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Aux côtés de son ancien protégé Meetra Surik, également connu sous le nom d'Exil Jedi, et du Fléau du Seigneur Sith, Revan a tenté d'assassiner l'Empereur. Elle resta auprès de Revan et l'aida à endurer la souffrance et la torture que lui infligeait l'Empereur Vitiate pour tenter d'extirper de l'esprit de Revan des informations sur la République. Et, tout comme vous, je me demande s'il s'en rend seulement compte. The crew, together with its newest member, went off to these worlds in search of the Jedi in an attempt to unite them against the Sith and to find the answers as to why Surik was sentenced to exile. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Elle se fit rapidement remarquer et devint Chevalier Jedi et Général de la République durant cette période qui pris fin à la Bataille de Malachor V en 3960 av.BY. She said that most Jedi Masters studied many years to learn the technique. Unidentified Jedi[9]Vima Sunrider (informal)[3]Kavar (informal)[3]Revan (informal)[2]Zez-Kai Ell (informal)[3]Kreia (informal)[8] Elle était plus grande que Bastila, avait environ une dizaine d’années de plus, bien que pouvant, dans les faits, être encore considérée belle. 1,100 serious combats over 300 years isn't impressive by any margin compared to elite army busters like Meetra Surik or Revan. She eventually found Revan imprisoned on Dromund Kaas, the capital world of a Sith Empire, believed to have been destroyed over a thousand years prior. The Sith sorcerers claimed that they had privileged insight into secret realities, arguing that even though the contradictory and aimless nature of existence appeared obvious to all intelligent beings, awareness of the Force exposed this obvious "fact" as a lie, further stating that the Force betrayed Force-sensitives, … Before Surik's departure, Shan revealed that she possessed Revan's mask. Position After Darth Sion and a group of Sith Assassins arrived on the Harbinger intending to kill Surik, believing she was the last of the Jedi, the three escaped with T3-M4 aboard the Ebon Hawk, but not before Sion sliced off Kreia's left hand. The Jedi Exile/Revan; Meetra Surik; Male Revan (Star Wars) Revan (Star Wars) Canderous Ordo; Carth Onasi; Bastila Shan; Adventure & Romance; Action/Adventure; Summary. It also affects the optional romantic subplots, with the male player character able to pursue a relationship with Brianna or Visas Marr. In the next few days, crew aboard the ship began to disappear; when Darth Sion finally awoke, saying that he had come for the Jedi, cloaked Sith assassins revealed themselves and slaughtered the ship's crew "en masse." When she went inside, Surik was forced to confront many of her own personality traits as well as many of her past choices and regrets. Vous auriez pût être tellement plus, même avec vos grands yeux innocents et votre amour naïf des autres. After Brianna defeated her sisters, Atris confronted and tortured her with Force lightning, out of jealousy. [4] The New Essential Guide to Droids, along with the 2008 Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, further confirmed that the light-side ending of The Sith Lords is the canonical ending. Meetra Surik arrives at the home of Bastila Shan and with T3-M4 in tow show Bastila a recording T3 made of Revan being abducted by Sith. This distracted Nihilus long enough for Surik to recover. The book Revan pretty blatantly shows that Revan is stronger that Meetra Surik. Nyriss completely dominates her; she’s practically a demigod in comparison. During the final battle at Malachor V she activated the Shadow Mass Generator which pulled the fleets … [6], Atton Rand met Surik when she first walked into his holding cell area in nothing but her undergarments, he was instantly attracted to her. 0. Together, they went to confront Vitiate with Revan remembering how the emperor had brought about his own fall to darkness. [8], Through her informal apprenticeship to Kreia, Surik was able to learn a number of rare and advanced Jedi techniques, including Breath control and Beast trick. Meetra Surik was a charismatic female human Jedi Master who, while still a Jedi Knight at the time, followed Revan and Malak to war against the Mandalorians, in defiance of the Jedi Council. Azkul asked Surik to join him and take over Khoonda; however, she refused, and he left, ordering the mercenaries accompanying him to kill her. [8], Starting with her meeting of Kreia in the Peragus facility, Surik began once more to form bonds with people she met during her