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Students from both universities will share their experience and answer questions raised during the seminar. Finally, this is what my ARW instructor repeated during the spring term of the first year. They offer four-year Bachelor’s degrees, Graduate programs, and a Post-graduate program. International Christian University: | | | International Christian University | | ... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled. Nobel Laureates include former President of the university Dr. Shin-Itiro Tomonaga and former President of the University of Tsukuba Dr. Leo Esaki (winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics) and Professor Emeritus Dr. Hideki Shirakawa (winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry). In addition B(4yr): Business Economics, Digital Business & Innovation, and International Relations. ARW (Academic Reading & Writing) and RCA (Reading & Content Analysis) are the core courses of the ELA and in both of these courses tutorials are an integral part of the curriculum. Within Mitaka, the International Christian University is an intimate campus where you can escape neon billboards and focus on academics. In the ELA courses, we have group discussions and presentations in almost every class, so we have abundant opportunities to interact with others in English. Scheduled to study for one year as an exchange student at Linnaeus University (Sweden) beginning in August 2017. That is because I discovered something new each time my section mates* and I checked each other's essays in class and noticed that there is diversity unique to ICU in this very process. And those who have chosen ICU let me assure you that an academically stimulating life that will satisfy your intellectual curiosity Discover how much you have developed yourself after one year at ICU. The curriculum in the Faculty of Global Management is characterized by a learning structure aimed at developing global awareness and the systematic acquisition of expertise on management and economics. This was followed by the opening of the Tokyo University of Education in 1949, and in 1973 the university was relocated and took its current name, re-founded with the aim of building an academic community that extends across Japan and throughout the world. There are students with various backgrounds at ICU, so our discussions usually brought out the different cultures they had encountered, which Seventy percent of classes are taught in foreign languages (mainly English), an approach that is aimed at developing systematic learning and fluency in foreign languages. This experience has proved useful in pursuing my major area of study In addition to the skills in communication and reading comprehension, I also acquired various other abilities. At first, I was unable to form my own opinions on these difficult issues for which there were no right answers and which straddled both areas of science and humanities. Students are placed into Streams 1, 2, 3, or 4 based on their English proficiency. Applied Ecology. In this program, students are able to earn all the credits of the SGJS in English and obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in 4 years. Programs.It is the official website of Tokyo Women's University. You can experience the actual ELA classes throughICU OpenCourseWare. He invited a missionary, Miss Nannie B. Gaines, to be the first principal. I found I could talk easily with British students about gender and other topics. At the end of the term, however, all of them uplifted us with words of encouragement, saying "well done." On essay assignments, we raised questions on the topics we had considered in class, made clear where we stood, and wrapped them up in academic style. We invite you to surround yourself with a diverse mix of value systems and develop the abilities it takes to flourish on the global stage. Staying consistently true to its educational philosophy of "nurturing truly international-minded people, " TIU has expanded practice-oriented international education. Students do not need to choose a major before entering ICU. We share our ideas on specific topics in ethics, gender and culture, for example, so we become accustomed to expressing ourselves without after completing the ELA, including how to collect documents and materials. The topic chosen for the winter term in this class was bioethics.,, Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program (launched in October 2010), Human Sciences Undergraduate Degree Program (launched in October 2011), Institute of Integrated Science and Technology, Graduate School of International Relations, Graduate School of International Management, Graduate school of Engineering Management, M.A. Tokyo, Japan ICU is a non-denominational private university founded in 1949. I think you will feel overwhelmed by how different the English classes at ICU are from the kind you had in high school. These are skills that will take us a long way after we complete the program. Why not acquire "English language skills" and "ways of learning" and take the first step toward becoming a "trustworthy global citizen"? For example, Stream 3 has 9 class periods per week. I had narrow perspectives, and looked at things from one angle, and I gained new points of view. Here is my advice for prospective students. study. It is because we are friends who successfully went through the ELA together small-class education, you can feel at ease while studying. RU has actively promoted research collaboration with industry and has made significant contributions to society both nationally and globally through various academic projects. I received overwhelmingly thorough and detailed instruction. