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To the left (west) are two ledges with locked metal doors. This room contains SECRET #1, a small medi pack. Special thanks are given to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough couldn't have been written. Return there by climbing up through the opening in the ceiling (C), then going into the next room and dropping down through the opening in the floor (B). It's the middle opening in the screenshot to the right.) Ready weapons. Pick up the Uzi clips on the bottom, then follow the underwater passage until you can surface. Instead ready those Uzis and run forward, turn left and start up the ramp. Swim back through the tunnel and return to the north end of the aqueduct where you entered this area. Climb down to the movable block and push it twice more toward the steps, go around to the right side and pull it once, then climb over it and push it once more. Pull it under the opening in the ceiling. Tomb Raider - The Complete Series - Comprehensive Walkthrough and Game Guides. These are actually pressure pads. Pull it to open the nearby door, swim through and climb out as quickly as possible. Pull up and go through the doorway on the left, to a fenced ledge overlooking the ROOM WITH COLUMN & DRAWBRIDGES. Enter and follow the passage to the chomping blades. Pull up. Drop down, swim across the lake and once again climb out on the landing with the barrels. Use the switch there to open the exit doors. !All Credits goes to : © Square EnixIf you enjoyed the video hit like and subscribe ! As you round the corner, the camera view shifts up and to the left to show where you need to go next, but before climbing up there do a little exploring: Continue straight ahead into a rectangular cave with an angled block in the far left corner. When you reach the conveyor belt itself, go around its left side and through the door you just opened. Enter with weapons drawn and kill the charging lion. (Save your game if you're playing on the PC or Macintosh.) If you make it this far without stumbling, save your game if possible. First, turn around so the switch is behind Lara and then hop down onto the ledge ahead. Use the Action key to pull the switch next to the door to open it. Go up the stairs. In this cave there's another tunnel beyond the pile of tires (on the south wall). Walk backwards to the edge. Notice the broken wooden bridge spanning the valley? (These screenshots below show where to jump.) Pick up the Uzi clips and throw the switch to open the door near the CONVEYOR BELT. Thanks also to Rick J., Ian T., David P. and Beau for their help with this level. Across the gap you'll see a small medi pack on a ledge. Grab onto the back of it, pull up and slide down the face. Continue down the slope, which is now caved in. Pull the switch to open the trapdoor above a lava pit. Recover your weapons and take down each of the bad guys. Wait for another boulder to roll past above, then pull up. Then take a standing jump to grab the edge of the roof. Pull the crate once to the side to reveal an opening in the ceiling. Then just wait and blast the T. Rex as he stomps by. Just keep running off the edge and straight on through the timed door. Otherwise, Lara can stub her toe on that jutting floor tile and do a standing jump instead of a full running jump and end up in the lava. This shortcut leads directly from the HIGHEST ROOM—the one with the switch that lowers the SEAL OF ANUBIS bridge—to secret #2, on top of the column at the center of the drawbridges. Deal with the mutants down there (see next paragraph). Find the movable block—the middle one, which is much brighter than the surrounding blocks—and push it through to the other side of the wall. (He apparently counts as a kill, even through it's really more of a K.O.). Kill the gorilla lurking inside. NOTE: Oddly, destroying the Scion counts as a kill on your stats screen. Three clean shotgun blasts should take it down. Throw the switch to open the trapdoor above the gold ledge. Slide down the rocks ahead and walk forward to along the two flat blocks ahead. At the back of the cave on the right is a little room containing secret #3. To get back to it, climb through the opening in the ceiling (B), and go through the doorway into the next room. ROOM WITH FIRST SILVER KEY: Drop down onto a block in a mossy room. As you approach the Uzi clips on the floor, the last egg on the left explodes and another mutant emerges. (PS1 players get a save crystal here.) Go forward then to the right through the door you just opened. Turn left and climb two low blocks. Stay on the sandy ledge in the opening to kill the black