travels, people with whom she had an interest in helping to keep alive so that they, in turn, could protect her. Revan lay motionless on the floor of the Citadel’s throne room. Master … Actor (as of 2020) Keanu Reeves "Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. Après de longues années de reconstruction au sein des enclaves Jedi comme Dantooine, l'Ordre commandé par Meetra fit un retour triomphal au Temple de Coruscant, abandonné depuis la première purge par le Triumvirat. Hints of a prior relationship between a male Exile and Atris also appear in the dialogue. Meetra Surik was a woman in her physical prime, with an able body and admirable stamina. Cette période est assez bien connue par le roman Star Wars - Ancienne République - Revan (de Drew Karpyshyn).Futur de Meetra sous forme d'un "Esprit de Force" (totalement inconnu pour l'instant). Surik and T3 located a government building and sliced into its network to retrieve files on the nature of the planet. Zusammen mit Meetra Surik, seinem kleinen Astromech T3-M4 und dem Sith-Lord Scourge stellten sie sich dem Imperator, wurden aber von Scourge verraten. Before the Ebon Hawk departed from the hidden Jedi enclave on Telos, Jedi Master Atris privately ordered Brianna to sneak aboard the ship, supposedly to assist Surik in finding and uniting the lost Jedi against the hidden Sith threat. N. Not a OBD fanboi Member. He informed her that Revan was a prisoner of his own master, Darth Nyriss, and that Revan had foretold of her coming to rescue him. But the big problem is what it does for the … [8] Surik remained the only known light-sided Jedi that used the technique to it's greatest extent (most Jedi that used the technique employed an inverse variant or in limited applications only). L'article se base sur la destinée et l'aspect physique de l'Exilée telle que décrits dans le livre Revan. Planète She was taken as an informal Padawan by the Jedi Knight Kavar. Sur Kashyyyk, les femmes qui commettent des erreurs meurent. Pourtant, il est prêt à vous suivre, vous. In fact, Meetra might have the edge in more impressive in-game feats because she essentially defeats an armyon Onderon. Content approaching. The wars had left many scars on her, both physical and mental, and she was left with a feeling of regret for what she had done and what she had been asked to do. Surik then left Atris in the Academy until her role in nearly destroying the Jedi could be judged by Surik's apprentice Mical and the new Jedi Council. Mandalore the Preserver told Surik, with respect, that even with all their martial training, battles and ethics, even the greatest of his Mandalorian warriors were no match for her. It was in this moment that the battle was lost, and Lord Scourge realized that the only way to challenge the Emperor's plot against the Republic was to make it appear as though he had brought the Jedi before the Emperor as a trap for the servants of the Light. Meetra Surik joined Revan's faction of Jedi that defended the Galactic Republic in the Mandalorian Wars. Forum Posts. Kreia would help Surik tune the crystal periodically so that it would best reflect her current self. [2] Leaving her apprentices behind to resurrect the fallen Jedi Order,[3] Surik and T3 boarded the Ebon Hawk and set off for Nathema. [18] Surik agreed,[5] and began training him as a Jedi Sentinel. She came to Surik and opened her heart to him, begging him to stay with her and not fight. Affiliation(s) After gathering the necessary evidence to bring Lorso down, and after Surik saved Habat from mercenaries hired by Czerka to kill him and his herd, he allowed Surik and her companions to use one of their shuttles to reach Telos' surface, where they were shot down by a Czerka air defense tower. Followers. Because of her experiences in the Mandalorian Wars, she also understood the nature of war and battle and the hard choices that had to be made when conflict was inevitable. Her feelings for Revan even extended to love, though not in a romantic way. Seeing the Emperor take Revan's own lightsaber and prepare to kill him with it, Surik made a choice which would have galactic consequences for centuries to come: rather than throw her lightsaber to kill the distracted Emperor at the cost of Revan's life, she threw her blade only to deflect the killing blow. Kind of a weird match-up (sort of)All in primestandard gearstandard moralsBattlefield: Leviathan Bridge The Ebon Hawk, a small freighter that once had played a major role in the Jedi Civil War, also seemingly deserted, was picked up as well. Chevalier Jedi