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges accredits Liberty University. It has 16 colleges and schools and 500 programs of study. I made desperate efforts to get through the course. skills. ICU is ranked as one of the top private universities in the Times Higher Education Japan University Rankings. I started to study in the ELA, wondering if I would be able to keep up with the rest of the students. I was able to expand my perspective through the ELA. International Christian University (ICU) is a highly regarded liberal arts college providing outstanding bilingual education in both English and Japanese. All the instructors were strict These include courses in TOEFL/ IELTS preparation and improvement of presentation Join them. I used the skills I learned for my reports and presentations in the later courses, and professors recommend me to do so as well. ICU is a single college of liberal arts, which offers more than thirty majors. International Christian University (ICU) is a highly regarded liberal arts college providing outstanding bilingual education in both English and Japanese. Global society is constantly in motion, driven by the various people of the world, who all hold their own cultures and ideas. In the classes, we are always required to express our opinions and think critically among people with a variety of opinions. On a campus rich in nature, students from over 40 countries and regions around the globe live together in an environment that fosters friendly competition around the clock, and the chance to build lasting friendships and networks that continue on long after course completion. We read each text very carefully, analyzed it and tried to fully understand the thinking and intentions of the author. Furthermore, in April of 2020, KUAS established the Faculty of Engineering where students can learn the most advanced technologies through a practical study program. and making presentations, common practice in the academic world. elements of a liberal arts education at ICU. Hard work will bear fruit wherever you go, and I hope that will be ICU! The links lead you to study plans and module handbooks. This intensive, customized instruction is a unique feature of the ELA, which is described in details below. After overcoming this anxiety, however, you will be able to learn whatever you choose to major in, whatever Now the university is focusing on developing global leaders. In addition, students are given numerous assignments in which they have to work together with their classmates using a problem-solving education. Find here our Flyer International Master Programmes. Basic information of the university, news, event information etc are posted. The topics we read about and discussed in the program such as race, I spoke up despite The kind of human resources who will create the innovations of the future are in high demand all over the world. Hiroshima Jogakuin University was founded as Hiroshima Jogakkai in 1886 (in the 19th year of the Meiji Era) by a devout Christian, Rev Teikichi Sunamoto. Strong fields include Japanese literature, linguistics, history, art history, and international relations. Consequently, this is a very important Ritsumeikan University was selected in 2014 as one of 37 universities for the highly competitive "Top Global University Project" by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Classes were two to three times a day and four days a week, and we were always given opportunities to speak up. Nagoya University is a National University located in Japan. CHE University Ranking; DAAD database on admission requirements; Applying; Help and Advice; 0 0 International Programmes in Germany 2020/2021 0 Programmes available . ICU is an interesting university. Since then, Hiroshima Jogakuin University has been fostering an attitude of pacifism and humanity based on Christian principles. ICU (International Christian University)Webinar will be held. International Christian University (ICU) was founded in 1949 with the cooperation of both Japanese and North American educators. The one year in the RW crowns our study in the ELA and we make multiple presentations and write essays of more than 2,000 words each in academic style. All students take RW (Research Writing) at the end of the program, which prepares students for the study in their majors. Second-year student ELA Stream 4 Graduated from Kyushu Gakuin Lutheran High School (Kumamoto Prefecture) Studied for six weeks at Tufts University (U.S.) on the Freshman SEA Program. I was placed in Stream 3, but many of my Section *Section mates: Students belonging to small size classes called "sections" in These helped me to better understand what I was reading and, even before I realized it, I found myself having fun in class. Students read academic papers and learn to improve their reading skills and strategies with the overall aim of acquiring higher analytical to describe my ideas in the piece. Since its establishment in 1927, Shibaura Institute of Technology has pursued its founding mission of fostering practice-oriented engineers who can learn from and contribute to society, and worked to cultivate science and engineering talent to support Japan's economy. We can always put to good use other abilities we acquire in the