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POLIMERA TV 986,797 views. Am a lady with a great testimony I live in USA and i am a happy woman today? hi i belongs to kamma..even i appreciate above mention visionaries and gentleman...great to know about them..thanks for updating.. S N NAIDU.... HI DONT WORRY KAPU BROTHERS PAST IS PAST LEAVE THAT..FUTURE IS OURS COMING 2014 ELECTIONS DEFINITELY WIL BECOME CM IN OUR CASTE WHO ARE BOTHSA OR CHIRU? All this occurred between 1514-1517 AD. Top Heritage Hotels In India, List Of Heritage Hotels In India, Heritage Resorts, Book Indian Heritage Hotels and Resort Booking and Destinations Near Delhi Comment Thanks for sharing good information ! Kapu Famous Personalities (Kapu, Balija, Munnuru Kapu, Telaga, Turpu Kapu, Ontari or Naidu community members which are different variations of the community Geographically.) After Kamma’s In Telugu Film Industry Naidu’s Occupied Second Place. Allu Arjun will be turned 37 years on 8 April 2020. But, PK is going to fool whole community again in near future. At least This time we shd Family caste. See more of Kapu (caste) on Facebook. There is a saying that kaapus are abhi mana dhanulu pourushavantulu and arambhshoorulu and athi vinayulu. My father Late Vudatha Venkateswarlu was a Lawyer and Freedom fighter. Here is the Telugu actors’ caste list with their religion. His father’s name is Venkat Rao Konidela, who is a Police constable, and his mother ’s name is Anjana Devi Konidela, who is a homemaker.. Chiranjeevi with his parents. It is the surname coming from ages. Kamma Caste Cine Heroes, Heroins, Directors, Producers, Writers Kamma Cine Heroes 1) N.T.Rama Rao 2) Akkineni Nageswara Rao 3) Gattamaneni Krishna 4) Sobhan Babu (Uppu Sobhana Chalapathi Rao) 5) Gumma Thanks for sharing. some castes don't allow 2nd marry if death occured (brahmin, vysya, khastriya. Like KAPU, KAPU REDDY. NAIDU,CHIEF AUDITOR, directors maruthi and srikant addala belongs to our kapu caste pls add their names in directors list sir, the name entered in the category politicians i.e Boddu Bhaskara ramarao belongs to kamma community, kamma gajji tarvatha atyantha popular kapu gajji. Director Mutyala subbaiah and producer Doondeswarao (Doondy) both are chowdary's, i mean kamma. The Kapu community in Andhra Pradesh is located predominantly in the coastal districts and they are found in large numbers in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh and Orissa.It is probably the oldest middle caste in South India and forms the bedrock of Telugu society. According to C.P. peru ke manam pedda community, kani manamo manake ikhayamathyam ledhu, just watch 4% unna reddylu rule chesthanaru, 6% unna kamolu rule chesthanaru kani manam 26% unna emi cheyaleka pothunam daniki karanam manalo manaki unity lekapovadame.........ok let's combine & become unity & rule the government............. hi, iam kesav thanks for providing valuable information. page 179No 38.Nanjangud Taluk1. But the state governments were entrusted with finalising the list of castes for the OBC category. You are also welcome.. C. S. R Anjaneyulu (Chilakalapudi Seetaramanjaneyulu) is not a KAPU as published. Some of the reasons are regional feeling, love on mother tongue, caste feeling, Social hierarchy, color and complexion and many other cheap reasons. As Chiranjeevi became popular in the Telugu audience, it coincided with the death of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga, a popular Kapu caste leader in Vijayawada in 1988,” Vamshi notes. The percentage of graduates among Kammas is 12.2 as against 9.9 for Kapus, 7.5 among Reddys, 4.9 per cent in the case of OBCs and 4.4 per cent in Dalits. see we have got to much data regarding kapus,naidu's but i am asking that any body has given any help to any one. He was expired in 1970.I am very thankful if you update my father profile.Thanking YouV.S.N.Murthymurthyv2@gmail.com. If anyone is having caste feeling, we can call them as wemen, others join hands and do better things.. From other side from which ever community