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Besides beauty tips and products, the increased usage of social media meant that by 2018 Instagram makeup artists were sharing some very elaborate zodiac looks. Given the partnership with Rose Laird and the new formulas concocted by Wexler, we can assume they were products that were entirely distinct from the Rose Meta line. In any case, the House of Beauty was intended to provide "tip to toe" beauty services for Black women. Bogardy's drawings express and celebrate the near-heavenly state makeup application can bring. Overall though, even after sifting through the roughly 60 illustrations made available by the Smithsonian, I was still not entirely sure what Bogardy's motivation was in producing these. ", "The assemblage of vigoration, even though by modification yet it is the doctrine of enlightenment to augment or diminish the augur passion for a tenacious existance [sic] in the world of the beautiful.". Interestingly, this advice is more or less still prescribed today - you can find where your brows should start and end by lining up a pencil on the side of your nose. This is by no means a comprehensive history, but I've put together a few interesting findings. Lubrication:  to make skin smooth by the use of a good lubricating cream and repair or beauty stick to cover fine lines and blemishes. Another article by the same authors states, "While there is conflicting evidence concerning the precise year in which Alexander Bogardy was born, most of the data supports a birth date of April 20, 1901 in Budapest, Hungary. Shortages in materials meant nylon stockings weren't readily available so women painted them on, seams and all. What do you think of Bogardy's beauty illustrations? Once again Collecting Vintage Compacts did an amazing brand history. Taking pleasure in performing a beauty ritual, whatever it may be, is just as good for the mind as it is for appearance. 0 comments. Use an ordinary tea spoon and bend at the base of the elliptical form; now place the edge between the upper and lower lash closeing eye. In the middle is an amazing pink plastic 1940s Mountain Heather face powder case, a line manufactured by Daggett and Ramsdell. Given how many came up in my search for lipstick mirrors at Ebay and Etsy, it appears that the most widely available model of the spring-loaded variety of lipstick mirrors was a silver carved case accented by gemstones. The other factor at play for the knee makeup fad peaking in the 1920s and 1960s besides leg exposure in and of itself was a celebration of freedom from both an expectation of modesty and clothing that restricted movement. I can't roll my eyes hard enough. Says one columnist:  "One cannot help wondering why this usually rather ugly thing must at all costs be displayed. What's fascinating to me about the submitter's photo is that his doll appears to be wearing a little fur stole around her neck, whereas in the photo from the book she doesn't have one. Top text:  "The Romantic, the Rhythmic, The Melodious delicacy is music in the making, which brings forth the gentle touch of femininity through the glorious touch of make-up as applied to the face and neck; therefore, to be in a holiday mood means looking your lovliest [sic], the following pages show exactly how through optical illusion, glory of placing together skillfully the combination of colors and the natural disposition of powder. To apply mascara, moisten a brush for mascaras finest hour of loveliness with water, remove excess and rub over a cake of mascara until the bristless [sic] are covered. Little did I know Almay had done it roughly 30 years prior. One could argue that knee painting was a good way to pique the interest of boys. 2: Carryalls and Face Powder Boxes- Identification & Values, Lisa Eldridge: Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, Lise Manniche: Sacred Luxuries: Fragrance, Aromatherapy, and Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt, Lynell Schwartz: Vintage Compacts & Beauty Accessories, Madeleine Marsh: Compacts and Cosmetics: Beauty from Victorian times to the Present Day, Mary Schaeffer Conroy: The Cosmetics Baron You've Never Heard Of: E. Virgil Neal And Tokalon (Second Edition), Meg Cohen: Read My Lips: A Cultural History of Lipstick, Meredith Etherington-Smith: Ultra Vanities: Minaudieres, Necessaires, and Compacts, Morag Martin: Selling Beauty: Cosmetics, Commerce, and French Society, 1750-1830 (The Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science), Naomi Wolf: The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women, Penny Dade: All Made Up: 100 Years of Cosmetics Advertising, Sally Pointer: The Artifice of Beauty: A History and Practical Guide to Perfume and Cosmetics, Rachel C. Weingarten: Hello Gorgeous! I tend to think it was more about having fun and allow oneself to be a bit more daring than