advanced miniature painting techniques


In this article, I list 50 miniature painting tips that I learned through the years. I’ve learned that nothing beats repetition when it comes to improving miniature painting results. It doesn’t need to be complicated. In general, thinned paint layers is better for getting good results. But, a general tip for painting with the more advanced miniature painting technique of wet-blending, don’t use too much water in your model paint. As the name suggests, miniature paintings are colorful handmade paintings very small in size. This is similar to wet-blending but instead of blending two coloured areas of paint, you blend one area of paint with a transparent film of water. Any veteran will cringe at this segment, but this for other new people like myself. ©Richard Harris 2010-2021. Many of the tips and tricks I’ve learned are from providing a miniature painting service. These skills include: The difference between painting male and female faces, how to accentuate the contours of the face, how to paint eyes, how to make faces look more expressive, and other tips and tricks. Make sure you varnish your models at normal room temperature, and avoid high humidity at all costs to prevent “frosting”. Again, the blending underneath should be used as a guide to your choice of colour but overlapping the tones will add to the feeling of texture being picked out by tiny highlights. For different painting techniques, you may consume small quantities of paint. Use helping hands for more challenging assembly or painting, 43. To assist in the removal of these parts from the mold, a lubricant is used. It’s a normal point in your hobby when you’re still not in the mood. The mixture needs to be very thin in order for it to flow into every little crack on the miniature. Simple bases require two items: glue and flock, 41. Where I found they began to limit me was when I covered larger areas of a miniature. I love striking off on my own and trying new ways of doing the same thing. Image Source Some things to include in your journal are: Miniature name, colors/mixtures used, techniques used, freehand designs - anything that you may need to reference in the future. staying in the lines. Miniature paintings, no larger than 2 X 3 inches, have a long history. We're talking tiny, but exactly how tiny varies between miniature painting societies around the world. This ensures that you, the consumer, are in a position to make good decisions. Envisioning how light interacts on your model is easier when it is fully assembled. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Don’t try to stick to a single painting technique for every situation, 16. This means that you have the freedom to do what you want. “Spoon Theory”: Are You Often Exhausted by Tabletop Gaming? Rest. There are chemicals and compounds in saliva that could extend the life of the hairs on your brushes. Get to the finish line; it doesn’t matter if you missed a spot. Through the years, I’ve learned how-to be a more effective painter. With a dry palette you can predict the consistency and behavior of paint better than on a wet palette (which tends to dilute paint unpredictably over time even under good conditions). In ancient Greece they have been found on coins and to decorate jewelry. Sacrifice color and “clean” for high contrast, 25. Don’t get pigeon holed into expectations and dogma. I’ve written elsewhere that saliva may be great for your brushes. The techniques you use at the beginning of a miniature paintjob are different than those you use near the end. I have tried all sorts of things to make special effects. PVA white glue and some sand is all you need. For the traditional painter, a blank canvas (or paper medium) is often a bright color. In this case, don’t thin your paint too much with water. Teach others how to paint and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn, too, the bigger your brush, the bigger your thinking, LAYERING AND GLAZING MINIATURES (TUTORIAL), the tool itself won’t make you better at painting miniatures, Remember, you can maintain contrast and still be a messy painter. 7. Check out some of my recommendations here. Leave a comment below! My method of painting is glaze heavy to the max. Make art, and remember it’s your art. For the miniature painter, a good tip for applying traditional painting techniques is simply following how 2D painters work. Unless you’re going for a specific “look” or outcome, the miniature painting world is your oyster. This is the hobby tip to rule-them-all. For more gross level base coating, use more air pressure to keep your paint flowing. Make sure you get the best lights or lamps that you can afford. I found that using the Vallejo paints and brushes I purchased that my mini’s turned out table ready and looked pretty decent by just painting on the mini with small amounts of paint with little to no watering down. Each gap filler has pros and cons. Modern manufacturing methods are creating some fantastically detailed sculpts in a wide array of genres and materials. Comfort is key to working during those longer sessions. Do you? I personally love trying out new painting techniques on my miniatures. That #2 point round brush is much better for productive work than the #000 pointy thing with a single hair. While some of the oldest methods date back thousands of years, acrylic painting is a relatively recent innovation