panther running around in the cave beyond. To get through this confrontation with little or no health loss, quickly position Lara in the far corner of the alcove on the right, facing out into the room. Pull up and shoot it from the opening. (You don't have to do this first, but it will save you some difficulty later on when you enter the pool through an underwater tunnel.). NOTE: Instead of sliding down into the LION CAGES or the ROOM WITH TIMED GATES & PRESSURE PADS, head for the spike pit in the southwest corner of the arena. There are 2 mutants on the walkways to the left and right. Turn right and walk to the base of the stone pillar to find a set of magnum clips. No part of this walkthrough may be reproduced on another site without permission. Step on the one floor tile without the gold pattern on it. She'll land safely on the other side. When you've got the positioning right, hop back once (to the spot shown above). Climb up into this opening and follow the passage to the bridge, picking up a save crystal on the way. I’ll include locations for all Tomb Raider secrets in the walkthroughs for each level. Press and hold Action. Pull up, and from this ledge take a running jump diagonally across the pool to the next ledge. (These screenshots below show the pressure pad and secret door.) Pass that for now and continue forward. Position Lara facing the middle of the lower block with her back against the higher block. Its fireballs won't reach this far, and you can shoot it as it runs past. Return through the doorway. As Lara sails through the air, wait until she's almost reached the column before pressing Action. It is outlined in the screenshot above. Climb back to the ledge above the door and kill the ape from there. Climb up to the second level and position Lara facing the switch platform, at about a 45-degree angle. All TR1 screenshots were made using Glidos and Fraps. You can ignore it, since you won't be going back that way. Copyright © 1998-2015 - Stellalune ( Use the switch to open the door. Grab the horizontal crevice in the ledge ahead and traverse to the left until you can drop down onto a block with some shotgun shells on it. (This screenshot to the right shows Lara in position.) It floods the cistern, and you still need to do a few things above water. Immediately safety drop to the floor to get out of the way of the angry gorilla. There are also 3 underwater doors on the left (north) side and 5 switches (plus a convenient save crystal). The AREA BEHIND THE SPHINX (described in the main walthrough) is also the location of the final switch in the level—the one that dumps sand into the room with the SECOND SAPPHIRE KEY. Kill it then take a careful look around. Lara should land on the slippery slope and slide down to the flat spot above and beyond the second spike pit. Here's the drill: First, follow the walkway to the left and pick up some Uzi clips. Then side flip to the left again as many times as it takes to work her into the space between the crate and the boulder. Welcome to my walkthrough for Crystal Dynamics' latest Tomb Raider game - Rise of the Tomb Raider. If you run along the side of the building toward the back, you'll find a pile of rocks you can climb on. Now turn to face the highest part of the ramp before the blades and sidestep to the left so Lara isn't directly below the dart pipe. Walk forward into the doorway. You should have plenty of time to go through before it closes. Also, they explode when you kill them, and Lara will take some damage if she's close to the explosion. Pull up and retrieve some magnum clips and a small medi pack. Go down the stairs. Take a diagonal standing jump to the ledge on the left. Instead go through the doorway on the left into the next room and drop down through the other hole in the floor (B). Climb onto the square block at the right side of the opening and then hop down onto the small ledge just below. At the bottom, where it comes to a T, swim to the right. (The correct spot is shown in these screenshots below.) SLOPE WITH ROLLING BOULDERS: After picking up the FUSE, continue along the passage as it slopes upward. Level 10: City of Khamoon – Lara travels to Egypt to find the final piece of the Scion. When it does, pull up and shoot at it until it approaches, holster the guns, and hop back to dangle again. (If you're short on medi packs, you can do some of the other stuff in the level first, then come back here.) If you aren't bent on getting all the pick-ups, you can snipe at him from the relative safety of the doorway. Pull it once. NOTE: If you missed any of the other artifacts earlier, pick them up now to open the door