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Work Learn Programme Grow your career and stay up to date with the latest knowledge and skills with our Work Learn Programmes. You will acquire knowledge on how to identify WSH dangers and assess the risks. They are motivation, access, skills, and trust. The first was with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Signify (previously known as Philips Lighting). ASEAN is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Courses by … The Specialist Diploma in Business & Big Data Analytics, jointly offered by School of Information Technology and School of Engineering, is targeted at Business Intelligence (BI) practitioners and IT professionals who wish to Upgrade their analytical skills from simple BI reporting to more advanced data analytics techniques; The WSQ Specialist Diploma in Workplace Safety & Health is designed for individuals who are keen to join the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) profession as WSH Officers. On whether the implementation of the National Entrepreneurship Policy can turn Malaysia into a true entrepreneurial nation by 2030, the VP noted that the policy needed to be led and driven by various agencies under the government, with digital being the main driver. According to a news report, the researchers recently developed proteomics technologies and made an artificial intelligence (AI)-based model in collaboration with three different hospitals across India. At RP, you have a vast array of possibilities to express and hone your leadership, skills, and talents through our diverse CCAs. He is now one of the representative speakers for the company at educational events. The main mode of learning are hands-on projects and the examination of case studies of AI applications in recommender systems, virtual assistant, pattern recognition and anomaly detection. All rights reserved. The Minister explained that the tribal migration repository, ShramShakti will be able to successfully address the data gap and empower migrant workers who generally migrate in search of employment and income generation. From January to June last year, GLOW generated an income totalling over RM190 million, the Vice-President said. While working and studying at the same time might sound daunting to some, Lee mentioned that he was able to keep up with the pace as everything was well-structured. Digital twins are digital copies of physical assets that are often used to plan and test future scenarios without impacting normal operations. Reskilling, upskilling and producing good digital talent is crucial for the digital economy moving forward, he explained. PolyU is also committed to digital transformation – some examples include building a teaching and learning centre that supplies e-learning resources and developing new online teaching solutions, such as using virtual reality (VR) technology in teaching and establishing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). “Well, it’s always good to keep the mind active through lifelong learning.”. At present, malaria diagnosis is undertaken by manually studying the blood samples for the parasites which still has difficulty in determining the progress of the disease. Build for the global market and start addressing global problems. It is therefore vital that everyone can participate fully in, and make the most of, an increasingly digital world: this is digital inclusion. The use of AI technology in the police, such as Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) goes a long way in reducing the burden on the police in monitoring road violations. Every Wednesday, he would go back to RP for class, where he would undertake specialised modules such as Logistics in Cold Chain Management and Pharmaceutical/bio-chemical Supply Chain Management. Since 2000, India cut malaria cases by more than half and the number of malaria deaths by more than two-thirds. On other weekdays and Saturdays, he would go to work. Mr Rani Hairyawan Abdul Rahman Email: rani_abdul_rahman2@rp.edu.sg. Tell Your Brand's Story: Create and Engage Your Audience. Eight Hong Kong universities are in line for grants totalling HK$165 million aimed at developing better virtual teaching methods, which are anticipated to become part of the “new normal” in coming years. Specialist Diploma in Data Analytics. The Minister of Tribal Affairs, Arjun Munda, recently virtually launched ShramShakti, a national migration support portal. In a bid to plug that gap, Republic Polytechnic has rolled out a new Specialist Diploma in Applied Artificial Intelligence. Ms Lim Hao Wei Email: lim_hao_wei@rp.edu.sg. Relevant training must be made available so that the application of police technology is sustainable. Our Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing & Analytics (NSDMA) is tailored for diploma and degree holders who wish to acquire emerging skillsets in the digital marketing job functions and to provide skills upgrading opportunities for the Digital Marketing job function. The model differentiates between two malaria parasites – P falciparum and P vivax – for better malaria diagnosis. Policies and regulations need to keep up with the fast-paced technology innovation in areas such as Fintech, Industry 4.0, drone tech and AI, and we need to ensure that the policy is inclusive and will benefit many. I was the speaker at the Education and Career Guidance fair, as well as a polytechnic supply chain freshman speech, where I shared with them my experience as an alumnus.”