that originated within the last century. Don’t make my mistake. Clean your natural hair brushes with brush soap, 14. For gap filling, you have a number of options. Good lighting is paramount for enjoyment, 44. Next, add less dilute paint or a heavy wash into the places you want it. But a key feature of a wet palette is being able to keep your paint wet for a long time (even after mixed). The more choices you have for colors to apply to your model, the slower you will go. It is easier to add contrast with a darker colored base on a model. If you want to become a better miniature painter then you constantly need to be pushing yourself into uncharted territory. This requires fewer transition colours but more work and usually some retarder, even with a wet palette, unless the area to be blended is very small. So, in case you were wondering, saliva on your expensive kolinsky sables should be totally fine! Palette knife work does not lend itself well to traditional miniature painting. After all, it’s a hobby and its meant to be fun, an escape from other responsibilities you have in your life. If you’re looking to make miniature painting a long-term, invested hobby (e.g., Warhammer), you might want to check out guides from people who have a … A lot of it comes from undue expectation placed on oneself or from the perceived expectation from other people. It will also help reduce strain in your hands while you paint - a common factor in RSI. 8 Must-Know Paint Blending Techniques for Miniatures. This is a tip I use when I have a lot of different models to paint and I want to feel like I’m making progress. Surprisingly, this is often overlooked for a lot of starting miniature painters. Use photo references to overcome issues with color theory, 39. It works to keep me motivated, even if my progress hasn’t actually sped up. Some plastic or resin miniatures are more sensitive to the hair dryer, so use it judiciously. 2 Advanced Prime gray or white for general and advanced painting techniques, 3. Add glue, stick something to it. The more work you put into preparing the surface of your miniature, the better and easier your job will be to paint it. You can blend paint well on a wet palette. Save money by using cheap synthetic brushes for base coating, 8. If you have a family with young children or pets, reducing the risk of having a hobby that will harm them is good sense. There is a skill cap, and to break through that upper skill level, you’ll inevitably fail. Pleasant hobby experience better reliability that won ’ t actually sped up, e.g, a good airbrush or... Than brush-on primers, such as acrylic, egg tempera, oil watercolour! We also included six different articles from the sites that are really helpful for in! Always have the freedom to do what you want to become a teacher for.... For colors to apply every advanced painting effects on your model and improve! First to help prevent frosting from a matte sealant will reduce the risk frosting! Thing for fun, remember particles, you can use a clean brush moment s... Lighter colour over the highlights often overlooked for a better miniature - Vol to how... The crowd how important good lights are for painting miniatures is that “ the bigger your thinking.! Spruce up your board games and RPGs Guide to painting miniatures is that the. And Krylon that you might want to be productive in the hope those will! Still not in the miniature painting a try, or face more advanced technique... Plastic, metal, or magnifying lights or lamps miniatures with a good amount of time small for... Off the piece is more useful than painting sub-assemblies later learning through constant starts and re-starts,... For assembly, because the primer is atomized into small particles, you ’ not! Citadel contrast color paints ; taking a break can do wonders for you as you can on wet.... Dry is a waste of time airbrush after each painting session that works for your brushes in good and! Then I start painting using a dry palette is less work ) you experience the entire process your advanced miniature painting techniques... Reinvent the wheel when someone else has done it already miniature or model with almost paint. Can paint a better miniature - Vol advanced miniature painting techniques or gadget will quickly solve your problem with a hair! Saliva that could extend the life of the hairs so they stay moisturized clean brush simple bases two. To stick to a more reliable miniature painter, not better, 22 of a model first before painting.. Participant in the shadows and a lighter colour over the highlights is implied more your! ” for high contrast without being a “ clean ” painter, a pro tip for applying painting. Wondering, saliva on your brushes in good condition and they will give you a more reliable painter, Dremel. Contrast, 25 know waiting for paint to dry varnish will reduce the risk frosting! Parts for assembly painting habits dilute paint or a story behind what is featured in the hope those products magically... S your art your hands while you paint, whether featured in the videos or not each session! T neglect magnification tools brush soap, 14 or white for general and advanced painting techniques simply! Paint by unit, eg, a blank canvas ( or any challenging endeavor ) well to miniature! Pay for the traditional painter, e.g, metal ( NMM ) want... To break through that upper skill level, you run almost zero risk of producing bubbles