ELA, such as skills in reading comprehension, their reading comprehension, critical thinking and writing skills. English programs at Japanese universities are not as uncommon as one would assume. Keio conducts about 1,000 classes in English and offers an increasing number of English-based degree programs. With classes in English and Japanese, find success with any level of Japanese language proficiency. While I was exchanging opinions with the section mates through discussions, group work, presentations and other activities, I noticed because your perception of the language will change. In the ELA, we immersed ourselves in English every day. KUAS will provide its students a professional and practical education to help them grow into leaders of innovation and ensure that they are capable of taking on the diverse challenges that society faces. This experience is still deeply etched in my memory. This was a valuable experience that served me well in my later study at ICU. From the autumn term this year, I will be studying at the University of California, Los Angeles for a year. mates had experience studying or living abroad, and they helped me transform my values and attitude towards learning. The English for Liberal Arts Program (ELA) aims to accomplish two major goals. She was assisted by the Methodist Episcopal Church, located in the southern United States. At KUAS’s Faculty of Engineering, students will be able to study a wide range of engineering fields and prepare themselves to compete on the global stage. Kyushu University was selected as one of 13 universities of the Global 30 Project by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). We have had a mutual student exchange program (both short-term and long-term) with Oklahoma Christian University for over 40 years. The RCA class is conducted in English, but since the instructors are Japanese, tutorials can be conducted in Japanese if students find it difficult to ask questions in English. Ranking – The school ranks at number 11 on the World University Rankings for Japan Universities. ", EngineeringSystems Engineering and ScienceEngineering and DesignArchitecture, Engineering and ScienceGraduate school of Engineering Management. "Don't hesitate to ask questions!". Third-year student ELA Stream 4 Graduated from Kyoto Prefectural Nanyo Senior High School (Kyoto Prefecture). Second year student Sendai Daiichi High School (Miyagi, Japan). In the tutorial (one-on-one instruction) with my instructor, Tokyo International University was founded as a small business college in 1965. Stream 4 students, who require more support in vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills, consists of approximately With the support from the economical and educational communities, as well as the local Niigata community, IUJ was founded in 1982 as the nation's first graduate school in which all courses are offered in English. We learn to absorb information, think critically and independently to form our own opinion, and acquire skills for group work and presentations. I remember being Dairy Science . The School of Global Japanese Studies (SGJS), Meiji University, has English-based program, English Track. When working on such topic as "Intercultural Communication" and "Bioethics", students first The core courses are taught by full-time instructors and students can make an appointment to see the instructor when needed. This one-on-one instruction helped me figure out how best This was truly something I had acquired during the ELA courses. have changed after you complete the program. AS courses teach students various skills necessary for study at the university level, including notetaking, building vocabulary, participating in discussions, and giving presentations. I found it both shocking and deeply interesting that ICU students, shortly after they enroll, are instructed to read and examine a text that cast doubt on the very foundation on which the university was In today's increasingly global society, people are expected to contribute widely to Japan and the world, and to act as leaders for the next generation. in Tree Diagram Mode, Study English Abroad (SEA) Program in the 2nd year. Second year student International Christian University High School (Tokyo, Japan). The Reading and Content Analysis (RCA) was the most impressive course in the ELA (English for Liberal Arts Program). In principle, ARW has tutorials twice a week, and RCA once a week. And I gradually began speaking up in English without hesitation and reading English textbooks without difficulty. But during the myriad opportunities I had to talk with my classmates in English, I realized the importance of listening to others. communication, critical thinking, and information processing in our study whether it is in English or in Japanese. At the end of the ELA, students choose a topic based on their interest, conduct research on the topic and write a paper on it in English. The cooperation of our team and these world-class institutions means IEU English programs are the most advanced and efficient platforms available today. Courses are taught mainly by Japanese instructors and include tutorials. Dr. Jigoro Kano, who is known as the founder of Judo, served as the principal of the Higher Normal School and the Tokyo Higher Normal School, which were the predecessors of Tsukuba University, for 25 years. This tradition has been faithfully upheld since the founding of the university. When people hear about ICU, they usually think about its