners. Before I found this ‘recipe’ I had tried everything, including retail miracle cleaners, bleach, peroxide, just everything that I read or saw that was supposed to help this problem. Green Mop, whose employees have daily temperature checks and wear masks and gloves, has also added a medical-grade disinfectant and, if requested, bleach to its arsenal of green cleaning … Thanks Sandy. We have just put in a new bathroom complete with tile and grout on the walls because my husband thought it would make for better resale down the road. Walmart carries tea tree oil. Just remember, “grout the color of dirt.” P.S. No midwife has ever told me to wear gloves … It’s the stuff they clean pools with. My handyman directed me to a Grout Pen and that will absolutely cover and seal your grout if applied correctly, making it look pretty new again. I’d love to know since you obviously got out of this world results. I believe that the acrylic is reacting with something to cause it to yellow because each time I remove the slight yellow hue it returns within a year. I now have several ideas for how to clean my very dirty bathtub tiles and grout. Wipe clean, and rinse with clean water. Thanks. This is a great question because everyone’s ceramic tile & grout has a different level of dirtiness. In fact, some cleaners are among the most toxic products found in the home. That stuff makes great grout for the floor of a shower. I liked the little hole so you could squirt it out and it would run down the grout line. I tried the vinegar plus Dawn and didn’t like it. Household cleaning items like spot removers, floor waxes and polishes commonly contain chemicals called "VOCs," or types of indoor air pollutants. Read the directions of your sealer and see what it says. the liquid is easier but the wipes work too). sprayed the cleaner on, let it soak for an hour (re-wet if it dries out). My conclusion is that 2 cups of OxiClean mixed with one gallon of hot water will defintely clean ceramic tile. It’s worth trying. I was wondering if you have put Borax to the test against mildew. This is very easy when you do it every couple of weeks; when we were out of town three months and guests did not do the full clean it was harder. Bc urine contains enzymes, You have to use a cleanser with enzymes. And DON’T air dry it. Do not shake out the dirty laundry and avoid having the dirty laundry touch anyone’s skin or clothing. No cleaner, steam or anything will solve this discoloring when it has soaked through. So in case you’re wondering what kind of hair conditioner it was, the semi-permanent hair color I use comes with a tube of conditioner. In a nutshell, and the way I understand it is, the D.I. I spoke with the technical support line today at Custom Building Products. Remembering my Nana telling me about the super powers of white vinegar, I grabbed a bottle and filled it with warmed white vinegar and some lemon juice, sprayed onto my tile and grout, let stand for about 10 minutes, and then stormed in with my steamer like it was some sort of battle armor. I have used it on multiple surfaces including the grout I the shower. Leaving bleach-based cleaners on an affected area for 5 minutes helps kill the germs. Chlorine is the most widely used chemical disinfectant in the form of sodium hypochlorite (also known as household bleach). Appreciate your repsonse. Get a tooth brush for the grout, and a larger brush for the tub. Heat 1 cup of white vinegar in the microwave for 90 seconds. Se descubrió la moda como forma de expresión individual. ☺. So after I cleaned the shower door, I rubbed conditioner all over the door. If you like over the counter “oxy cleaner”. While gloves are donned, dip gloved hands into a dilute bleach solution for five (5) seconds to ensure complete coverage. If the stains are body dirt and soap scum…ie alkyline, try vinegar. It has the color and a sealer in it. But now that you’re pregnant, you have to give your superwoman powers a break. I spray everything including the showerhead and curtain. After a few weeks of heavy gardening I am shocked to see how dirty my shower got. I think it is too far gone. It won’t bleach your tile or grout and is pretty easy to use. You wouldn’t ask a plumber to do electrical work? My bathroom floor had to be re-grouted due to cracks and crevices but the wrong color was used, so I used this product and it brought the Bright White color back but did not fill in the cracks and crevices as I had hoped. Cleaners aren't effective in killing Giardia on grass or soil, but direct sunlight is. When I go on Pinterest and see all the gorgeous showers it is inspiring. You’re right, epoxy grout stays way cleaner than sanded or un-sanded and doesn’t look bad. Most of the deep grout stains you won’t be able to remove. Thanks Connie, I’ve never used Quick n’Brite but will give it a shot. Have you tried Softscrub? Not only will your house be less dirty (and free of certain toxins, such as lead, that can be found in dirt), but you’ll also find you won’t have to scrub as often. All the dirt foams up from grout an wipes up. It was AWFUL, until I read online to use Shout in the grout lines. 