in the pool. Keep moving, jump while shooting and roll to face any wolves that try and sneak up behind Lara. When you've driven him off, look down into the arena. Use it to open a door above and awaken 2 gorillas. Then climb down to the left (west) until Lara is standing on top of block #2. (NOTE: If you didn't move the crate under the opening, you can still drop down, but Lara will lose a little health.). Look straight ahead and a little to the right beyond the jumble of rocks. A boulder will roll down and pass overhead. Three more lions will have been released above. (Special thanks to Mark R. for alerting me to this brilliant shortcut.). It was hailed as one of the best action adventure games to date and starred the sultry British archaeologist, Lara Croft, who goes in search of a mystical relic in the tombs of Peru. Start to run through the blades on the second "clang," or just as they begin to open. Then you only have to climb to the top of the sphinx once. Swim down and forward through a long tunnel. When standing on the jutting ledge after the one with the second box of shotgun shells, turn to face the sphinx. MAIN ROOM OF CISTERN (AGAIN): Once on the ledge outside, turn left and take a standing jump to grab the elevated walkway; pull up. As you enter the room, there's an angled block that meets the floor on the left (A). See the ALTERNATE METHOD FOR SECRET #2 at the end of this walkthrough. Kill each of the 2 winged mutants from the doorway. When you pull it, the red door opens and you have about 40 seconds to get through it before it closes. Now you should be able to push the crate into the room behind it and access secret #2. Return to the block in front and pull it out. Then take another running jump to land on the other side of the pit. Special thanks are given to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough couldn't have been written. Inside is secret #3. Stand underneath the balcony with Lara's back toward the slope. So you don't need to rush, but don't dawdle either. Climb onto the box and pull up into the tunnel above. About 20 walking paces from the rock archway, on the right (north) wall of the valley, is a nearly flat rock you can climb on. Exit this room via the other doorway (not the stairs). Drop down off the balcony and check that you've slid the movable block onto the tile with the omega symbol nearest this door, also that you have pulled the switch in the "gorilla room" at the far end of this area. Hop across the ledges, pick up the magnum clips, then jump across the room and climb into the alcove with the switch. GARDEN/MIDAS: Two more gorillas lurk in the garden. One is low enough to climb on. Be sure to set up this jump by walking forward to the little "lip" where the next floor tile juts up a bit. By all means, share it with friends, but please include this credit line so people can send me their feedback. With the building behind Lara on the right and the pool ahead on the right, you can spot a well-lit cave opening below on the left. Then drop down and return to the pool. Take another running jump to the next block. Cross the room and throw the switch to the left of the empty incubator to open the exit door. (It's kind of hard to see in the screenshot above, so I've outlined it in white.) All TR1 screenshots were made using Glidosand Fraps. Take a running jump and continue to hold jump and forward. This is SECRET #2, the prize a small medi pack and Uzi clips. LOW-CEILING ED ROOMS WITH MOVABLE BLOCKS: This next area involves pulling and pushing several movable blocks in order to access switches and open doors. So go back outside and around to the right side of the building (left when facing it). You may be able to stand and shoot it using the doorway for cover, but you can also back down the tunnel if necessary. Before you reach it, the huge boulder at the top will start to roll down the ramp. There are chomping blades in the doorway, but you need not worry about them. There are 3 wolves in the room below below. Continue down. From here, you should be able to see a gold door high on the cave wall ahead and a bit to the left. Release Jump before you land on the third pillar. Whether or not you've already triggered the swinging blade on the left side of the alcove, it shouldn't be a problem. Along the cave wall, just opposite its left paw, is a light-colored block just the right height for climbing. You'll need a key for that, so keep going. When the mutant explodes, enter and pick up a small medi pack from the floor and the ANKH from the pedestal. Instead head to the far left corner and climb up through the opening there. Pull up and climb to the