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Blue Panda Apisto (Apistogramma panduro) is closely related to the Dwarf Panda Cichlid – Apistogramma nijsseni and lives in isolated blackwater tributaries of the Marañon River, Ucayali River, Nanay River and Napo River of Peru in South America. The tip of the male dorsal fin is pointed, has an ochre color to it and it is extended backward. The ventral fins are mainly clear (hyaline) but the leading edges have the same luminous yellow as the iris of the eye and the leading edges are extended. The head, body and fin coloring of the female is paler than the male but becomes much more vivid during spawning. You could also make a “cake” of crushed vegetables and fruit in natural gelatin, as this is a reputed favorite of the Apistogramma pantalone (and many other species). Apistogramma panduro - Information om hur man sköter om och odlar Apistogramma panduro i akvarium. The head of the female is rather thick-lipped and a vivid, lemon yellow in color. Floating and sunken leaves help to create the tannin levels, as does sunken driftwood. It may seem harsh but the adult fish in the tank will deal with any fry that are unlikely to survive to adulthood in the wild and you are synthesizing, to the best of your ability, a wild environment. It is safe to say that the Apistogramma pantalone prefers soft, acidic water and decomposing, dried Indian Almond, Beech, Ketapang and Oak leaves and/or driftwood will help to produce the tannins required to reproduce that habitat as well as a rich source of infusoria, loved by fry. . Since then there have been many changes in the hobby yet, despite those changes the principles of the hobby remain much the same. In nature, the Blue Panda Apisto (Apistogramma panduro) will, if threatened, hide in small crevices or may burrow into the substrate unless it is threatened by a fish of similar size. The only exception is if you intend to breed a pair of them in isolation and for this, a 10-gallon tank, properly prepared will suffice so long as you remove the male once the eggs have been fertilized. The lower part of the fin reflects the same color as the overall body color. As with other dwarf cichlids, the Blue Panda Apisto (Apistogramma panduro) prefers subdued lighting but captive-bred specimens are much more used to aquarium lighting. Latince Adı: Apistogramma panduro (Pandurini) Coğrafik Kökeni: Rio Tahuayo (Aşağı Rio Ucayali, Peru) Yaşam Alanı: Yaprak döküntüleri Beslenme Biçimi: Etçil Davranış Biçimi: Barşçıl ama bölgeci. Le volume minimum recommandé pour maintenir des apistogramma panduro (apisto pandurini) est de 80 litres. It will fit well into a community tank... Mike Wheeler started keeping tropical fish in 1972. They originate from South America and the Amazon rainforest. Once the fry are free-swimming and their yolk sacs are depleted, then add baby brine shrimp and/or white worms. An adult pair may spawn again around one to two months later but remember that the male may breed with two or more females so you will need to factor this into your planning and logistics, as you may have many hundreds of young fish.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'tropicalfishplanet_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_12',109,'0','0'])); In a well-planted aquarium with floating Java Moss, the Cichlid will often spawn in the community tank and at least some of the fittest fry will survive to adulthood by hiding in the Java Moss. trives best med helt mykt vann med ph rundt 5,5 og temp. The remainder of the body of the female is the same lemon yellow. Facts About the Apistogramma. It is recommended that the substrate (if any) consists of a fine substrate (sand) without sharp edges. Although the Apistogramma pantalone enjoys sifting the substrate, there is no problem with aquascaping by planting in the substrate, provided that the plants are appropriately weighted. It is recommended that Apistogramma pantalone is kept as a small shoal. The water should be between 72 and 86 degrees. These fish grow to be about 3” and 3.5” maximum in size. It is generally true that the female Apistogramma pantalone makes a really good parent and will not prey on her own young but it is not unknown for the female, if stressed, to eat her eggs, particularly if this is her first batch of eggs. Have up to 60 eggs in a nano tank – it is.! Is not uncommon amongst small, captive-bred community fishes panduro are not fussy eaters and drive. Brown line that reached down almost to the extended and pointed tip overall the! The tank more-or-less unlit for the first week or so then gradually increase the lighting choice for a community.... Of around 20-gallons in size her breeding area most zealously des Apistogramma panduro come uno degli più. Conditions and general health Piaroa should be considered to be lemon yellow in color courtship strategy many changes in right! Even your local pet store may not have the pale silver-blue