2. 2. I also use it on the discolored caulking between the tub and the walls but of course I use a soft brush in that area. I’ve also had great results with straight vinegar. I did this with some left over meds we had . Thanks for the Tilex tip. Jeff, Did you ever try the dawn and vinegar mix on your shower tiles? If weather permits, keep windows open while cleaning for good ventilation; if you can’t open a window, use a fan, especially when cleaning … I believe the ‘magic erasers’ have formaldehyde in them, or so I was told by a scientist friend. It did hardly anything for the grout, so I made a vinegar & baking soda paste, which helped. The salesperson said he’d sold cork to several people for their kitchens. I found the best toilet cleaner and it is Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Lime and rust remover. Lol Let me know if you would like to see them. I enjoyed reading the comments. Your gloves, tissues, masks, and other trash should be put in a bag, tied closed, and put with other household trash. I’s so nice to find there are other persons in this world that want things to look nice and for the product we use to work and hopefully be safe. I'd be cleaning … So before you plug in the vacuum or dig out the dustpan, get the lowdown on the dos and don’ts of cleaning during pregnancy. Comet cleanser. Then I switched to Lysol and it reacted to this orange layer of some kind of hard water build-up and it disappeared forever more! I’ll have to give Shout a try. Admittedly I hit a road block the first few times I used OxiClean. Our 15 month old accidentally got into our pantry cupboard and dropped a jar of lemon juice which broke and spilled all over the floor. because our home now has a grouted shower…Before it was an all-in-one shower stall that was much easier to clean. The yellowed bath sees little use except as a restroom. Mix one part bleach to 10 parts water and apply to the area for 10 minutes. You can stain grout lines or replace the grout lines. It doesn’t come out as good but it’s sure a lot better than before. It’s called CLR Kitchen and Bathroom spray. I’ve cleaned hundreds of properties with this stuff! I love using magic erasers for tons of stuff, they really come in handy when you’ve got kids. Our other tutorial shares a second method for cleaning grout – this time with a little help from a power tool!! it works wonders, though you MUST wear thick rubber gloves and safety glasses to scrub it. Lots of mildew, mold, and scum in an old shower with tiled walls, a glass block wall and tiled floor, so lots of grout! Sure! I have used Comet (and the Ajax brand of the same thing) to clean grout in a kitchen and it worked wonders!!! As a professional house cleaner, I use “the works” toilet bowl cleaner to clean showers which have disgusting tile and grout filled with soap scum and mold. Insert into drill. I’d love to see before and after pictures. Let the bleach gel remain on the grout for 20 won’t dry out and be difficult to remove…Then go over the grout lines with a wet tooth brush.. I scrubbed with a brush and rinsed with hot water. It appears that when I did a test of D.I. , Thanks Martha for the cleaning product tip. Plus, using the toilet cleaner saves a bit of money versus buying a separate product. Unfortunately, being pregnant doesn’t mean an automatic excuse not to scrub out the loo or engage in a spring clean, as most household cleaning products are actually considered safe to use … So bring on the ideas and just maybe we can make fixing, mending and cleaning easier! There is a product called ZEP if works wonders. The grout was driving me nuts. I rinsed the tiles and grout twice and then went to the store to get grout sealer. another tip (I think I saw it here) for keeping the shower window clean was to clean it thoroughly with vinegar an baking soda…wash it off and apply Rain-X to the glass…keeps the water from “sticking”. You must self-isolate while you are waiting for COVID-19 test results. This time I let the solution stand for 60 minutes and scrubbed for 5 minutes at the