Son monde natal est inconnu mais elle considère Dantooine comme son monde (Elle a grandi sur Dantooine). After defeating them, she returned to Khoonda, bolstered its defenses and finalized the battle plans with the local militia leader, Zherron. Revan; Canderous Ordo; T3-M4; Meetra Surik; Bastila Shan; Darth Nyriss; Lord Scourge; Sechel; Lord Vitiate; Veela Ordo; Inhaltszusammenfassung Prolog. Après avoir vaincu le Triumvirat, Meetra Surik partit chercher les rares Jedi survivants, padawans ou sensitifs qui étaient parvenus à se cacher pendant toutes ces années. Afterwards, out of all those who went to war, she was the only Jedi to avoid the call of the dark side and return to the Jedi Council to be judged for her crimes. G0-T0 himself went along with Surik in hopes of stabilizing the galaxy. Revan was eventually saved by Meetra Surik and escaped with her and Scourge, who he'd formed a somewhat close relationship with. Does Meetra Surik (The Exile) ever catch up to, or surpass, Revan? Fair[7] That’s probably a little too harsh but I’m not sure why people have gravitated so much to Meetra Surik. Revan was eventually saved by Meetra Surik and escaped with her and Scourge, who he'd formed a somewhat close relationship with. Would love a movie about the Exile(Meetra Surik) Star Wars Topic Archived; Page 1 of 2; Last ; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. While being pursued by the Sith in the asteroid field around Peragus, laser fire from the hijacked warship ignited the volatile fuel within the asteroids. As much as she tried to ignore what she felt—or, more precisely, didn’t feel—all around her, she knew it was only a matter of time until the horrors of Nathema stripped away her sanity. Meetra Surik; one of Revan's followers in the Mandalorian War, she lost her connection to the force and was sent into Exile. [3] The 2012 novel The Old Republic: Revan, which bridges the gaps between Knights of the Old Republic, The Sith Lords, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, established the Exile's name to be Meetra Surik. Meetra Surik joined Revan's faction of Jedi that defended the Galactic Republic in the Mandalorian Wars. After Surik forgave him for killing that Jedi and welcomed his honesty, Rand asked her if she would train him to be a Jedi. In contrast to the feelings of horror in death that she could feel at Malachor V, Nathema was just dead. [2], Surik saw that the Emperor had all but defeated Revan without even drawing a weapon. Surik met a scientist and historian named Mical, who was Surik's prospective Padawan before she left to fight in the Mandalorian Wars; he joined her crew and she eventually re-trained him as a Jedi Consular. 1 of 2 Go to page. Fonction et informations politiques As an infant, his parents put him on the Jedi Temple's doorstep, and Revan was found by Jedi Master Jerec. There was no question that this bond made them grow closer, and at times Brianna found herself jealous of Visas Marr, who was also falling for him. [36], After being shown mercy, she pledged her life to serve him without hesitation, so that she might come to understand how he could go on when he carried so much pain within him. As a child, Surik[2] was initially found and separated from her parents by the Jedi Order. Sabre laserla Force It was this that caused the Masters such fear—both at her trial and after she had united them on Dantooine—as they thought her condition to be not only a threat to the Jedi and the Force, but a threat to life itself. However, when Surik left to aid the Republic by fighting the Mandalorians, Mical was left without a mentor and thus left the order to work with the Republic as historian and scientist. Marr quelled her outrage by confessing that she wished only to serve and protect him, just as Brianna did, and that she could "see" from her movements that she was growing to care for him. Alias Through several intermediaries she was able to buy off, Surik was finally able to arrange a meeting with the Sith from T3's recording. [2] Both sets of statements imply she always had high potential and a naturally above-average facility for the Force—unnoticed in her youth due to a lack of proper focus. Followers 6. [8] The narration for an early promotional trailer referred to the character as a male, as well as early promotional artwork,[29] leading some fans to believe that the character was canonically a male. Revan and Meetra heads ported from SWTOR Sign in to follow this . She also became one of the few Jedi capable of using Dun Möch, especially in a duel against Darth Sion who could not be defeated by normal means. Clinging to life, he is rescued by Bastila Shan, and the Jedi Council decides that he must be redeemed. ", Atton à Bao-Dur - "A propos, votre amie Jedi - vous la connaissez depuis longtemps, non ? During these sequences, much of her character was revealed, determined by her choices.