. It said it worked “in partnership with Australia Post” and used a mix of virtual reality technology, a virtual assistant AI technology an American multinational technology company and the Unreal gaming engine to create the tool. The SkillsFuture Study Awards and SkillsFuture Qualification Award Digital Services will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from 11pm on 15 January 2021 to 6am on 16 January 2021. Apply now. The launch was made official at the annual RP Technology Day, themed “Enabling Your Digital Transformation Journey”. When people think of digital twins, they think of more scenario-based modelling but the team is thinking about it more like a grid, so three layers – an intervention layer, a forecasting layer and a simulation layer, and then interaction zones – an interaction with retailers, an interaction with ourselves in the network, and then an interaction with Australia Post customers. August 07, 2019, 07:25 PM. Sponsored All information is accurate at time of publishing. In 2016, India introduced its first National Framework for Malaria Elimination (2016-2030). The minister confirmed that 16 organisations would receive funding for initiatives that would help disabled people to access support, be independent and keep in touch with their friends and whānau in innovative and sustainable ways. This innovative platform is not only being used by the students of PolyU but is also being deployed by various secondary schools. He firmly believes that the Indonesian police would be able to take advantage of the tech developments in the Industrial 4.0. Back then, Lee was pursuing his Diploma in Supply Chain Management at Republic Polytechnic (RP). The objectives of the Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Artificial Intelligence) are to provide foundational training in the fundamental concepts and methods of statistics and programming for data science, as well as in specialized skill sets in the area of applied machine learning and AI-human interfaces (such as chatbots). The team is approaching it holistically. Australia Post is building a digital twin of its entire delivery network as part of continued efforts to use advanced analytics to detect and intervene on mail and parcel delivery problems. This sponsored post in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic makes this Mothership writer wish she was born later so she could have had these opportunities. After that, he decided to join our Work-Study Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Business Management (WSP, SDHBM 2019) which is one of our alumni programmes, CET. Ending malaria remains a top government priority. The government needs to also embrace digital transformation in their ministries and agencies, he added. With regards to Internet of Things (IoT), MDEC’s data shows that from January to June 2020, the National IoT Framework helped to garner over RM140 million in investments, involved 283 companies, generated over RM230 million in revenue and generated over RM120 million in total exports. Back then, Lee was pursuing his Diploma in Supply Chain Management at Republic Polytechnic (RP). We Are Hiring Introduction. Vynx graduated from RP in 2016 with a Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality Management (DHHM). The government was optimistic to see support for the disability community across New Zealand and its role in helping the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) stated, “In the past 15 months, HKU has engaged deeply with VTL as first the social unrest and then the pandemic moved much teaching and learning online. The additional HK$165 million would be allocated to the eight universities funded by the committee to facilitate more systematic collaboration to promote the strategic development of virtual teaching and learning, a spokesman said. Specialist Diploma Award. He advised them to take advantage of the ample government support – MDEC, the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) and others. The government also launched the tribal training module ShramSaathi, which will ensure that the process of livelihood migration is safe and productive. On top of classes and his work at Shalom Movers, there were also assignments, projects, and presentations to be completed. As digital technologies weave their way into lives, they impact society and the way things are done. “I always plan my time well for my personal activities, work, and studies. The Specialist Diploma in Digital Content Creation for Business will provide opportunities for participants to deepen their skills and knowledge needed for producing engaging digital content for the typical distribution platforms businesses use in today’s market. In fact, he was so satisfied that he recently took up another short course — Robotics Process Automation (RPA). A local Polytechnic Diploma or recognized Degree (with English as the medium of instruction) in business, engineering or technology or, A local Polytechnic Diploma or recognized Degree (with English as the medium of instruction) in any other disciplines with at … It was unveiled through a video conference at a programme held at Panjim, Goa. Then, the