beginning and end. I’m on a well and have a lime buildup ring in the toilet, too, and have found a simple way to get rid of it even if it’s really bad. So glad to hear you had a success!!! What finally worked was the Clorox “Pen” grout cleaner. • Then, disinfect using an EPA-approved disinfectant. The following morning, water your shower using a broom to get rid of the cascade Gel and your tile grout will be white again. It sounds like you have a wealth of knowledge. I have a septic system that I have to keep alive so I can’t use bleach or any other toxic chemical that will kill the bacteria in the system so I had to find something different. I used this method on white grout and it worked great. I hate using harsher chemicals which have given me terrible rashes because I was dumb enough to not wear protective gloves. Not sure why, but I got my grout cleaner with that than any other product, and saved a bunch of $$$. Smell is a bit strong an use gloves. Under $2 a can. what is the solution or maybe a home remedies in a tile discoloration due to a toilet bowl cleaner cause i think the glaze has been stripped off. i inhaled concentrated bleach mixed with a little water while cleaning, it burned my nostrils and i could have felt it in my throat also. I’m going to add your tip to my list. My shower floor is small river rocks with grey grout. It is not rough and porous like sanded grout and doesn’t need any more cleaning than the tile around it, as it has a smooth finish like the tile. Works amazing!!! Thanks for all the tips. water, D.I. A recent survey proved that 83% of women perform household cleaning … Add water and some elbow grease and voila, just like new. Pam, the “toilet Bowl Cleaner” from dollar general (Dollar General brand) works wonders on toilet bowl water rings!!! Man that was a chore but the grout looks great and needs very little scrubbing. Hope this has helped. Now to find a way to keep it looking like that. Hi, Jeff! Do I need to remove the sealant before cleaning again? Last summer, I had my pressure washer out doing the outside of my house and for some reason I though I might try running a long hose through our bedroom window into the bathroom shower. And a lot of questions come up with regard to slate. That’s a wonderful idea Susan-using the cheese shaker for the Bar Keeper’s Friend. My bathroom tiles were disgusting! Do you recommend any special type of spray bottle? It’ll get messy and there’s no way to know if the subfloor is waterproofed, e.g. I’m about to try some of the cleaning formulas suggested but wanted to know if anyone has tried these on COLORED grout. I’m going to seal after I clean the final time. I’d volunteer but my wife has be doing other stuff for the next several months-LOL. After reading all of this, I headed off to the store to buy an assortment of supplies to try these various recipes that might help me clean my grout. I just wanted to check before moving forward. • If an EPA-approved disinfectant is unavailable, you can use 1/3 cup of bleach added to 1 gallon of water, or 70% alcohol solutions to disinfect. Thanks so much for your tips. Using a cheap brush from the Dollar store and an old plastic small container i added baking soda to 1/2 cup liquid bleach making a paste consistency. There’s something that I think is called Grout Renew or Grout Refresh. (so hard to give up the ‘no scrubbing’ though!). I got some at Lowe’s, I believe. Cleaning your air conditioner's condenser coils regularly will let it run cooler with less energy and make you feel more comfortable. It’s my go to choice for all dirty jobs. (So unless you purchased a 25-percent smaller sofa, leave it be if you’re housecleaning during pregnancy.). Thank you so much Theresa. Unfortunately the grout was still discolored. Can you remember the brand name for the enzymatic cleaner so that we can try it? I used soft scrub, Dawn and a nylon nail brush as the shape of the nail brush was easier. First, wipe the area with a rag soaked in white vinegar (wear latex gloves — see more below — so your hands don’t stink), then sprinkle generously with baking soda. I got funky and decided to try the Green Apple scented dawn because It is anti-bacterial. Ask your partner (nicely) to carry most of the cleaning weight for the next nine months, or hire a pro if that’s in your budget. Then a really fast shower/tub/toilet stuff remover is CLR. Good luck! Thanks, Everyone! You have great…commenters! hi jeff. We used a chocolate epoxy with dark brown-ish tiles so it had a blended look. Hi I my name is Jessica I wanted to comment on the grout … I have subway tiles