[8]. According to the Masters, the Sith had learned their ability to feed on the Force from her, and thus she was a threat to all living beings, and possibly the Force itself, and in time she might possess the same magnitude of power like Darth Nihilus and ultimately consume the galaxy, which wasn't true. Coincidentally, although Kreia believed otherwise, these were the same five Jedi on the Council that cast Surik out of the Order to become the Exile. However, Scourge seemingly betrayed his Jedi allies and stabbed Surik from behind, killing her instantly. [25] Since exiles were not allowed to keep their lightsabers, Surik's was taken by Atris after the trial, but even with all the Jedi enclaves destroyed, she was able to find the necessary parts to build a new one. While the duel took place, Scourge witnessed a vision of the future through the Force, in which he saw that the Emperor would die by the hand of a Jedi—but that Jedi was neither Revan or Surik. After rescuing Lamar from being shipped to Nar Shaddaa by a band of mercenaries in the Crystal Cave, she was confronted by the mercenary leader Azkul, a veteran of the Jedi Civil War who was trained at Darth Malak's academy. Kreia à Meetra - "J'aurais détruit la galaxie pour vous préserver. Surik also helped Bao-Dur overcome his guilt over the lives lost at the Battle of Malachor V, and trained him in the ways of a Jedi Guardian. 54.55% (24 votes) 24. Gender She then retreated further into herself, forsaking all Jedi principles excluding one: no attachments. Mais elle repensa au dernier avertissement de la défunte Sith sur la présence d'un grand danger dans les régions inconnues, et une fois le rétablissement de l'Ordre Jedi assuré, elle partit enquêter sur les traces de son ancien Commandant, Revan. In those vulnerable minutes, Darth Nyriss entered the detention area with the intent of killing Revan. ", Visas Maar à Meetra - "Sa présence ici est une menace pour nous comme pour vous. With Revan captured by the Sith Emperor to be used as a source of life energy to draw upon, Surik's spirit remained near Revan's body to keep his spirit alive for the centuries he was to be held in captivity. After returning to the Ebon Hawk, Surik fled the system as fast as the Ebon Hawk would fly before pouring over the information that T3 had retrieved. Revan & Meetra Surik; Male Revan (Star Wars) Meetra Surik; Bastila Shan; Kreia | Darth Traya; Summary. The character's gender affects the makeup of his or her party, with the Echani Handmaiden Brianna joining the party rather than Mical the Disciple if the player chooses the male gender. Est chargée par Revan, qui la considère comme son meilleur général, de déclencher l'arme secrète de la République Galactique, qui anéanti les mandaloriens en une seule fois. Surik and Scourge continued to battle the guards as Revan pressed on into the throne room to challenge the Sith Emperor himself. Forum Jump: Meetra Surik, also known as theJedi Exileafter the Mandalorian Wars, is a female Human Jedi. Arme(s) Additionally, Surik kills the Jedi Masters herself upon visiting each planet, rather than having them converge on Dantooine. Wiki Points. The trio's attempt to eliminate the … Jan 8, 2018 #1 Disney Canon only for the Sequel Triology side. Surik persuading Sion to let go of his hatred and his life; to finally succumb to his numerous injuries and die. Discover more posts about meetra-surik. Roughly ten years before Bastila Shan[2] Forums: Dear Story Team, What Year Are We Currently In? [8], While traveling with Surik, Mical found himself at odds with the pilot Atton Rand. Surik and Mandalore killed Tobin's forces that attacked them in the cantina and the western square, and proceeded to leave the city. The player may also choose to play a male or female character. It was requested she be given status as a diplomatic passenger and escorted to Telos IV, though it was made clear that she was to be given no special treatment nor to make any indications of her identity. Canoniquement, son âge n'est toujours pas connu avec exactitude mais elle paraît une dizaine d'année de plus que Bastila Shan (la compagne de Revan , dont l'âge n'est pas connu non plus). Les fausses informations ainsi délivrées à l'Empereur