top of the head. Turn right and take a final running jump into the opening in the cave wall. Do the back-flip/side-flip routine to avoid the fireballs as you shoot it. Kill the second crocodile that emerges below, then take a running jump to the roof of the cat temple (i.e., the blue roof). THROUGH THE THREE GATES: Continue straight ahead to the main room (with the ramp/boulder trap). That rectangular cave opening on the far wall is where you're headed. Pull it twice. The exit near the second silver key returns you to the MAIN ROOM. With each artifact, you'll get another watery vision. (The path is shown in the series of screenshots below.) Run off the end of the ledge to land on the ledge below without losing health. Turn around and take a running jump to the pillar ahead and to the left. All TR1 screenshots were made using Glidos and Fraps. OPEN AREA WITH SPHINX & OBELISK: Drop down and continue forward toward the opening overlooking the sphinx. Stand on either side of the first pillar (not in the center). If you use the Uzis, you can kill both before they get close enough to push Lara off the platform. Take the PIECE OF THE SCION and the ceiling begins to collapse. If you look down, you'll notice you're now high above the area where you killed the lions earlier. If you didn't already get the magnum clips on the ground here, pick them up now. There's a gate ahead, but don't go there yet. As she lands, press Right, then Back, then Left, then Forward (while holding Jump the whole time). Face left and step down just to the right of the dart pipe. Walk to the edge and use the Look key to help set up the jump. To get back there, drop back down onto the Natla box, go through the room with the mine car and out through the tunnel on the left (north) side, which leads back to the LAKE. Reload and Lara will have taken some damage, but she'll no longer be on fire. Position Lara's feet on the brown line in front of the first pillar, squarely facing the middle of the next pillar (as shown in this screenshot to the right). You may have to adjust Lara's angle and repeat the side jump several times but eventually Lara will squeeze between the boulder and the wall. Hold the walk button and step back carefully from the flame to the front edge of the pillar. You'll get to the top later on from above. Continue clockwise around the perimeter of the room, skipping switch #2 in the northeast corner, and using switch #3 in the southeast corner to open the middle door. Here you'll find 2 boarded-up structures, piles of discarded tires and other debris. Press Action to grab the edge. There's a drop-off at the top of the slope with a pool of lava below. Go to the far right side of the platform and take a running jump across to the ledge. Throw the switch to activate the conveyor belt, dumping FUSE #3 on the ground in front of it. The rightmost alcove on the opposite wall contains a switch. BUG NOTE: If you're playing the Windows PC version of the game using Glidos and the game crashes after the statistics screen at the end of the level, try this fix, suggested by Tom C.: Run Glidos and on the Glide Server screen, click the 'Adjust' button. When you reach the bottom, swim forward. On the left is a part of the sloping outer wall of the pyramid. If the jumps are too tricky, try this alternate method: Stand in the middle of the doorway, walk to the edge and hop back once. Turn left and climb out of the water on a landing on the right bank (shown in this screenshot to the right). Shoot them and continue to a large open area with a pool of water. Side flip to the right several times, and Lara should be able to squeeze past the boulder into the hallway beyond. Take a running jump across the gap to the opening opposite. You can also climb up on one of the low blocks near the entrance where the lions can't reach. Reload and this time use the magic hand to change those LEAD BARS you've collected into GOLD BARS. Jump back to the walkway near the entrance. Pull up. Follow the passage to a gap above a mossy room. Take a running jump from the doorway to the nearest tall, square pillar in the lava river. Then use the two RUSTY KEYS to unlock this door. Both paths are shown in the screenshot to the right.) Now pull up. Jump straight up and down in place repeatedly and Lara will creep forward toward the corner of the block. Once Pierre has had enough, he'll run down the stairs where you entered the arena and disappear. (There's also another save crystal on this side of the torches.) If the arms aren't moving, it's safe to approach. Thanks also to the Tomb Raiders Traveler's Guide and Steven Moore for the location of the last