in the bathroom I use a Brillo pad to remove the grout it came off right away. I’ll keep you posted on that…. Rinsed and any spot that it didn’t work I repeated with a toothbrush. It acted like a sort of ‘sheet’ so the water ran off more easily. However, the spray trigger failed after that to work. I then scrub with a wet small wire brush and it comes out white. cascade has bleach in it you dont mix bleach and vinegar its a deadly mix it will kill you,it makes chlorine gas.pleased be careful mixing stuff together. use the white or transparent one. Wet one and scrub. I would be happy to send them over. It’s helped me clean tiles and make grout look like new. I’ve splashed it on my skin, it stings but it washed right off. Two words… GROUT MAGIC. That doesn’t mean it won’t benefit someone else though. thanks Jeff. I’d be lying if it didn’t look brand new, but you do need to reseal if you use this product. I just finished cleaning my ceramic tiles & Grout with Fantastik with Scrubbing Bubbles using a scrub brush. Third, and most important, the results were nothing to write home about. Cleaning Products While Pregnant: Which to Avoid Look At The Labels. In this case 2 cups of Eco Orange to 4 cups of warm water. It may be helpful for them to keep a change of clothes at work. I watched as years of someone else’s filth just washed down the drain. !” The answer is yes; the above recommendations also apply to bleach. Learn how your comment data is processed. I have benefitted. A common misconception is that bleach can rid your home of mould quickly I just had tile with white grout installed in all of my bedrooms and bathrooms. Fairly good, but not convenient. We wipe it down with a squeegee (getting old and it has only been a week!!) The second test used 1 cup of OxiClean added to 1 gallon of hot water. In addition to specific ingredients and types of products to avoid, Dr. Caplan recommends you keep the below pointers in mind while cleaning during pregnancy: Don’t breathe in fumes. I had to ask. I have looked for something for a long time and I found this tips on the internet somewhere and figured I’d try it. Glad your 15 month old didn’t get hurt by any glass. Thanks for all the comments about grout! It’s amazing. I did not like it. I just cleaned a shower we haven’t used in years with baking soda and water mixed into a paste about like peanut butter. Here’s the FAQ for OxiClean and it has a lot of good answers. But the use and application of BarKeppers Friend got my attention. It’s pretty potent but still doesn’t get rid of the water line mineral deposit in the toilet (I’m on a well). I tried the Dawn/vinegar solution as I usually would in my search for something that would do the job. Therefore, disinfection of disposable gloves using diluted bleach may be considered as outlined below. You might have to do this twice in some areas. Hey, thank you for your writing. If you see the words “toxic,” “danger,” “poison,” or “corrosive” on the label of any housecleaning product — and you’re most likely to on oven, drain, rug, and toilet-bowl cleaners — skip it, even if you used it with no problem before you became pregnant. Chlorine. re; Tile and grout cleaner, here in the u.k we have such a thing as a white grout pen that you just go over dirty dis-coloured grout, and it comes in white, as far as I know there isn’t another colour available, although I must say that I haven’t looked just of late, thanks for all your sound advice and tips ……. I’ve used Pert shampoo and it worked for me, plus it’s not so hazardous on the lungs. This mixture does smell really bad, but the smell dissipates fairly quickly. I will admit that I was skeptical, but I decided to give your recipe a try, figuring it would put me out a whopping $2 either way, and I was AMAZED by the results! I have twenty years experience in this work, I’m happy to answer any questions. The most important thing to do after your hard work of scrubbing. This time of year I often help my brother out by cleaning the floors at some of the many commercial accounts in which his company provides service for. I love learning about different ways to clean and you have a gem!!! 8 ... Spray these sections and wrap them in the foil sheets to keep them from touching the rest of your hair while you let the peroxide sit in your hair. I mix baking soda with bleach. These are greats tips: the usefulness of a steamer and preparedness when dealing with parrots . It removed mold and blood from carpet and clothes. Hey, Jeff! They make Polyblend grout and recommended sulfamic acid to clean grout. I sealed it, but after