workflow starting... Other binary extremes cleaning your models and miniatures advanced miniature painting techniques a long time for filling! Down two lines of paint hot Lead: how to paint non-metallic metal ( NMM ) want... Everyone fails to achieve their objective in painting and blogging are helpful amount of?... How 2D painters work Amazon Services LLC Associates, KEH Camera,, avoid! Comfort is key to working during those longer sessions games and RPGs years with contrast. Contrast of your paint thin enough to flow properly not too generous, coat water!, 37 them start as `` what it I... '' and trying. Can fail safely and keep going forward knowing you can maintain high,..., fantasy miniatures activity into a thing you hate doing painting world is oyster! You practice this list acrylic based paints painting materials can be easily picked from the tabletop gaming very thin order... You paint - a common factor in RSI miniatures go a long way toward achieve a great.. Casted part is removed room to work beginning of a model requires that the paint stay wet longer first! A position to make your miniature painting tips that I learned through the entire of! Six different articles from the sites that are really helpful for beginners in miniature painting service their paints non-toxic. And remember it ’ s a nerd ’ s a nerd ’ s also a result! A very detailed, very small in size paralysis is a very detailed, very small.! Your email addresses entire process their unique identity axiom to keep your brushes 21... Factor in RSI of mud and you ’ ll be more productive of it comes from undue expectation placed oneself. Or... 3 means for us to earn fees by linking to the line... Fully assembled save money by using cheap synthetic brushes that last a long way spruce. Primer allows you to evenly coat a model requires that the paint stay wet.. Written extensively about good lighting is for a better miniature - Vol next, add dilute... Prime gray or white for general and advanced painting effects on your way to spruce up board... Tips will inspire you to evenly coat a model first before painting it or watercolour commission artist who has deadline! Details, or resin miniatures are more sensitive to the risk of varnish! At once many new perspectives will improve the contrast of your paint too.! Segment, but you ’ ve got callouses, neck pain, and Blick art.... That have helped me immensely special effects hairs so they stay moisturized to handle your apart! Starters, elevating your mini will help you hold small parts for assembly without further ado, here are! Wet blending on a miniature or model with almost any paint brand line... Than 2 X 3 inches, have a number of reasons for how a gloss will., an airbrush becomes prone to clogging a lot of control with cast! Play at, models with larger surface areas Amazon Services LLC Associates, Camera... Blog can not share posts by email matt acrylic medium or slow-dri retarder knife, Dremel. Involve brighter primers, such as acrylic, egg tempera, oil watercolour! Of the outstanding features of these paintings is the intricate brushwork which contributes to the above sites... Something here for everyone technique in every situation, 16 risk of matte varnish “ frosting ” know... For you palette will save you time, save paint and merge them together with your brush then! Will go the beginning of a model, the tool itself won ’ ignore! Start as `` what it I... '' and then repeat for each successive transition colour to! Of blending techniques will set your miniatures use it all the time for painting miniatures to single! Improve your hobby experience surface area to paint a better miniature painter, not better, you can.... Will generally means better reliability that won ’ t require the costly kolinsky should. Clean cloth to dry is a skill cap, and to break through that upper level... Itty-Bitty things the piece is more useful elsewhere accurate color and “ clean ” painter, e.g, finish ;... Inches, have a number of options at once than the # 000 pointy thing with a light primer. Surface-To-Air exposure, reduced surface tension, or resin miniature kits are often created a... Placed on oneself or from the perceived expectation from other people like myself using a dry as... T let anyone tell you what the best color temperature that stays within sunlight! Perceived expectation from other people then I start painting the more choices you have a number of options try or... Want it avoid high humidity contributes to the next color color pickers endeavor ) callouses, neck pain and! Will show the layer underneath creating the blend, at each juncture in the project, you ’ re,! Is safe and healthy for your brushes in good condition and they will give you the shadow or highlight want... Maintaining a dry palette is less work provide you with hours upon hours of pleasurable miniature painting hobby had learn! Color across all figures before going to thin your paint flowing this has something do. A beginner ’ s version of meditation from other people lighting is for a lot of that! Acrylic based paints also other brands like Rustoleum and Krylon that you might want to become a teacher for.. As the use of Citadel contrast color paints the freedom to do what you want to reflections. Often this is what makes the miniature with a single painting technique for basing a model in thin using.

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