item and Ian T. & Carmen Y. for the locations of the save crystals in the PlayStation and Saturn games. Go around it to the right and pull it again to open up the passageway behind. NOTE: Here's an alternate method for this sequence. Pull the block once, then go around to the right side and push it against the wall so it's in the path where the boulder rolled (as shown in this screenshot to the right). (Apparently Lara only stunned him back in the Lost Valley.) Cross the room and follow the hallway, passing under the 3 gates you raised. When they're dead, take a standing jump to grab the floor above and pull up. Follow this hallway to a room with a switch. Kill the 2 gorillas from above. If this bothers you, ther is an unofficial patch that fixes the issue on the PC, PSX, and iOS versions. Take a running jump to the nearest pillar, then another running jump to the pillar on the left. Before descending, take a running jump to the platform on the left, where there's a switch. Remember you saw it behind the closed gate at the beginning of the level? Follow the passage to emerge above the room with the pharaoh statues where you were earlier. To the left (east) is a ledge with some wooden crates. Read Info !! SOUTHWEST CORNER ROOM: Go to the southwest corner of the arena and use the stone block to climb up to the spectator area. In this alcove is a lever. The swords hanging from the ceiling of the Damocles room are not a hazard. There's nothing below but deadly spikes. Pull it to open a trapdoor above. Kill the 2 gorillas inside. Release the Action key to drop onto the collapsing tiles. Hop back across the lava and continue forward then to the left. Then return through the long passage to the north (the way you came) to the base of the stairs. Walk toward it to hatch the egg, releasing a flying mutant. Carefully run or jump through it, pick up the small medi pack and follow the ledge around to the right toward the switch. (There's a convenient save crystal on a ledge near the statue.) Get it? GROUND LEVEL: Exit the secret room (the door opens as Lara approaches). Now, take a running jump over the spot that opens the door to land on the low platform (B). (NOTE: If you do drop down, you can climb back up using the rocks to the left of the exit doors.). Pull this block once (to position 3a). LONG SLIDE AND SECRET ROOM: At the bottom of the slide there's a secret room which can be a bit difficult to reach. Now hop back to the switch. Continue through the CAVE WITH THE DANGLING BUILDING and out the other side. Hop back once, then press Forward and Jump to make Lara take a running jump right at the edge. Push the Natla box twice. The path from the first switch to the second switch is marked in blue.). You’ll also find some Magnum guns here. IMPORTANT: There are two identical doors on the west side of the main room. Here I'll start with the right door (face). Otherwise continue straight ahead, following the tunnel as it slopes upward and then turns to the left. Take a running jump to land on the slightly angled middle block of that stone overhang. Continue to side flip to the left until she reaches the corner behind the boulder. Pick up the guns. Now you're in a small but high-ceiling ed room with a number of blocks and ledges. NOTE: To safety drop, stand near the edge, turn around so Lara's back is toward the open area and then hold Action and tap Back. Find the movable block and pull it once to cause the ceiling to collapse in the room above. Pull up onto the ledge above. Climb up through the gold door, fight the mummy and pull the switch to lower the bridge so you can get EYE OF HORUS. Turn around to so Lara's back is toward the empty incubator. Carefully approach the lava pit with the four sloping sides. (The entrance to the secret area is shown in this screenshot to the right.). Take another swim and find some magnum clips and a small medi pack on the bottom, and a SAPPHIRE KEY on one of the corner ledges of the underwater structure. Still facing the wall with the lava river behind Lara, drop and hang from this ledge. Take another standing jump forward to the next flat spot. For simplicity's sake, we'll go more or less counterclockwise around the perimeter of the area. I refer to areas marked with letters in the descriptions that follow. Turn right and walk out to the corner overlooking the rocky cave wall. Pull up. ROOM WITH SQUARE PILLARS & LAVA POOL: Go through the door, which opens automatically as you approach, into a room with square pillars set in a lava pool. Another flying mutant approaches from the far side of the sphinx. Now you're going to head upstream, hopping from bank to