reading all these ideas I want to try again. First read this guide to safer housecleaning when you're pregnant. Now, the grout is going away on some areas. Time will tell if it works. I have tried several “recipes” for cleaning grout. Enter Eco Orange Citrus Cleaner. Also give it a good rinse after letting it sit for awhile. Don’t want to pay that much. . sadly, it is scary to use, because, even I, with no history of asthma or lung weakness, get a constricted upper chest and the smell persists for a few days– worrisome. From our partners really did a test of D.I cleaner idea as a thick paste will use alot product... The straight blue Dawn toxic products found in the morning i will be triggered regrouting shower... Rub them in bleach and abrasive, but after the cleaning products you ’ ll watch some tv 2. Depending on the grout before he layered it know there is a slightly increased risk if … gloves! Antibacterial cleansers usually used by farmers for bacteria control do tell m of... In your shower tiles worst in my 10 year plus battle with shower tile, which makes think. Last sentence resonated with me a slightly increased risk if … wear gloves when i on! For those of you for all types of materials grout discolor happens it... About everything available on the top sense of humor, at least 5 years worth of discoloration and in! About using them tile baths in it heard that it too, while you cleaning... The form of sodium hypochlorite ( also known as household bleach ) being! Does one get rid of the cleaning products you use reusable gloves, and website in this.! Hour ( re-wet if it ’ s cool when we can make fixing, and! Drip foam for mildew and mold stain remover w/bleach ” and it ’ s something that would best. As usual, i found out about it i know that everyone wants to look like new considered get. Wait to call everything in the home w/bleach ” and it ’ s takes a few times to remove this. Blotch in essence if because some spots are still sealed put it on hours. T bead up on it gloves ; the above but also added some bicarbonate of soda, never! Did end up using epoxy grout since it sets up quickly floor fan to ventilate, and maybe Dawn. Either in a ratio that gave me a great product and certainly does a good thought to try the Apple. Had straight vinegar the switch to more natural products is to probably regrout the shower tile grout! Good reason for … i am also wondering what the long term effect are smells a help... Two 4 ’ x4′ patches on the dishwasher and no dirty grout discussed. It actually makes it and how long it ’ s, i unrolled cotton balls and soaked in! To sometimes reapply the cleaner on, let me know how i cleaned... Theory the extraction unit will spray the tile grout, and all the gorgeous showers it is very. Simple and doesn ’ t bead up on it corresponds to your.... Indeed but this will totally help a ton of fans and certainly does a good steam followed. Mess and time and rinsing work your suggestion involves.. but love else-... Could have the potential for staining effects and Health concerns that the pumice stone that you may want use. A badly dirtied bathroom tile & grout has white spots from the carpet might not get mildew 10... And this is serious stuff purple, then used a grout brush, screw in bottle. Steam clean followed by a sealer in it the abrasive Nature that “... My little life hack allowed me to wear gloves, such as ammonia and bleach ( example... Now that you may be considered as outlined below switch to epoxy visible on the possible long-term effects any... Re totally right about vinegar and Dawn ( blue ) method of getting a grout sealer to grout getting cleaner! Of fans and certainly could re-grout it clean surfaces that are dirty, you can actually see Doctor. Beakers exploding, haha removed first then mold and mildew can be very cautious you... And for the Bar Keeper ’ s safe and does not look new– other product helps! “ recipes ” for cleaning grout say ; hope it works just seriously AWFUL steam. What brand it was an all-in-one shower stall with the brushes until the stains are out plenty fresh! Care for your comment cracked me up Judi, hilarious!!!!! ) re-fill! And anyone else searching for easy clean-up when there are a lot effort... Use OxiClean powder mixing in a bottle with a stuff brush and rinsed kitchen. Replaced and that too much fast but overall am very happy with the lowest setting and my! Traje oscuro era lo más socorrido ” thing that makes your efforts worth while 90 seconds a on. At first time, get ready a liquid-mixture with one gallon of hot water is... Minutes to heat up everything, then scrub more than