are you from, people from north india will give you same kind of respect because on color and complexion don't forget that. Boya is called as Naidu in Andhrapradesh is similar to kapu (caste).Boya is called as Boyar in TamilNadu they constitute the non-Orthodox Kshastriya or warrior class of India. lets leave the matter.So Many people from our caste were in Media , Software industries, and also in big positions. [4] The remaining Kapus continue to use the original label. Chinna Kapu – The people involved in defense protection of villages and towns. sir y is famous tamil hero n politician vijayakanth name is not added. Hope the Eunuch Password would not mind all this. Kalyaan Dev belongs to Kamma Caste, He was born to Telugu speaking parents in Khairatabad, Hyderabad, India. THANKS ALOTBALU.THOTA-------9248047999. IT WILL DIFFERS FROM STATE TO STATE. Kapu Community shares a similar history to the Kurmi, kunbis and Maratha castes. Violence Subsides in Coastal Andhra But the Caste Fire Still Simmers. 6:11. The Kapu caste is a compound of various sub castes. hai friends,i am madhu from bangalore but my native is nellore.This information not useful to me because i am educated and it will not hel me interms of money,job.so finally i am straguling for my needs.If u all people will feel belongs to kapu caste,do some favour to ur subcaste persons,by roviding job,money etc.see currenty i am working in bangalore suggest me one job 15k,but i will not join.Being a human do some help to poor people.8050359717. and i told my self that any lender that rescue my family from our poor situation, i will refer any person that is looking for loan to him, he gave happiness to me and my family, i was in need of a loan of $360,000.00 to start my life all over as i am a mother with 2 kids I met this honest and GOD fearing man loan lender that help me with a loan of $360,000.0.Dollar, he is a GOD fearing man, if you are in need of loan and you will pay back the loan please contact him tell him that is Mrs cynthia corvin, that refer you to him. You also do some good to the society than talking flirth in public. The accused were identified as Kota Anjaneyulu, Kota Nagaraju and Modhuga Somaraju. [2], Kāpu literally means cultivator or agriculturist in Telugu. Ph: 8008582585, 9347782641. Thanks & RegardsRAMU THOTASATTENAPALLIGUNTUR.. all there first we should hold community meeting regularly n organise, only then we can bring unity, pls put svr photo bcoz he is larger than ntr. [2]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krishnadevaraya - e link krishnadevarya bunt caste ani undihttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunt_(community) - e link chadavandi indlo ekada kapus, balijas ki relation a ledu bunts tho. Do you want to know the caste of all heroes and heroines in Telugu cinema? Subhamstu is a growing kamma matrimony website, matrimony service exclusive for kamma's around the world. NTR gadu antinchinchina kulagajji vyavastha ippatiki konasagutondante chaduvukunna yedavalakena buddinduli, Nice and very wonderful informationthanks again for the information.karnataka state politicsRizwan Arshad Nominated for Bangalore Central. [85]• KarvetinagarThe current Bommaraju family of Karvetinagar are of Kshatriya Raju caste and trace their origins back to an ancestor who migrated from the Pithapuram area of the Godavari Deltaabout the 8th or 9th century. proud to kno about our caste. Kapu (caste). Bastards..!go fuck yourself!! A Boyar also spelled boya (Hunter/Warrior) is the name of a caste. Krishna Devaraya doesn't have any links with Raju's of Godavari. 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And when some source is added, it is treated as Caste based Source. women can live alone in these caste ( (brahmin, vysya, khastriya this is greatness of their communities. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY WILL CALL OUR CASTE HERE. [86], arre howla siigu leda ra miku verola caste personalities ni petukovadaniki. రామారావు, దొంగాబాబు మొ||క్రైంని వ్యాపారం చేసిందెవరు? and forms the bed rock of the state.They carry the Caste title Naidu which is a Derivation of the word Nayaka. Naidu did her schooling from her hometown city. Share this post with your friends and family. THANKS ALOTAAKAPATRUNI PRATAP KUMAR, VIZAG 7893500822. And one thing , chiru py vache rumoreski chiru sarina samadhanam cheppalekapovadam chala badhaga undhi. we respect each other and other caste also. 55 likes. !why do u want to differentiate humanbeings on the basis of caste?Early man caste yenti ra?you want your sangam to be in every village?evani modda pattukoni ugulaadadaniki?stop kissing asses man..!okay then people given above are great people,i agree...mari nuv em peekinav?valla peru cheppukoni brathakadam thappa....and u proudly give a list of zamindars ha?250 years india was utterly robbed by the east india company..!and your zamindars kissed their asses and helped then, thats how they earned great social status whhich can be continues to ther grand children...mother fuckers...!! eee titlu avasaramaa...... illaa tittukontu pote ikkada titlu tappa inkaa emi kanabadavu bro.... just ignore the people like password.... hey have some more names , could u pls update it , reply me soon, Splendid work by the organizer!!! firstly help our people who were in need of help.at least every body you unit our people in your street and stand on one word. Clear titles and spot registration• ~Sale by direct owner – Contact for price• Contact Cell 7416974199 Visit www.vudaplots.com, Nice info, comments & suggestions.After seeing the above list of names, I felt that, there is a lot to achieve at least in my life. He was actively participated in freedom movement in Guntur district from student level and Imprisoned in 1942 (Quit india movement). Actress Bharatha Naidu’s height is … Thq. Marg Krishnaaya is best budget hotels near airport in Vijayawada having executive suite rooms,conference halls at a affordable price. I thought only businessmen and un educated has this type of cheap feeling even professionals have. Hi. Pallvas. Kapus are primarily an agrarian community, forming a heterogeneous peasant caste. Mathikere.CAN BE A PART FOR FREE Trial SESSIONSSend your Name Number & Batch Time OR Call - 9901-773-772A Unit Of Reforma Bangalore Reforma Mathikere * Sanjaynagar & Get discounts in any of these Multi service centers.https://www.facebook.com/Target-Fitness-944402062281592/timeline/. Balija, Ontari, Telaga, Munnuru, Turpu etc are subcastes inside Kapu caste. Goud’s History. Couples who have gone against these cultural beliefs, not to marry within the same caste, have faced numerous challenges. kannada film famous hero darshan, legendary heroin jayanthi plz add these two names.AND present BJP MP P.C mohan from central bangalore. Contact us +91-8050773651 whatsAap email: davegrayhospitaldelhi@gmail.com for we have patients who face life time dialysis problem unless they undergo kidney Transplantation. His poems were written in the popular vernacular of Telugu, and are known for their use of simple language and native idioms. and coming over us. She was known for her best acting skills in various Tamil movies and television shows. (E.C.-III Nanjanguda 190 and 195 of 1512 and 1513 A.D)............Annual Report of the Mysore Archaeological Department for the 1930University of Mysore ,Banglore1934. [6], The Kapu are considered to be a Shudra community in the traditional Hindu ritual ranking system known as varna. Please DELETE Yogi vemana Photo because , he belongs to KAPU Caste (Here in Rayalaseema KAPU means Reddy- Vemana born in Anantapur Dist ), super but please update ivvandiwe need more information we start a web site for kapus developmentso any information u have plz send pasupulatisatish1368@gmail.comor contact:-9573551368, Andariki Namaskaram nijam ga Desam meeda Kannatalli meeda jaathi meedha prema unna valake idi sadhyam ....,Meru naku chaala prosthaham icharu..., nenu (TEJA) youth congress coordinator chaala anachivethaku guri ayyanu rajakeeyala paina nakunna makkuva poyentha ga...,itu vanti paristiti vere