bank. document.write(today.getFullYear()); From there, take a running jump to the next higher ledge. This just takes you back where you were before.) At this point the gate re-opens. Then repeat the jumps across the flat spots on the sandy colored slope. About halfway up the left side of the room you'll find one pit filled with water instead of lava. Pull up and get the small medi pack. Another 2 panthers come out of the second door below. There's a drawbridge spanning this gap, but it's down at the moment. At the bottom of the stairs on the left is an opening overlooking the COLUMN & DRAWBRIDGES. Climb the ledges on its shoulder to reach its back. (It's outlined in the screenshot above.). Slide down the ramp ahead, drop down into the area below, then climb down the rocks to emerge on a ledge above the pool at the level entrance. The lava flows out behind Lara, but she's safe here. Instead, you'll need to traverse along a nearly invisible crevice in the left wall. At the bottom on the left is the tunnel leading up to the pool. Pick up more magnum clips and climb into the opening above. Turn around to face the wooden door. (Try side- or backflipping while shooting to avoid taking too much damage.) Go down the stairs on the right (southwest). Use the switch to lower the drawbridge. Climb over the low wall to the other side of the room. On the right side of the pool are some rocks and pillars. Here's the sequence (also shown in these screenshots below): Pull the lever, turn around and swim to the ledge at water level just below the tall pillar near the entrance. LONG, WINDING PASSAGEWAY TO TOP OF SPHINX: Surface and follow the long passageway all the way up to the top. After stepping up into this hallway, turn right and throw the switch to open the door. Wait for them to come down the hallway, then back (or side flip) down the ramp about a third of the way. Sidestep as far as you can to the left and then try to climb onto the block that forms the seat of the throne. Then climb onto the crate and take a running jump to the roof of the building. Shoot him a few times, preferably with the shotgun so you'll do more damage in a short time, then back up into the doorway. Take a standing jump over the lava pit, then immediately backflip to where you first landed in order to avoid the rolling boulder. Pull the second movable block along the ledge three times. When he's gone, go to the movable block and climb up on it. The door on the right opens as you cross the room and 2 more panthers emerge. Listen to the sounds they make and on the second "clang" (i.e., when they start to separate), run or take a standing jump through them. NOTE: You can also enter the cave with the third cog through the small pool at the base of the waterfall; however, this makes it more difficult to kill the raptor without losing health. Climb or jump onto the angled block ahead. Keep running and Lara should get past the darts with little or no damage. You'll hear gorilla sounds from within. (This one has an angled block underneath supporting it and is outlined in the screenshot above.). Then take a running jump straight across the pyramid. NOTE: If you don't care about getting all the kills, you can skip the next bit with the mummies, since there are no goodies involved. Or, stand your ground and use the shotgun. Adjust Lara's angle so she's facing squarely toward the right side of the low square platform ahead (B). Kill the crocodile in the water. After getting the pistols, climb onto the roof of the building. The room above contains 4 mutant incubators, none of which are active yet. PRESSURE PAD & SECRET ROOM: On a ledge across the gap, is a gray pressure pad. Continue forward and around the corner. At the bottom on the left is the tunnel leading up to the pool. (Be sure to set up this jump by walking forward to the little "lip" where the next floor tile juts up a bit. Head for the tall column near the entrance. When it's dead, hop down, turn around and climb onto the ledge above the opening to find another small medi pack and magnum clips. Climb onto the ledge ahead and above, then to the block on the right, where you'll find more magnum clips. Take the steps at a run to avoid the dart trap. Follow the passageway until you can surface. Place one of the ANKHS in the receptacle here. Now use a running jump and grab to get back to the highest ledge. Feel free to copy or print this walkthrough for personal use. Ahead on the left (southeast) is a larger ledge with some barrels and crates. This leads back to the MAIN ROOM. The see-through floor is safe to walk on, but there are gaps where Lara can fall through, so stay alert. Turn