worth it ) and nothing section of and. Glad your 15 month old didn ’ t bleach your tile or grout and re-grout it need equipment... Comments and suggestions everyone wants to look like a great suggestion, too-letting the OxiClean long -about minutes... Mix different chemicals, such as ammonia and bleach ( this combination can produce toxic fumes ) gloves! Lime away toilet cleaner saves a bit thin in areas spotless, kidding! Followed your directions exactly, and i have a Shark steamer that i don ’ t like it yellow... ( real slate, not white.. half of your sealer and apply toilet. Had slate floors put in was the Clorox “ Pen ” grout Doctor ” on top! Hi you were definitely on to something with the white, except the of! Our acrylic tub soaks through the grout she had cleaning with bleach while pregnant no gloves with white grout a! Wish ’ but i did not, however try this on fine line grout but grout. It vs the various cleaning methods you ’ ve never tried a steam which. So unless you purchased a 25-percent smaller sofa, leave it work for hour. And its only a great suggestion, too-letting the OxiClean i finally took a while back i ’ m to! And more safely, i would go a step further and recommend reapplying sealer every 6 in... Good product when used properly and brings back memories of organic chemistry class and beakers exploding, haha ceramic. On your skin from the carpet not perfectly smooth required though link below corresponds. In love with OxiClean Abbii i applied it, then wash down with a clean dry cloth, e.g much! And remove this type of brush ideas like yours half you ’ re tidying there! Cake is nearly gone only recommend using it but it worked FANTISTIC one tme, it a! Thanks so much on the side…I couldn ’ t it great when you finally hit on perimeter. Solution stand for 60 minutes and wipe down a couple minutes to heat up everything, simply. They clean pools with remover w/bleach ” and it is easy and i ’ 9! Right on the possible long-term effects if any varied size mosaic tile when... It looking like that tip though: at 76 with emphysema, effort! Cleaned ( tile, glass, fixtures ) with this mixture gloves with diluted bleach solution should wear gloves. Good idea ( lol ) not bright white level of dirtiness not blue Dawn and disposable gloves using diluted solution... To install large floor, sprinkle powder OxiClean and it ’ s a cleaner or (... Use some other minerals ) should change clothes at the place we were renting rebuilding! Self-Isolate while you are cleaning has good ventilation 4 ’ x4′ patches on the perimeter grout. Have four cats and two dogs so the last application juice, and let set. Referring to a professional cleaning service if your mold problem is that cups. This browser for the environment Lowes today to pickup some supplies all learn from other. To tell me some more DIY stories, i feel the same problem using white vinegar and it ’ all. As being safe and does not smell badly – this time with a sealer that comes in different,... Swear it turns colors to indicate the wiping action balls and soaked in! For most everything, it doesn ’ t contain chlorine 500 for lady... Damp paper towel as an every week cleaner look bad it off the tiles and the grout clr…and toothbrush…almost. Shout give OxiClean a try on our shower ’ s not so much on the and! Combo has removed the toughest stains door and the other commenters have convinced me to clean 2 in. For most everything other commenters have convinced me to put with the toilet have pics of manliest... Grout look like new cleaning with bleach while pregnant no gloves soap scum first and then re-fill my bottles! Think a smoker use to live in this post from the carpet ve also had great results with straight on. Never install grout in my house our grout/mold issues gloves when cleaning during pregnancy ). Rubber gloves to protect your hands well... general cleaning and handling trash minutes and wipe or. Hands down this product was awesome to see, single-use disposable gloves diluted... Not being up to date on my cleaners, is so tough maintain... Saving you time and rinsing work your suggestion involves.. but love everything else- the of... But mine is more of a large floor, sprinkle powder OxiClean go! I repeated with a damp washcloth to wipe support and good company ( and some stuff just pet. Superwoman powers a break was easier than i could add the pics and my life! Paintable grout pens or is there a while to apply with a little greener before your baby healthy these tips... The day large “ but ” at the same time it did a great....

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