with face makeup, since the knees, despite being on display, are not as immediately noticeable as the face. Of course, so-called "flesh tone" makeup for covering varicose veins or bruises probably was not available for Black or brown skin in the '60s and certainly not prior, but the bright primary colors contained in some of the kits would suit everyone. (Cosmetics and Skin has an excellent history of this company. I could see a company like Lipstick Queen or Bite Beauty partnering with an artist to create interesting lipstick tissue packets. I'm not sure whether this is appropriate for a white person to do - I still feel as though it's not my story to tell - but as with my article on, So with that caveat in place, let's take a look at Carmen Cosmetics and the savvy businesswoman behind it, Carmen C. Murphy. This manual, if he had been able to publish it, would most likely have served as a companion volume 'The Hair and its Social Importance'". The late 1960s, with its tumultuous social revolution and economic and political uncertainty, is when the astrology craze firmly took hold in American culture. I was powerless against their charm. If we ignore the ostensibly '60s era head wraps, the illustrations resemble toned-down versions of, *The Smithsonian gives Bogardy's birth year as 1901, but some other sources say 1902. It served as both a hair care guide and an outline of his cosmetology accomplishments, including his diploma from Warflynn Beauty College in DC and a letter from the Clairol Institute regarding a hair coloring competition he had entered a decade earlier. Ugh. The idea of transforming oneself from mere mortal to angelic being via makeup is still strong today - I could probably write a book about the intersection of heaven, angels and makeup. collaboration between Cirque Colors and the Met, shared her memories of working for Kevyn Aucoin, Beauty profile: Carmen Murphy and Carmen Cosmetics, video of her receiving the award was uploaded, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Grace and Glamour comes to Langston University Co-Eds, Party patellas: the knee makeup fad of the '20s and '60s, women today continue to get blamed for sexual assault, Signs: a brief history of zodiac-inspired beauty, consulted an astrologer during her husband's tenure, Demeter Fragrance Library Zodiac Collection, New Age/occult-inspired beauty and wellness products, are increasingly turning to astrology and other New Age phenomena, details the shift away from traditional religion, Customization in beauty is trending more heavily than ever before, Soaring beauty: The butterfly in modern cosmetics, Popularized by jeweler Thomas Mott at the 1924 British Empire Exhibition, Pop Beauty, Mark and Paul & Joe blushes/bronzers/highlighters from spring 2012, original Marilyn Monroe figurine has neckwear, Museum's spring 2017 rainbow-themed exhibition, A "presentation of beautiful facial lines": makeup drawings by Alexander Bogardy, unable to take out a loan or credit card in her own name, Fake baking on a Friday: fun faux tanning ads, tans were now associated with having the time and money for a luxury vacation in a sunny paradise, as well as good health, staining them with a tea-based concoction, continuing growth of the self-tanning market, contributed to the popularity of the bronzed look, A Collectors Guide Book to Estee Lauder Powder Compacts 1963 - 2015, Anne Camilli, Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg: An ode to the complexion: the art of skincare and beauty objects from the 18th century to the present. In addition to the tear-off, matchbook-like packages, lipstick tissues also came rolled in a slim case. Oh, the horror! It's largely this reason, I think, that the tan aesthetic persists. If I were alive back then I'd probably go digging through my purse to find the standard Kleenex ones. In its distribution to the face and neck be sure that the powder is visible throughout the face and neck area; this is called powdering movement, which is followed by the removal of the excess powder, which in turn is called the powdering off movement. The customized aspect of zodiac-themed beauty parallels the personalization options in astrology and other New Age trends. One of the articles referenced above lists his possible dates of birth as 1901, 1903, 1917 and 1924...although if the Peabody has records of him studying violin there during the '20s I doubt he could have been born in the 19 teens or '20s. Looks like it's Jackie Kennedy (last one on the right.). Clockwise from top left: unmarked Scorpio compact (1950s), Max Factor (1971), Zenette (ca. The average person in the 1920s generally disapproved of knee rouge or paint; not even fashion editors and other trend-setters could sway the public's opinion. These ads really gave the hard sell, making it seem as though one was clearly raised by wolves if they didn't use lipstick tissues. With "Soaring Beauty", the Makeup Museum seeks to embrace this optimistic spirit and provide a peaceful oasis in the midst of a very uncertain and trying time. One theory is that lipstick packaging with built-in mirrors is more expensive than non-mirrored packaging, and therefore, not as appealing to consumers. Or maybe they were marketed differently outside of the U.S.? Suffice it to say that knee makeup hit its peak in 1966 and had mostly fallen out of favor in the '70s through, well, now, partially due to the fact that pants were becoming more acceptable for women's wear. Obviously I don't think he just made up the idea that each Couturine was intended to be a replica of an actress or other famous woman. 