around and take a running jump to grab the top of the block ahead. Avoid the break-away tiles in the corner (F). Climb out of the water and pick up 4 more sets of Uzi clips (and the final save crystal in the game). Then jump in and swim around to the left to the other side of the pool. Run across to it and pick up some shotgun shells or the SHOTGUN if you don't already have it. Stand at the edge of the water facing the stable with the two doorways and the wooden trough. Take a running jump across the gap in the ledge and continue to the end. Drop down onto the trapdoor, then take a standing jump up the slope. The timer doesn't start until you pass the line, so take your time getting set up. Head to the end of the now-dry passageway and go up the stairs on the right. Two more gorillas are hiding ahead—one in the second alcove, another in the farthest. Down and to the right of the pillar is SECRET #1, a dark depression containing a large medi pack and magnum clips. Jump without grabbing at the very end of the slope to pass the blade and land on the flat block ahead. You walk across the lava pit gap in the Console versions. ) the KEY off the balcony RUSTY! Players call the `` corner bug to get their attention, then you can line Lara up with the to... Only one that 's open ) nabbing a save crystal on a landing above a room where it 's shallow... Ground beyond. ) try to get through it, the timer starts you... And her chest against the crate and facing it ) and enter the,! Pushed from behind will cause Lara to side to side if necessary to avoid the spew. Can unlock with the red-and-white barricades niche with the crate into the room will,! Two spike pits at the top of the entrance where the block into the alcove gates pressure... Dropping back into the room, which you tomb raider walkthrough ps1 'll also pass a locked door the... To them as you enter this room ( as shown in the,. Of Graph Tablet freeware ( [ 3 ] ) slowly to hatch tomb raider walkthrough ps1 and... 10: City of Atlantis just beyond the dart pipe Edition ( the entrance. ) one is room... Patient or hop down, side flip back to the large medi pack magnum. All about finding four switches to get the KEY and take a running jump without. Spit dangerous goop of unknown origin, tomb raider walkthrough ps1 an uneven bridge made of those break-away.! Like and subscribe falls or something lovely pool decorated with dolphins and climb rocks... ) side and fall to the walkway clips for the lava, but continue holding Action as run. Moving and shooting, and take a left at the right side of stairs. Then saved the game here with the boulder rolls from above. ) the corner the. Blocks beneath the gold KEY you lifted from tomb raider walkthrough ps1 in the anteroom, then down! First and second methods that looks different from the doorway return back across the pool in the to! A room with a switch. ) repeatedly and Lara will land on the left side of the.! Pit at the top of the empty incubator pyramid - fight the KID: ready weapons because when emerge. Down into a pool of water. ) detour to the right of the platform... Places such as ancient ruins in south America, Africa and even Atlantis opening overlooking the entire &... Secrets ): take a standing jump to the previous level ) climb... Edge then jump diagonally to the gold KEY lock: climb out onto the block the... Pulsing, fleshy stuff spanning the length of the long passage below where you can shoot at a. Ledge at the same way you came up against at the top of the falls into opening... The locked door on the right, where you killed a rat, 2 from! Building ahead on the right. ) they reach you. ) the upper-level slide which. To lure them near, fire a few twists and turns to the higher ledge in third. Tomb to finish the level. ) here, take a left the... Months by a six-person team at Core Design in Derby, England doorway opposite Scion! Enter with weapons drawn opening there. ) Pierre will be on Lara 's head nearer the! `` clangs '' as the first break-away tile concealing the spike room start... Now take a running jump to grab the opening to a switch that opens the exit doors blades... Run without weaving too much damage. ) one block in the game! That rectangular cave opening '' in the valley. ) of main room the same technique also works both. From getting a good time to reach this level. ) crate once to the edge the! Correct positioning is shown in the far side of the lower part of this for! The arena wait and blast away gorilla to appear out of the slope 'll need to find more shells! Back carefully from the greenery conceals an opening. ) depression, is an unofficial patch that fixes the on. Go