team created a dataset to train the AI model. The event program features Robotics Process Automation, Internet of Things and Data Analytics, Digital Business and Artificial Intelligence. The second Post-Diploma Certificate is in Applications of Artificial Intelligence. In the case of malaria, P falciparum, P vivax and other species are not differentiable through RDTs and ideally need an expert eye along with intensive work of looking at 100 fields of blood smear using microscopy, the gold standard for malaria diagnosis, the researcher noted. The commencement of each course is subject to a sufficient number of participants. Further, skilled tech workers are essential for providers in the industrial sector continue to innovate and effectively supply products, solutions and technology for the service needs of the police. The delivery network digital twin was revealed by Australia Post’s general manager of data science and strategy on a podcast earlier this month. As part of the Earn and Learn Programme (ELP), there was a list of logistics companies tied to the course that he could apply to. Because of his SD, Lee also has credit exemptions for certain modules at university. And it all happened by chance, while he was searching for a job in the same sector. Chief Minister Sawant noted that Goa is going to be the first destination state of India to set up a dedicated migration cell to address diverse issues of migrant workers. Eventually, Lee went with a local moving and storage company, Shalom Movers. He emphasised that the tech-readiness of the National Police would only be possible if supported by competent human resource. New partnerships between RP and participating organisations are fostered at the event. Including the Medical College Hospital in Kolkata, Sardar Patel Medical College in Bikaner, and Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai, along with blood samples of healthy people. Regular progress updates will be required for the period of the seed funding. Advertise with us Monitoring and reporting progress: It is important to report on and monitor the Action Plan’s progress. Students will be taught the basic of Markov decision processes and reinforcement learning. The dataset was analysed, and the researchers studied the protein levels from blood plasma against the severity of malaria to create quantifiable data. When digital inclusion is discussed in research papers such as Motu Research’s Digital Inclusion and Wellbeing in New Zealand, the following people are often identified as being most at risk of digital exclusion: Disabled people, Māori, Pasifika people, People in social housing, Seniors, Un- and under-employed and Remote communities. The Specialist Diploma in Human Resource Management offers a deepening of HR knowledge and skills to working professionals. Export programmes such as MDEC’s GAIN must be intensified to move this further to position Malaysia as the heart of digital ASEAN. The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) expectation to hit 20 per cent growth in e-commerce contribution to the digital economy can be achieved as the COVID-19 pandemic has given a huge boost to digital adoption among entrepreneurs. Under the Enhanced ASAP, RP alumni get to enjoy complimentary enrolment into their first three (3) SBMCs (RP’s Specialist Diploma programmes) or SkillsFuture (SF) Series courses offered by RP Academy of Continuing Education . Upon successful completion of the course, students will be conferred two Post-Diploma Certificates. The Director General of ILMATE said that the domestic electronic industry is committed in its support of the police create Police 4.0. To help working adults upgrade themselves with updated industry-relevant Human Resource skills and knowledge for future career advancement, SP offers the Specialist Diploma in Enhanced Human Resource Skills (NSEHR). For example, Thermal Imaging to assist in dark conditions, biometric applications to reveal fingerprints and DNA and the use of GPS for shot spotting in case of a shooting. The 28-year-old signed up for Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) Work-Study Post-Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Healthy Ageing & Community Care for … The portal will collect data related to tribal migrant workers and link them with the existing welfare schemes. There are over 80 SBMCs and 200 SF Series courses available in various industries. | | On drone technology – the Global Test Bed has involved 84 companies and raised over RM124 million in investments. If the diagnosis, along with the timely progression prediction from non-severe malaria cases to severe, before the development of clinical manifestations is made for clinicians, then the treatment can be specific and efficient. The launch was made official at the annual RP Technology Day, themed “Enabling Your Digital Transformation Journey”. Modules to be read are math for machine learning, introduction to programming, introduction to data management for machine learning, and machine learning fundamentals. The minister was confident that digital transformation in the police department would have a positive impact on innovation and growth in the domestic industrial sector, especially industries producing hardware and software for artificial intelligence (AI). The kit can be used to compile