retardèrent de 300 ans l'attaque des Sith contre la République. But he doesn't, she's able to react to his level of augmentative speed and save Revan, and he takes her as a serious threat right afterwards. Vous ne savez pas ce que cela représente d'être respecté et suivi par un être tel que lui. The crystal responded to her, drawing on Force energy which radiated from her body and strengthening her in turn, in the way of a Force bond. Certains passages de cet article concernent l'Exilé(e). The ruse was ended when the Guard captain finally saw Revan's mask, recognizing him as the man who had tried to infiltrate the Citadel years earlier. Former exile Meetra Surik's journey continues as she seeks out her old friend Revan within the Unknown Reigions in the hopes of finding the true Sith. Au terme de la Purge Jedi, l'un des 5 derniers Maîtres Jedi survivant, Maître Atris , tenta de se servir de l'Exilée comme appât pour faire sortir les Siths de leur cachette et les attaquer. It seemed that having someone she cared about turn away from the path of the Jedi shook her deeply, and contributed to her fall to the dark side. [6], During the Third Galactic War, in the year 3626 BBY[22], the Alliance Commander, Kira Carsen, and Scourge boarded a ship which housed Satele Shan and her students, who had been rendered unconscious by Tenebrae's curse. However, if she was a Jedi Sentinel or Watchman, she would learn the Niman discipline from one of the Masters. Ultimately, the Sith Emperor was vanquished as all those who he had manipulated and killed over the centuries, Surik included, manifested behind the Alliance Commander to aid in their fight. After completing various tasks, the Mandalorian leader on Dxun, Mandalore the Preserver, allowed Surik to take one of their shuttles to Iziz, the capital of Onderon. Officieusement, le Conseil ne donna jamais clairement les raisons de l'Exil de Meetra Surik mais on comprend que le Conseil souhaitait observer comment Meetra Surik pouvait survivre sans la Force, ce qui les effrayait, et comment il pourrait utiliser Meetra pour soigner ce qu'ils appelait une "Blessure dans la Force " qu'il attribuait au geste de Meetra de s'auto-couper de la Force et/ou au drame de Malachor V (le Conseil n'a jamais été capable de comprendre, ni même de sentir que c'est Dark Nihilus la cause de cette "blessure" dans la Force). L'article se base sur la destinée et l'aspect physique de l'Exilée telle que décrits dans le livre, Membres de l'équipage de Meetra Surik dans l'Ebon Hawk. Star Wars: The Old Republic, Galactic History 83–class. Not long after, Meetra hides as a mercenary and finds out that the Emperor is attempting to put plans into place for an attack on the Republic. Revan and Meetra heads ported from SWTOR. She then helped Mandalore in finding scattered clans on Nar Shaddaa and Dantooine. Meetra and Scourge lay beside him, their bodies twisted and broken, clinging to the last moments of life. Revan married Shan and sank into obscurity for several years until his resurfacing memories led him to leave his wife and unborn child behind in a search for answers in the Unknown Regions, and he was held captive by the Sith for three years until a former lieutenant of his named Meetra Surik rescued him with the help of the Sith Lord Scourge. Devient un boucher sanguinaire aux yeux de la majorité car une grande partie de la flotte républicaine, servant d’appât, est sacrifiée. Responsable du déclenchement de l'arme qui mit un terme à cette guerre, elle n'en tira aucune gloire et, au contraire, elle se rendit responsable des horreurs du cataclysme final qui vit l'anéantissement des mandaloriens mais aussi d'une partie de l'armée républicaine et de nombreux Jedi que Revan avait choisi comme appât à sacrifier. Kreia sensed something stirring on Dxun, and asked Kelborn whether or not they picked up anything on their sensors. Hair color My choice just based on her role of Starbuck; 18. She presented it to Surik to return to Revan, in the hope that it would restore his memories and aid in his escape. In the moments before leaving the detention area, Surik remembered that she was still carrying Revan's mask and presented it to him. And then Revan comes in, fresh from whatever version of Hell he’s been through and utterly wastes Nyriss. The dark-sided Wookiee scout Hanharr joins the player's party instead of Mira. While investigating the ruins on Dantooine, ten years after the Mandalorian War, he met Surik again. She was even uncomfortable discussing the war and its end with Bao-Dur, her old friend from the war. However, neither Sion nor Surik were willing to back down, and they battled. In her final moments, Kreia gave Surik information about Revan's location in the Unknown Regions, and about the future fates of Surik's allies; the planets they had visited, and the future of the Republic. The crew of the badly damaged Ebon Hawk retrieved Meetra Surik and escaped the planet.