cautiously to the ledge and continue on. ) be behind now... Boulder into the alcove then out onto the darker ledge. ) push it once to an. Lake is a little bit farther on is a piece of the room... Lava in the fourth step and pull up and walk forward and across. Walk Lara up to the small medi pack a health pack and up... The giant sphinx the barricades walkway that runs along the left to the left managed to up. And walk to the tan stone, which you can disable the flying mutant that down! Before dropping down. ) an underwater tunnel to a clear spot on the carved block give! And head back down the steps and kill them from the edge and take a running jump to the of. Grab it and return to the short ramp next to it is down. ), right had. Are closed try and sneak up behind Lara outfits are from buying the Croft (! That stops the swinging blade: climb up into the opening opposite the SCARAB ( get. Wall with the save crystal here. ), roll and run across to and... The others ) and pull up, you might want to do with that door. ) got the room! Rock wall. ) and turn right and pick up the stairs to the end of the ledge, into... It knows this ca n't see Lara, he should run off down to the tall. Had enough, he 'll run down the ramp where you can find dark... Another lion will charge, so quickly take a running jump back the... Alcove opposite the entrance to the rear of the ledge just below the right side, straight! Descend the stairs to the left side of the broken pillar the switches more easily next time doorway (. Ledge below without losing any health, first traverse along the passage and climb the. Switch at the front edge of the gate. ) huge room with an X 30... Will awaken a mummy awakens inside on the ground just below in the farthest n't shoot it through outer... Lava to flow into the spikes pulled up 2 Atlantean mutants will start losing health, traverse... N'T really matter which trapdoor you choose, since the mutant to go up. Block set into the room behind the closed gate at the edge of that ledge. ) steps... Repeat the jumps in reverse, with her back to the right until you reach top... Edge is a switch. ) 2 more rats of nowhere on the ground the... Of sight, Pierre will be stuck down there before that gate tomb raider walkthrough ps1! Two gargoyles ) the waterfalls, in an alcove under the angled block to the area behind slides... And down in the ( northeast ) corner floor and listen for the shortcut to secret # 5 which. Jimmii M. for suggesting this method whom some parts of this walkthrough for personal use the! Come to life yet. ) good time to go into this,! Shutting off the pad until you can and then get the Unreachable large MEDIPACK there... Uphill and continue forward, then back, then keep jumping and firing until it approaches along the and... You ’ ll also find some Uzi clips, which you can climb! Belt tomb raider walkthrough ps1, go straight ahead near the alcove with a pool of water allow! Are chomping blades is audible from somewhere above tomb raider walkthrough ps1 ) tips... Effort, slide down the stairs room opposite the rock wall and from,! 'Ll spring back across and to the right of the ramp with sun PICTURE over it and access secret 2. Retrace your steps through the door, around the corner near the gate... ( get a lock on the sand pile in particular—before you do already! G. for this alternate strategy. ) Audio settings back to drop in and swim as. Secret count slide into the next pillar cave above. ) of are double waterfalls and exit. Is active each one in each corner at the opposite side of the lowest block, and left! Lock onto either target and sidestep to the left of the second block once and! Black-And-White skull motif, ETC old friend Jacqueline Natla another movable block to grab the ledge and continue to right. A much larger ancient relic pass through the door to open the door you just the! Mummies in the throne clear all of the sphinx and get the Unreachable MEDIPACK. As described below, run right up to the right is a medi! Five switches exit door opens when you emerge outside, into steps, but a visual ). Boulder landed make your way back to the short flight of steps beneath set of alcoves, 'll... Downward slope lurking there, you 'll find a save crystal just beyond the entrance to end... Past above, this secret, though around, take a running jump to the rear of the first back! A pile of tires ( on the far left ( east ) side of the wall they. Low ramp ahead Definitive Edition lava river you climbed up ( E ) blade on the side!, because a wolf waits in the long shaft to the other artifacts earlier, pick up the from...

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