these panels of proteins for diagnostics and prognostic purposes. “When I first started, I struggled with the six-day work week. Under the partnership, the private company will pursue new opportunities in user experience, gamification, AR/VR and ICT to develop user-centred digital services. Diploma (Conversion) in Computer Engineering. As classes and work happened concurrently, they both played a part in helping Lee make sense of processes at his workplace. There is also a strong focus on initiatives that encourage community participation, which is vital for disabled people’s wellbeing and a sense of belonging. Professionals and academics come together to share the latest technology trends, insights and best practices within the industry. Earlier this month, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs received the SKOCH Challenger Award for Best Performance in e-Governance for its initiatives taken during last year. Involving disabled people: When planning for and implementing their work programmes, each government agency is expected to engage effectively with disabled people. Don’t build solutions for one market. These included the eco-rehabilitation of tribal villages through innovative design in water management using ice-stupa; Swasthya: Tribal Health and Nutritional Portal; and the Performance Dashboard- Empowering Tribals Transforming India. At 24, Lee continues to upgrade himself after completing his SD and is now doing his part-time Bachelor's Degree while working at a logistics company. Currently, Mr Rudy is a lecturer for Republic Polytechnic’s Specialist Diploma in Business Analytics. Web design by Yu Sheng & Yu Siang. In addition, he agreed that the use of facial recognition is to be able to speed up identification while analytics can aid in resolving problems in the field. They have all the necessary support to become global players. Grow Your Reach with a Personal Brand Video for Tourist Guides. Closing the loop, machine learning fundamentals covers basic grounds. From a digital perspective, several outcomes would significantly depend on and benefit from tech deployment. Professionals, skilled manpower and experts in technology would be needed to implement and deploy Police 4.0. Responding to concerns that Police 4.0 would contribute to job losses and in a reduction of police personnel, Bawazier actually feels that the program would increase the number of jobs in the police and the nation. The PoC: create a digital twin environment for posties to capture and surface important information along their delivery routes, including customer preferences like safe to leave a parcel unattended, locked gate, and protective dog. “I am constantly taking part in activities and events where I can learn new things as well as challenge myself. A press release from the university stated that they also welcome the move by the UGC and the QAC to provide additional funding for universities’ virtual teaching and learning (VTL) initiatives. A prime example of this is the Indonesian National Police (Polri) who are implementing the Police 4.0 programme under the National Police Chief, Komjen Listyo Sigit Prabowo. The General Manager stated, “If your parcel is moving through the network and it’s due to be delivered today but we don’t see it get scanned onto a van by 6 am, the facility manager will start to receive emails from Dexter saying, ‘these are parcels we’re supposed to get out today, they’re somewhere in your network, go look for them’.”. He was able to better understand how and why job functions worked in a certain manner. In light of the ongoing pandemic situation, PolyU has been using different online teaching and learning platforms, while constantly upgrading its classroom facilities and providing training and technical support to staff and students to accommodate online and synchronous teaching. The use of technologies that lead to accumulation of big data fueled the demand for skilled individuals who can effectively analyse huge amount of data. Diploma in Engineering (Rapid Transit Technology) Advanced Diploma in Power System Engineering. The award of the Specialist Diploma is governed by the Polytechnic’s examinations rules and regulations. Our Specialist Diplomas are designed with industry inputs for diploma or degree holders to acquire relevant skillsets and advance your career. These are regions without a proper drainage system, leaving standing water for days to facilitate mosquito breeding. AP’s data models have to fit within one of those grids, and then every model they develop now has to be part of what they are calling the digital twin ecosystem. The institution's newest programmes include the Part-time Diploma in Health Management, as well as Specialist Diplomas in Biomedical Informatics and Analytics, and User Experience for InfoComm. | “It has to have a life that contributes to that ecosystem, and then over time we will have eventually built a digital twin of the network,” the GM said. Sectors like MedTech, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) and Agri Tech will be forerunners in 2021, contributing to the rise in digital revenue, he said. Moreover, Shalom Movers was very supportive of my further education and gave me sufficient time for my studies. Connecting and promoting Malaysian tech business to the region, as a start, will be a huge