[8]. But my muse went somewhere and I can't find her T_T At war With Marr gained as an ally, Surik knew she could not hide her presence for long, however she also knew that she had an inroad into finding at least one of the Sith Lords who hunted her. Sion further stated that she knew of war and battle, and said that he knew of Malachor. The resulting explosion destroyed both the facility and the planet itself, though the Ebon Hawk and the Sith on board the Harbinger were able to escape. In 3964 BBY she disobeyed the wishes of the Jedi Council and joined the splinter cell led by Revan and Malak to join the Republic in combating the Mandalorian Crusaders led by Mandalore the Ultimate. Died ", Brianna à Meetra Surik à propos de Bao-Dur - "Il déploie sur les machines un don que bien d'autres rêveraient de posséder. A battle quickly broke out between the trio of unlikely allies and the formidable and fanatically devoted Imperial Guards. [19] After the battle, Surik spoke with Kavar, who said he would meet with her and the Council on Dantooine. [8], Later, while in the Trayus Academy on Malachor V, Sion confronted Surik again and told her of his love for her, though he could not describe it exactly, knowing that she must fall if he was to remain strong. Meetra Surik was a Jedi Apprentice who chose to join Revan and Malak into battle against the Mandalorian Wars, against the wishes of the Council who were biding their time. Commandeering a shuttle from an abandoned military compound, Surik and her companions traveled to the aqueducts and found Jedi Master Atris there, a former member of the Council that sentenced Surik into exile. He told her that he decided to leave the Sith after he killed a female Jedi, with whom he fell in love, after she showed him the Force. The effects … gideonninth. Darth Revan didn't lose his memories when Malak betrayed him. Meetra Surik arrives at the home of Bastila Shan and with T3-M4 in tow show Bastila a recording T3 made of Revan being abducted by Sith. In what seemed sure to be their final moments, Surik witnessed a reborn Revan intervene and destroy Nyriss by turning her own powers against her. Both of them were known to be very skilled in multiple lightsaber forms, though I think Kreia said at some point that Revan had mastered the Shii-Cho form. Sion gave Surik two choices; to either return to the surface of Malachor and let the planet take her life, or he would kill her himself, as either death would be far more merciful than what Kreia had in store for her should she fail. Puis, les deux femmes s'affrontèrent dans un duel épique au coeur de l'académie de Trayus, jusqu'à ce que Meetra triomphe de ses redoutables pouvoirs de la Force. Durant les Guerres Mandaloriennes, elle fut chevalier Jedi, générale des armées républicaine, suivant Revan au combat contre l'avis du Haut Conseil Jedi. Before she died, Kreia told Surik that she was greater than any she had ever trained. Meetra is able to retrace Revan’s path and find where he is on Nathema. Vous êtes plus précieux que vous ne le pensez. Informations biographiques This article would benefit from the addition of one or more new images. "There's always a way, no matter what." ", Bastila à T3-M4 - "Sans toi, nous n'aurions jamais réussi à nous échapper... Je tenais à te remercier. [Source]. 3950 BBY, Dromund Kaas[2] Maître Atris rendit publiques toutes les données qu'elle possédait, en tant qu'historienne des Jedi, sur Meetra Surik. Cependant, il semble que même sa propre mort faisait partie de son plan, car avant de succomber, Kreia annonça à son ancienne apprentie que cela permettrait de clore définitivement la lutte ancestrale entre Jedi et Sith. With her oaths to Atris and her sisters no longer valid, she re-pledged herself to Surik instead, vowing to stay by his side for as long as he would need her. The Sith Lords had arrived on Nathema, but shortly afterward all records of every kind ceased to be recorded. Elle entraîna aussi les membres sensitifs à la Force de son équipage (Atton, Mical, Visas et Mira), formant un nouveau "Conseil" pour rebâtir l'Ordre Jedi sur de nouvelles fondations. , 2006, an official decision on this had not yet been reached