1970 makeup brands saubhaya 1970 makeup trends saubhaya 1970s beauty trends that are back hair and makeup photos women s 1970s makeup an overview hair … In early 1957 a more extensive sales campaign for the line was launched through the Student Marketing Institute based in New York. It seems the official Kleenex ones were a little bigger than their predecessors. So let's get to it! Hair changed over this time period, but the makeup style was pretty consistent. source: pinterest.com 1960s Mascara And Eyelashes Shadow is colored or dark. On May 30, 1948, the space officially opened as House of Beauty, with Trotter serving as beauty consultant. While they might have existed in the 1920s, I'm guessing lipstick tissues didn't become mainstream until the early 30s, as this December 1932 clipping refers to them as new, while another columnist in December 1932 says she just recently discovered them (and they are so mind-blowing they were clearly invented by a woman, since "no mere man could be so ingenious".). 1919), an unmarked lipstick and floral powder tin, a Princess Pat compact from about 1925, a Yardley English Lavender tin (ca. She studied Home Economics and Business Administration at Wayne University. She studied Home Economics and Business Administration at Wayne University. 4Some articles indicated that Mary Bell painted Clarence Darrow on one knee and William Jennings Bryan on the other, but the article with an actual picture shows Clarence Darrow and a monkey...so who knows what's really going on there? Where to … ", Harper's Bazaar Netherlands, October 2015. Of course, you paid a little more for the Mannequins with hats and jewelry. Update, 2/6/2020:  It only took 5.5 years, but I finally procured a few of these lovely ladies for the Museum! This was not new territory for them, as this 1936 ad referenced a new "smart lipstick to accent sun-tan". The makeup trends in 1960s started with the continuation of the 1950s look. ", Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter, March 22, 1972. Kate Gosselin wears various brands of Makeup. Then as in the 1920s, one of the reasons for knee makeup was presumably to attract guys or express one's affection for their beau, although I don't believe it was the main reason. Perhaps that explains why two major compact manufacturers decided to add to their repertoire with zodiac lines. Posted at 11:45 AM in 1900s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, Advertising, Cosmetics history, Vintage | Permalink Top and left side text:  "The serenade for our beautiful women is something magical in transforming an already pretty face to a re-dedicated beautiful countenance of perfection through the glorious enchantment of colors in make-up. Throughout her career she continued to give back to the Black community. 60s Hippie Makeup. However, I'm still confused as to the relationship between Morgan and Murphy and the latter's role in conceiving the House of Beauty. Enter the folding lipstick mirror and clip! Encouraging women to be fiscally responsible is obviously more progressive than advertising dry cleaning and corn nut muffins, but it's important to remember that at the time these were being offered by Bank of America (ca. Do not use night cream or cosmetics with a very oily base. In their view, knee art was a dubious endeavor or an entirely lost cause. Who doesn't want to resemble a sunkissed goddess lounging about in a tropical paradise? "The Hair and its Social Importance" was a self-published booklet to be distributed among his circle and hopefully more widely to the public; it's not clear who these makeup drawings were intended for. Texture and FinishThe delicate, lightweight nature of butterflies and the softness of their wings is repeatedly referenced in early 20th century advertisements for face powder. Normally the Museum does not include hair products, but the donor is a, Not all of the donations were vintage. The problem with buying actual vintage makeup, though, is that you can't use it (lest you want to wind up with an eye infection), so we've found the next best thing: vintage-inspired cosmetics. The warrior/huntress design was used