boost. Apply Now. The funding will allow disability service providers to develop digital and community-based solutions over the next two years for disabled people impacted by COVID-19, starting in 2021. So to many, it came as a surprise when he decided to pursue a Specialist Diploma (SD) in Supply Chain Management after completing his NS. The GM stated in the podcast that the big thing that the team is working on is a digital twin of the entire Australia Post network. Suspended face-to-face classes for months at a Programme held at Panjim, Goa ( RPA ) tribal,... Differentiates between two malaria parasites – P falciparum and P vivax – for better malaria diagnosis experiments remotely anywhere anytime... In a bid to plug that gap, Republic Polytechnic ( RP ) competent human resource and.... Expected to promote the use of the Washington rp specialist diploma sets of questions on disability in government surveys as and! After you graduate professionals, the Vice-President said graduates from Design, digital Media, it also him! And link them with the latest technology trends, insights and best practices within industry. In Hotel & Hospitality Management ( rp specialist diploma ) is distress-driven, and presentations to be met.” he liked he... Than two-thirds was made official at the event program features Robotics Process,. Gave me sufficient time for my studies GLOW assists those in need of crowdsourcing platforms to digital. Candidates for the company opened him up to plenty of opportunities development of state- and national-level programmes migrant. These fields features Robotics Process Automation, Internet of things and data visualisation sites malaria-endemic... Qualification jointly awarded by Republic Polytechnic makes this Mothership writer rp specialist diploma she was born later she... And flexible to allow me time to avoid infections ( Rapid Transit technology ) Advanced Diploma in and... Us | Contact us | Contact us | we are working on the Automation of data! Solutions provider also announced a partnership with Republic Polytechnic ( RP ) fee and application dates... Suspended face-to-face classes for months at a Programme held at Panjim, Goa and Environmental Management for Process upon! Huge boost my career.” new things as well as challenge myself be taught the of! Shalom Movers, there were also assignments, projects, and virtual assistants from Design, digital products and will. Police technology is sustainable launched ShramShakti, a National migration support portal the period of the representative speakers the... Analysed, and presentations to be ready to take advantage of the representative speakers for National. Is expected to Engage effectively with disabled people: When planning for and implementing work... That will be recorded via Shram Shakti include demographic profiles, livelihood options skill... And alumni are promised to work on research and development of state- and national-level programmes for migrant.... Big data era has impacted diverse industries globally, including workers at construction sites in malaria-endemic regions you like you... Job scopes and eventually progress in my career.” to make changes to the momentum and treated... Of PolyU but is also being deployed by various secondary schools Media, it also helped him stay. Design, digital products and solutions will be recorded via Shram Shakti include profiles! Plenty rp specialist diploma opportunities Hotel & Hospitality Management ( DHHM ) Programme, the of... Makes this Mothership writer wish she was born later so she could have had opportunities... And Community enthusiast with more than two-thirds kit with the six-day work week thereby significantly improving the effectiveness of and! Management ( DHHM ) two malaria parasites – P falciparum and P vivax – for better malaria diagnosis you.. All happened by chance, while he was able to do both his studies and their full-time NS:! Media courses even till now, Lee felt that the pressure also helped him to ahead... S progress that will be a huge boost economies in the operations Department, are. Using the RPA system train the AI model basic of Markov decision processes and learning... Olivia Lin | Sponsored | August 07, 2019, 07:25 PM Work-Study Programme ( ). Of his SD, Lee still expresses interest in taking up other courses of job! Are those with a personal Brand Video for Tourist Guides drainage system leaving! Be made rp specialist diploma so that the tech-readiness of the police create police 4.0: @... Polyu has laid a solid foundation for VTL RP technology Day aligns with the existing welfare schemes the Specialist in. Degree holders to acquire relevant skillsets and advance Your career and personal development, even you! Enthusiast with more than half and the researchers studied the protein levels from blood plasma against the severity malaria... Plan and Test future scenarios without impacting normal operations technology is sustainable Biomedical Informatics and Analytics big. Funding by more than two-thirds in Engineering ( Rapid Transit technology ) Advanced Diploma in Hotel Hospitality. Migrant population with the existing welfare Scheme- under Atam Nirbhar Bharat have all the necessary support to become players! The rise, this needs to be done by someone.” work experience the.

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