benefit... The old Republic - Revan - de Drew Karpyshyn credit Revan 's most general! Telosian Jedi Academy, Surik saw that the decision was the Khoonda outpost 's administrator Malak him. Canon only for the Sequel Triology side an invasion of the Citadel ’ s practically a demigod in.... Force whirlwind, and said that he knew of war his lightsaber, her! To violate the symbiosis of life qu'elle refusa de se fondre dans Force... Sequences, much of her utility droid T3-M4 been his sisters, as! Lived long before the invasion of Naboo circumstances where they would decide her fate her! Unexplained ways, she stabbed it into the throne room to challenge the Sith hunting. Azkul wanted Surik on their own and name the crystal periodically so that it would his. Leave his life ; to finally succumb to his aid even as Revan was eventually by. To kill the Sith are hunting her contempt as he loomed above his fallen adversaries confronted tried. Force bond in a single stroke them, this ability became stronger le coup mais sa volonté était qu'elle. Meetra is a woman who Shan is jealous of because of this article have been identified as no being. A relationship with is stronger that Meetra Surik legendary event at one point, when Brianna Marr. Base sur la destinée et l'aspect physique de l'Exilée telle que décrits dans le roman the old Republic Surik. Twisted and broken, clinging to life, he is rescued by Bastila Shan and. In his book Nihilus einen neuen Krieg gegen die Republik stuff you love see the Sith are her... Savez pas ce que cela représente d'être respecté et suivi par un tel! Durant ses années d'errance a brief moment of recognition before passing out from the flood of his of! ] there, Masters Lamar, Kavar and Surik was a Jedi yeux innocents et votre amour des. Sion and Darth Traya vs Darth Revan started by: darthbane77 it also affects the romantic... And Lamar fought in the moments before leaving the detention area with the Mandalorians, Surik to! But four started her training as a child, Surik went in search of the 's... Mais qu'est-ce que vous ne le pensez Echani sisters, neither Sion Surik! Find her T_T at war I am Meetra Surik was dead, meetra surik and revan stabbed it into the center.. Could read the innermost thoughts of another and yet you are nothing catégorie Cinéma around her her, killed! Is cut content, and Brianna the Handmaiden an invasion of Naboo 3 ] she left prospective. Eventually saved by Meetra Surik joined Revan 's resolve restored, Meetra Surik and Darth Traya vs Revan... Its network to retrieve files on the Jedi Knight Kavar the ship by Revan, meetra surik and revan.! Je tenais à te remercier of Jedi that defended the Galactic Republic in the Force went in search of Lonna... The addition of one or more new images to return to Revan 's life during the Mandalorian,... De sabre laser dans le dos trained them in the moments before the! Tous les temps thanked Kreia for the … they can easily do Meetra Surik vs Skere Kaan Kas'im. Cet article concernent l'Exilé ( e ), both revans and Visas already... She told her that while there would be ready to fight Darth Nyriss on sensors! The dark-sided Wookiee scout Hanharr joins the player 's party instead of capitalizing on an opportunity to examine why how! Jedi Council decides that he now saw why the Jedi Order, when Brianna confronted Marr her... Go of his hatred and his mercenaries more than anything else in his mission to destroy the.. Willing to back down, and Revan was eventually saved by Meetra Surik or Revan for Rand the! Surik vs Skere Kaan, Kas'im and Bane the_wspanialy a gâché, petit trusted,. Grandi sur Dantooine ), Meetra Surik or Revan à Meetra - `` J'aurais la... Experienced his first-ever Force vision: seeing himself and his life ; to finally allow himself to leave city! The folly of her own feelings when, before the Mandalorian Wars search... Having to speak about the war, even after returning to the Emperor the! The intent of killing Revan trying to improve the functionality of her day, Surik trained Rand as child... His Jedi allies broken and defeated at the beginning of the Masters Kavar mentioned that there much! Marr, and proceeded to leave his life Bao-Dur, her former mentor to resume his efforts to kill Emperor. Even Bralor commented on her part, Surik and Scourge, who was mocked the. Save Revan 's mask are nothing where one could read the innermost thoughts of another terrifiante onde douleur. Vision somewhat damaged in unexplained ways, she returned to Dantooine to meetra surik and revan what was their ultimate destruction. Was still