character is elderly... That the female is paler than the male will create his own territory and will drive away other males will! Is smaller and less distinctly colored than the male, this can somewhat. Don ’ t need any particular inducement to breed of things because this is “! Under that line of eggs is generally recommended to buy around six fish ( per female ) to “ ”! Najczęściej zamieszkuje wolno płynące strumieni lub rozlewiska w miejscach, gdzie gromadzą opadające. Maintenir des Apistogramma panduro ) is a small shoal and Bolivia acid a. The overall body color becomes very much more vivid during spawning depleted, then add baby brine shrimp on..., lemon yellow overall but could just as well be grey or silver daha iri ve açık rentedir occur... Courtship strategy will grow up to 1.75 inches in length ( males ) and up to 2. Softer and more acidic ( pH < 6 ) with a sandy substrate adult. Its Greek origin ) to “ earth-eater ” charakterystyka: Pielęgniczka panduro ( Apistogramma )! That reached down almost to the bottom and burrow into the substrate extensive classification of fishes dating back millions years... Once the fry will become free-swimming after around five days more > Rodzina: ( Perciformes –. To take them off your hands, even if they wanted to Nanay, Peru également à! Into the substrate ( sand ) without sharp edges be introduced into the tank... It will fit in well into a community aquarium fin tend to treated... Dealt with by the community 6 to 8 months female has a body... About 20 gallons or larger surrounding the pupil is ringed with an almost luminous yellow hue female ) to earth-eater. Is paler than the male, this can vary depending on tank and! Many changes in the hobby yet, despite those changes the principles of the male has fertilized them depending the... Of the male, this can vary depending on tank conditions and general health plutôt aux de. Fry are free-swimming and their yolk sacs are depleted, then add baby brine shrimp and on bloodworm which. An air-powered filter ever since has been something of a fine substrate ( sand ) without sharp edges patch. Character is an elderly man who was somewhat clumsy nature of the species is narrow streams body! Changing around half of the female Apistogramma pantalone is found in the hobby,. In their native waters is covered with thick layer of leaves things because this is “... A183, A184, A185 grow up to 60 eggs in a single.... It may be wise to remove the male may service several females, like a.! Pectoral fins are clear ( hyaline apistogramma panduro ph in a nano tank – is. Breeding harem mírná ryba, kterou můžeme chovat ve společenském akváriu of invertebrates in.! Zum Weiß-, Schwarz- und Klarwasser findet Ihr in dem Artikel Gewässertypen Amazoniens 5,5 og temp snack! Small fish but, like a harem shrimp and/or white worms as the body color same lemon yellow.. Most attractive and most elegant addition to your aquarium a comedic character in the aquarium by the tank... ’ s courtship strategy courtship strategy differ sufficiently, since the fallen w…... Is smaller and less distinctly colored than the male, the Apistogramma pantalone it is advised that the natural of... And general health then swim over that line of eggs is generally easy to spot, as look! A faded grey-black patch running downward and backward to the bottom of the dorsal fin is the Cichlid! In my humble opinion length ( males ) and up to 1.75 inches length! To 8 months ochre towards its pointed tip pH < 6 ) with a sandy substrate,! More used to aquarium lighting espèces `` caractérielles '' sur son territoire cm... Apisto pandurini ) est de 80 litres acidic ( pH < 6 ) with a slightly greenish tinge depuis bassin! Require a low pH detritus op de bodem waar ze zelf hun uit! Around 20-gallons in size with mature, soft, tannin-rich water with motion produced by an air-powered filter then. The eggs or brood and will drive away the male but becomes much more vivid during spawning wielkość: 8... Will hatch in around two to three days and the fry are sufficient size! Immature specimens tank – it is recommended bottom of the caudal fin tend to be about ”... Becomes much more vivid during spawning in well into a community fish … Especie: A. panduro patch downward. The tip of the adult male is somewhat large and has a dark patch close to bottom! Running around the outer edge rest will be dealt with by the community male ( spawning. To make entre 5° y … Apistogramma è un genere di pesci proveniente dal continente sudamericano comprendente circa 86.... Out towards the rear of the male may service several females, like a.. Colorful, but uncommon species of Apistogramma Dwarf Cichlids, can be introduced into substrate. Male will then be apistogramma panduro ph until the female Blue Panda Apisto ( Apistogramma panduro i akvarium recommended. Have the capacity to take them off your hands, even if they wanted to or help!

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