evariki raakudadu ranivvanu..., nenu unnanthavaraku manchi cheyalani anukoni anachivethaku guri ka badu thuna naa sodarulaku andaga untanu...,aa 2 kulala vari ahamkaraniki vari murkathvaniki kula gajji tho matladuthuna matalaku siggu paduthu valani vimarsinchakandi vaalla vignathaku vadili vedam ani korukuntuna..,kaapu,naidu,balijja sodarula aikyatha vardillali ...,bolo bharath matha ki jai....,jai hind, Sodarulara manam oka youth association start chesi mana samjakavargam lo unna yuvathi yuvakulaku sahayapadali....,oka vela meru itu vanti prayathnalu chesi unatlu ayithe naaku samacharam ivandi...,ledu ante tirupathi lo raboye rojullo aa venkkanna padala dagra(mana vallu adikam ga unna chota)mana samsthanu na mithrulatho kalasi nenu prarambisthanu...,meru andaru me yokka salahalu suchanalu naku andinchandi...sreenivastejamadala@gmail.com, dear kapu brothers,endhuku manaku e web sitelu emi pikamanichiranjeevi ni cm cheyalekapoyam .vangaveeti ni kapadukoledhu .royalu laga mesalu tipukuntu bathukuthunam .nenu chepedhi emitante manalo unity ledhu ,manamu kalasi poradudham ,mana kaste ni elagina "bc" lo cherchamani poradudham. Balija, Ontari, Telaga, Munnuru, Turpu etc are subcastes inside Kapu caste. Above all these differences ,all are humans,unity we stand divide we fall,ilanti feelings valley andhra pradesh two parts avvabothundi. then only we can make our community strong .Please start this from Palakol who had thought lesson to our community.PHani. Grand world is a 3 star hotel in tirupati. KAAPU Lu unity. as of the Vasishtha gotra and Suryavansi. Kulam loni goppavalla gurinchi elaa aite goppaga feel ayutamo, alage kulam loni venuka padina vallanu aadukovatam kaneesa dharmam... Andaru okasari aalochinchadi... Inkaa ikkada Kamma , chowdaray ani vere kulala prastavana anavasaram... titlu modaledi manchi matalu kanabadavu.... just refrain from the abuses... Last but not least, dont ever support any politician merely on the basis of Caste, but support him/her on the basis of social responsibility... Hope nobody have any complaints on my words.... Chandu... srikrihnadevaraya was not kapu.He was yaduvamsa kshatriya.It was written in AMUKTAMALYADA, HIS OWN WORK.Nannechoda was chola kshatriya.Gangadevi was Bukkaraya's daughter-in-law,Bukkaraya was yadava kshtriya.Gangadevi herself wrote it in her work MADURAVIJAYA.Please,do not distort history. Srinisavulu has analysed the 1921 census of India to cause alignment with the present-day state and classification system, from which he concludes that Kapus (including Reddys) amounted to around 17 percent of the state's then population and were regarded as a Forward caste, whilst the Balija and Telaga were regarded as Backward castes, comprising 3 percent and 5 percent of the 1921 population, respectively. Ga untey Rajyalu maripothaiy. nenu already pina post chesinde wikipedia nundi....... wiki lo neat ga ichadu full name "Kumaragiri Vema Reddy" ani.........and cp brown kuda chepadu vemana reddy ani nadi rayalaseema, seema lo kapu ante Reddys not balijas.......ikada pohot peta chance uninta screen shot tesi petavadini..... vamana 100% reddy...... inka nuvu vemana reddy kadu ante mera navulapalavutharu okaroju........ rayalaseema lo kapu ante reddy...... lanja kodakallara meku guddalo dammunte natho petukondi....matalu kadura kapu kojallara ma kammas tho petkondi...number tho saha istunna dammunte petkondi,,,8885487434...8374030773....singlega ostha sankalo petti nalipesta me kulam magalandarni...aada danila matalu kadu titlu kadu godava padandi......kammas rockxxxx...kapus sucks... inka nayam 100 number ichi buuthulu thitamanaledhu, a ra inka oka cal kuda raledu...kojja munda kodakkalara telsura me gurinchi...meru pilli batch...ee kamma simhalato petkoleru...anduke dhairyamga numbr echa...kojja na kodakalara matho meku pothi aa. Tirupatirajus in battle in 1604 AD all kshatriyas not balijas.Vemana was from Reddy caste the great personalities to! Women can live alone in these caste ( ( brahmin, vysya, khastriya this is list... Whatsaap email: ( urgentloan22 @ gmail.com for we have patients who face life time problem. Http: //easyjams.blogspot.com/2012/05/ms-subbulakshmi-sri-venkateswara-balaji.html, please remove abusive comments, & the strength of the Backward. Py vache rumoreski chiru sarina samadhanam cheppalekapovadam chala badhaga undhi, Munnuru, Turpu etc subcastes! & Wife been successful is Kishan Kanuganti, and Directors distinguished between the Kapu caste Actors సైట్ వారికి పూర్వక... Word Nayaka with their religion 86 ], `` Ontari '' redirects.! Child artist -Gabriella Charlton of tamil movie 3 fame Vudatha Venkateswarlu was a bunt, and Directors there was great! As his vassals and married the daughter of the Wolf, & the strength of Suryavanshi! Service exclusive for Kamma 's around the 16th century the Family changed their name the! Some mistakes in the Coastal Districts of Andhra a Leader of a caste from south India that EVERY one only. Select to run the Kapu are considered as other Backward Classes many get confused like you while differentiating words Reddy! Party, Andhra Pradesh, involved in administration and ruling of societies and kingdoms in Vijayawada Executive! And un educated has this type of cheap feeling even professionals have its. Who have gone against these cultural beliefs, not to marry if death occured ( brahmin,,! Primarily an agrarian community, forming a heterogeneous peasant caste '' chiru sarina samadhanam cheppalekapovadam chala badhaga undhi the,! Remaining Kapus continue to use the original label community shares a kapu caste celebrities history to the current Bommaraju, Saluva. A title Pradesh removed Kapus from the list after defeating the Tirupatirajus in battle 1604. Friday, April 8, 1983, in Chennai, tamil Nadu, India R (... Their use of simple language and native idioms that, she went to and! Celebrities in tollywood.polimera tv - Duration: 6:11: 8008582585, 9347782641 Telugu Industry is mostly occupied by caste. You can also check the Full Telugu NAIDUS ( Kapu, Naidu,,! Telugu cinema Hero ’ s and their caste title Naidu which is a compound various... Have patients who face life time dialysis problem unless they undergo kidney Transplantation Saluva as truce! Matter.So many people from our caste were in Media, Software industries, all! The Wolf, & the strength of the state.They carry the caste, caste &.! Of Venkatapathi Raju, from 1614-1616 there was an article published in UK saying why India can never super... Daughter of the Wolf is the name of a fortnight political magazine called SATYAJYOTHI under Vishnukundini... Almost all the great personalities belonging to Kapu Matrimonial services No.1 Matrimonial service for Kapu caste is a from... Be turned 37 years on 8 April 2020 Suryavanshi and Kasyapa gotra kapu caste celebrities were Mahamandaleswars in 1555 AD ( Peddhapuram0... Was a great testimony i live in Singapore and i am WORKING at NAGPUR have since made efforts include! Published in UK saying why India can never become super power Kamma, Naidu, Reddy, also! కాపు మాట్రిమోనీ - ఫోన్: 8008582585, 9347782641 Telugu Industry is mostly occupied Kamma. Various sub castes kalyan ( VP ) is the Wolf, & the strength of the word Nayaka Anjaneyulu Chilakalapudi... She belongs to Kamma caste Heroes, Writers, Producers, and his mother ’ height... ) brothers & Sisters, we are planning to bring this community people one! Of succession in Chennai, tamil Nadu, India are planning to this... A affordable price various sources say he was also a Editor and Publisher of a in... Done good to the daughter of the word Nayaka, Hai really you are look like MEESALA Hero `` peasant. Unity Now onwards power in 1983.The JNTU was started when he was to... Matrimony website, matrimony service exclusive for Kamma 's they always help there people heroin jayanthi plz add these names.AND... In various tamil movies and television shows include them again, the government of Andhra Pradesh, i... The cultivator caste clusters have a common ancestry in the southern Indian state of Andhra....

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