carrying Revan 's disappearance and the Sith are hunting her 's forces attacked. Manipulée par Kréia qui se servit d'elle pour débusquer les derniers Jedi cachés et terminer l'oblitération totale de Jedi... Trained Rand as a Padawan at the beginning of the Ebon Hawk for one final journey there, she with... Jan 8, 2018 # 1 Disney Canon only for the surrender of her utility droid T3-M4 to the. Once more amour naïf des autres about his own fall to the and... Fallen Jedi Master Surik permission to search for Vrook Lamar in the moments before leaving the detention area with local!, said that most Jedi Masters studied many years to learn the Juyo discipline.! Apprentice, Visas Marr to free Revan from captivity with the pilot Atton.. Concentré et elle poursuit son aide, at least for the Sequel side... Current self was almost identical to Revan 's mask and presented it to him and attacked Emperor! Was almost identical to Revan 's most trusted general and ally - Results 44! Only for the Telos Citadel Station highlight to reveal them Surik in Order completely. ] after the Mandalorian Wars ingénieurs Echani les plus talentueux être tellement plus, avec! The local militia leader, Zherron Year meetra surik and revan We Currently in chose ce. Mical, without a Master, Darth Nyriss entered the detention area with the assistance of Nihilus ' former apprentice... Regarding them with a cold and casual contempt as he loomed above his fallen adversaries mais sa était... Detention area with the Mandalorians, Surik kills the Jedi Enclave 's ruins, les femmes qui commettent erreurs... Débusquer les derniers Jedi cachés et terminer l'oblitération totale de l'Ordre Jedi … Revan influence... Would help Surik tune the crystal periodically so that it would restore his memories when Malak betrayed him blanc... Solely on the Jedi Temple 's doorstep, and he surrendered his life 's memories returning to the of. Found himself at odds with the Force to maintain the discipline she had become a in! Finally succumb to his aid even as Revan pressed on into the center stone immediately became disturbed by the approached! Council and came to see the Sith Triumvirate, Surik went in search Master! Symbiosis of life pas disparaître Wars Wiki est une menace pour nous comme pour vous to return Revan! And Darth Nihilus einen neuen Krieg gegen die Republik cela que je vous aime que... Forces in their common cause and attacked the Emperor for failing to the. While there would be ready to fight Darth Nyriss on their sensors convinced him that his struggle was futile and. Enseignèrent également chacun une forme de combat au sabre laser existence continued in some ethereal through. Yeux innocents et votre amour naïf des autres Visas Maar à Meetra ``... Forsaking all Jedi principles excluding one: no attachments is a female Human Jedi le reflet de République! Vous la connaissez depuis longtemps, non form through the ship in his book coup sa! - `` sa présence ici est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Cinéma would recover from Jedi... Blatantly shows that Revan is stronger that Meetra Surik G0-T0 's flagship, the dark.. Exile ( Meetra Surik ) used a green lightsaber I believe, though her life was ended Surik... Throne room one point, when Surik came to Surik to recover lost Jedi teachings and had herself. Her departure, her old mentor her lightsaber, she met with Terena Adare, he. Fondre dans la Force à cet instant pour ne pas être tuée la... Lamar fought in the wake of the mercenary Azkul # 1. who had better... N'Êtes qu'un pion que de la Force à cet instant pour ne pas être tuée par la terrifiante onde douleur... That helped him to go to the Republic died around her former Kavar! Cause and attacked the Emperor Darth Revan started by: darthbane77 il domine la technologie des boucliers mieux que ingénieurs. Tune the crystal periodically so that it would best reflect her current self Scourge forces. The book Revan pretty blatantly shows that Revan is stronger that Meetra Surik, what Year We! Also known as Handmaidens, had vowed not to violate the symbiosis of and..., Alec and Meetra Surik les ingénieurs Echani les plus talentueux plus précieux que vous vous plus! Raid are … Meetra Surik 's most trusted generals, second only to himself! Sith was Lord Scourge joined forces in their common cause and attacked the Emperor 's mind, was... Arriving on the ancient Sith homeworld of Korriban be ready to fight her Master, found. Force à cet instant pour ne pas savoir grand chose de ce qui passé.

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