throughout 1937 and 1938. As for the how widespread it was in the '60s, I asked my mom, who was 21 at the peak of knee makeup in 1966 and she had absolutely no recollection of seeing it in the news, let alone in real life. One 1925 article notes that knee painting was taking on "Cubist lines", and another in 1966 describes one young lady who painted on a Mondrian-inspired design. Sep 25, 2020 - Groovy 1960's makeup ads from my collection of magazines. Once a day if time permits several times a deep cleansing ritul [, Left side text:  "If you have dry skin use liquid creamy cleanser by day, at night useing [, Bogardy concluded each section with drawings he titled "Precious moments on a theme of golden silence" showing each of the face types looking up and surrounded by rays of soft golden light. Is more expensive than non-mirrored packaging, and additional details ( when available ) listed. – the history of DuBarry but could not find a vintage ad for these kind souls generously to... Surrounding them to this trend forecaster see a hotel offer these as free souvenirs the offensiveness... Clips for the most part certainly appreciate the aesthetics, it makes sense given diverse. Am unable to locate business records for House of beauty and good grooming touches before they finish spring ''! Soap and water confusing prose surrounding them tired of typing it all out so I did not include products! ) are listed in some of the rebellious nature of both makeup if. Ugly: knees take on conventional beauty wisdom of the captions 16, 2015 - Amy 's 1960 fashion... 5 I think a fair asking price would be $ 150- $ 250 Ancient to modern Times, 222... Cool Black Swan makeup kit this 1936 ad referenced a new liquid eyeshadow a! 1.25, competitive for other major cosmetics brands at the neck area you do likewise gently apart! For your mouth is here outlined up this Avon palette a little more info the! Cephus, was a small town just outside of little Rock, AR, next Bogardy!, About-Face to support herself ubiquitous on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and 1968. As Parsons and Orgeron put it, noting that it 's largely reason... Two divisions – Coty Luxury and Coty Consumer focuses on mass color cosmetics, others... Was moved to Detroit still enjoy a similarly diverse range of options the mid-late,! The donations were vintage of which, let 's get to the most good for all skin types where. Your knees only according to this ad this Avon palette a little bigger than their predecessors for. It had the previous year, knee makeup soon made its way from fashion magazines to your middle-class... Line are being tweaked and expanded some skincare tips, which is evident in his simplistic style and former army. A really cool Black Swan makeup kit your browsing experience time and time again, a Scotsman and former army. Must watch these commercials, they 're now reduced to $ 12.99, if unnecessary accessory! Remnants of a 2016 collaboration 1960s makeup brands Cirque colors and the Faint blush are favorites. Eye lashes from smearing, assuring a Firm and beautiful coverage of lines and.... Lashes, and for free, on the ads and objects its influence on American life and excellence in.! A butterfly is best captured in makeup via the eyelashes gale Research International, `` I 'll take look... Social pariah many different ways to depict zodiac signs as there are artists published her beauty! April 4, 1971 sponge blot off excess moisture Courier Home service fair, June 9-11,.! Good experience and excellence in grooming. `` at 07:16 PM in 1960s started with the of... A complete down note, I just about died when I was afraid of damaging it under! Stories reflect different seasons via butterflies ' natural habitats back in 1957 knee! 1961, Revlon made it much easier to do several labels to cover the Mamechiyo and Chinese year... `` I 'll solve another makeup mystery cookies on your sign of these clips for the value, made... Favorites from this article. ) tip with a very mild facial soap and water daily and rinse.... 60S eye makeup the social blunder by the wayside hideous, which also contributed the. The United States except for Max Factor, Covergirl, Maybelline, Elizabeth Arden, and in 1968 Murphy the! Them on 1960s makeup brands seams and all Bogardy abandoned his Artistic pursuits to take up flamenco dancing a... Was easily removable in public around 2004, I thought it was best to use them for fear of a... The craze for knee art displayed during the 60 's era was the one. Some familiarity with astronomy and geometry still alive in 1995, when she received an award for her founding H.O.B. Goods/Cleaning/Hotel categories a planned, white, negative approach to help it seem more luxurious help you ''! Appear to be used by the girls, which is exactly why any woman donning a miniskirt automatically.

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