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A new improved version of my Bogglegum that was crossed to my Sour Bubble. BOG Strains have competed successfully in many Cannabis and Med Cups. Sour Bubble is an indica bred by B.O.G. Sour Grape a new and very exciting version of Grape Punch. Most notably, Sour Bubble placed first overall at the 2008 Los Angeles Medic al Cup! Any Seeds sold will be considered sold FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY! One of my sour strains. We loved this indica clone and it took two years to find the male to make Sour Bubble seeds. Seeds' Sour Dubble. Sour Lifesaver makes the old med strain even better. SKU: BOGS0001 Categories: BOG Seeds, Regular Seeds Tags: BMR, BOG Seeds, Sour Bubble. Seeds decided to take one of their favorite strains, BOG Bubble, and backcross it a total of three times to produce Sour Bubble. Here you can find all info about Sour Dubble from B.O.G. X with my Sour Bubble tends toward the indica side compared to L.S.D. Very potent, less mold resistant than L.S.D., but finishes faster. I had forgotten to take my pain meds and I had no pain. The Sour Bubble strain is not your run-of-the-mill typical hybrid cross. For Blueberry Lovers, Aromatic, Stout Bush This remains a tasty, high yielder like Bogglegum, but the potency is way up with the Sour Bubble. Yields are less but still very good and this strain is great indoors. Dense ass nugs. just get a single pack or two and open the population up with an f2 mang. This is a very tight indica bud that runs 25% THC and up, with long lasting pain relief and a relaxing high. This strain is very pungent, mostly indica, lavender to blueberry smelling buds and beautiful as far as bag appeal. .BOG made the seeds but Greyskull found Sour Dubble and named this cross. If you want a bud that’s strong, Sour Bubble will deliver every time. Yield: High Potency. Great Medical strain. Good for indoors or outdoors. Received my BOGs Sour Bubble 13 pack a few days ago and thought I would start my first grow report. Med users should really try this strain. It really adds some great flavor to a very potent Grape Punch. The info posted here is not accurate. Please connect it here to the strain info page! Seeds are proud of and for a good reason – its genetics was passed on to one of the most potent medical strains ever Sour Bubble. I realized the numbing effects early on when my teeth numbed after smoking some. my L.S.D. A stout bush that yields well with a great relaxing high. 1 of those seeds was Named Sour Dubble. 13 Seeds per Pack. The taste was superb but it was a bit loose and it could use more potency so I sourized it. Orange and Lemon flavors with large yields. Please fill out our Strain VS. Strain direct comparisation form! We encourage all customers to follow the laws set forth by their Country, State / Province and local municipalities. Although they have already developed many hybrids, BOG Bubble is by far the best and one that B.O.G. Seeds took a clone-only strain supposedly created from Sour Bubble and East Coast Sour Diesel and standardized it, using BOG Sour Bubble and Rezdog’s Sour Diesel, to create Sour Dubble, also known as Sour Dubb. pungent and potent for certain. Growers at B.O.G. No Diesel in it. Notes: Bred by BOG Seeds, Sour Lifesavers is a cross between Lifesaver and Sour Bubble. Almost as easy to grow as Bogglegum – not quite as mold resistant as bogglegum outdoors in damp climates. Mostly Indica Bubble phenotype that was backcrossed three times. In 2011, Bogglegum was 1st place Best Indica in the High Times San Francisco Med Cup. Blue Kush (Blue Moon Rocks x Bog's Sour Bubble), Blue Kush is also called "BLUSH" because the praise it has received does make me blush. Sour Bubble is worked sour pheno of Bogglegum whichBOG bred from White Label stock. Sour Bubble, a very unusual BOG Bubblegum derived from our BOG Bubble gene-pool. A great outdoor strains that flowers early and yields well with great taste.​ This strain finishes faster than BMR and it’s really a fine product if a bit less yielding. We found 30 direct descendants from B.O.G. This strain has a grape bubba kush flavor.​ High Yielding and Tasty Bush, Orange and Grape Flavors. It is a variant of BMR with my Sour Bubble crossed in. Tastes like lemon/lime bubba kush. A very tight indica bud that may be prone to mold outside in wet areas. Great for beginner growers and for outdoor growers who have mold or cold problems. BOG did not name this Greyskull did. Bogglegum (BOG Bubble x Northern Lights #5) A new improved version of my Bogglegum that was crossed to my Sour Bubble. Very Medical. It has a bubblegum taste with a slightly mentholated tinge from the NL5. A very tasty strain for indoors or out. nice balanced Sativa/Indica High. Sativa Easy to grow. Sweet and Sour Cindy (BOG Sweet Cindy x BOG Sour Bubble). It can flower in the spring if planted from clone outdoors so use a seed, if grown outside. Best indoors but tasty either way and its not the biggest yielder when grown outside because its really fast flowering. Wicked High. Sour Bubble is an indica-dominant hybrid from Oregon’s Seeds Here Now, developed by BOG Seeds as an inbred strain of BOG Bubble. USA Only BOG guarantees their seeds to your satisfaction, so please reach out … Bog Seeds is a Mom and Pop operation started in the year 2000. Upload your "Sour Dubble" Photos here and help other growers to get a better impression of this variety. BOG – Blue Kush Blue Moon Rocks x Sour Bubble Indica 70/30 THC: 23-27% Flower Cycle: 52-60 Days Yield: Above Average 13 Regular Seeds Per ... Read More This strain is completely unique in my line up with a rare Jack's Cleaner crossed to a nice yielding blueberry. These frosty, sticky buds offer a sweet, bubblegum aroma and deliver long-lasting, uplifting effects. You've stumbled upon a Sour Dubble related thread into a forum or growers community? Seeds parented solely by BOG Bubble. ★ SOUR DUBBLE was found by Greyskull. I am proud to offer you this superb strain. A very tasty strain for indoors. This very frosty strain has been my favorite for a long time. Sour Grape is a mostly indica plant that based on the crossing between two fragrant strains – Grape Punch and Sour Bubble… BOG never released these seeds to the public. A great yielding indoor plant and a huge monster when grown outdoors.​ Potent, Relaxing, Good Pain Killer,Sleep Aid, and Good Yielder. Here you find the 1 english user comment: ★ This comment is connected to a Sour Dubble review! Click to show all parents of Sour Dubble in our dynamic family tree map. Bred from a bubba/kush, the bubba side was isolated. This strain has a grape bubba kush flavor. Tastes like lemon/lime bubblegum kush with a Mocha flavor. BOG Sour Bubble. All sales are final. In 2011, Bogglegum was 1st place Best Indica in the High Times San Francisco Med Cup. Lots of Head and Mood Elevation, daytime high. Sour Lifesaver (BOG Lifesaver x Sour Bubble). I prefer the taste to BMR because a sour taste is combined. It's very hardy, fast, mold resistant, large yielding with many branches and many smaller colas. That's the antifreeze in it. We've collected strain info from one grower for Sour Dubble. SKU: BOGS0001 Categories: BOG Seeds, Regular Seeds Tags: BMR, BOG Seeds, Sour Bubble. BOG Bubble is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by B.O.G. Sour Bubble is our Flagship strain for kush lovers. compact indica sided bush that yields well. You can see the dark burgundy in each bud. Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±58 days) and outdoors. Best indoor strain but great outdoors too, but can be prone to mold in wet, humid climates.​, Sour Grape (BOG Grape Punch x BOG Sour Bubble). Hit up the bog email and see if they still have beans.

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