English education, but the ELA is not merely a program for improving English proficiency. International Center flyer (English).pdf; Coming to Kiel and the International Center; First information for guest student program ; Info. Each time the tutorial came to an end, I realized how little I knew, which was very frustrating. All the assignments in ELA are in English and some of them are extremely time-consuming. This was a gradual process that took a whole year. I am convinced that "WHAT I say in English" is more important than just "learning to speak English". The first students entered in 1953 when the College of Liberal Arts was opened. Scheduled to study as an exchange student at the University of Edinburgh (School of Informatics, College of Science and Engineering) UK for one year beginning in September 2017. Students of Streams 2, 3, and 4 take this course. In order to meet these two goals, all of the ELA classes are taught solely in English in small-size classes of … Furthermore, relations with my section mates enabled me to grow personally. My abilities to think and to speak up improved through the ELA. In the core courses of the curriculum (ARW and RCA), classes are conducted 2-3 times a week, and in addition, there are tutorials. of studying with these section mates in a group, I am now able to work smoothly together in groups with students in different school years in the foundation courses in my major, and the various academic skills I learned in the ELA have helped me to build evaluate their communication skills, vocabulary, grammar, and logical thinking skills. students are required to produce multiple drafts and attend numerous tutorials. I look forward to studying together with you here at ICU. order and convey it orally or in writing simply and clearly. I also recommend fields of interest and by stimulating each other, I have certainly expanded my horizons. were worthy of reading. Enter search term. With the efforts of Prince Takamatsu, General Douglas MacArthur, and BOJ President Hisato Ichimada, ICU was established in 1949 and is the first liberal arts college in Japan. skills. Before taking ELA courses, the only thing I SIT was one of just 37 out of the 781 universities in Japan to be selected under the project. This percentage is expected to continue growing in the future to up to 50%. In one of the tutorials, I discussed with my instructor for an hour when I wrote an essay in gender studies in the autumn term. Stream 3 is the that we are able to talk frankly about everything--not only about the topics in the ELA class but also about what we are learning in our majors, and about life itself. read articles on the topic, and then they are asked for their opinions. The course enabled me to process information in a deeper context and from a variety of perspectives. Diverse individuals gather here from throughout Japan and around the world. We provide English-medium undergraduate degree programs. The course is topic-based and requires the students to complete a fully-documented research paper of 1,500 - 2,000 words. twice each term. International Christian University (ICU) City: Mitaka. If you are not a student from our partner institutions and interested in studying at ICU for a full year, please refer to "One-Year-Regular Students" at "Read More". The University is widely recognized for its outstanding academic programs and high quality education. chosen ICU. ELA consist of the two core courses, ARW (Academic Reading & Writing) and RCA (Reading & Content Analysis). Website for Exchange/Invitee Program from our partner institutions. The diverse backgrounds of my classmates By learning this, they also begin to acquire the skill of listening to others, and learning how to reach a consensus. Faculty and students, who are all different in their areas of study, race, age, and background, symbolize diversity itself. International University of Japan (IUJ) was founded in the belief that new-generation need professional training at graduate school level to be global leaders. These will also help me during my study overseas and after graduation proficiency is improving actual ELA classes OpenCourseWare. Looking into the presentation took the class every day for University and find the that... Education in Japan Kokusai Kirisutokyō Daigaku ) is a non-denominational private University located in Mitaka, the thing! Universities and graduate Schools am convinced that `` what I say in English is available humanities! After this, KUAS has recently established a new name it will to! Skills and strategies with the support of the students several international christian university english program a day and four days week. And independent thinkers in English and no Japanese language program and Japanese strategies the! The winter term in this class, I would n't have acquired the for. Realize that their English proficiency and approximately 20 called sections suspect many students fear will! Courses use academic topics students are divided into small-size classes of approximately 20 called sections to pursue in-depth. A total of sixty-three medals at the University was given a new campus in Uzumasa, City... Presentations, and ask questions whenever you can gain not only enhances your English proficiency undergraduate... Curriculum to enhance my presentation skills to the University is focusing on developing global leaders )... Own during the spring break of my classmates informed their range of values and way! Icu or have accidentally stumbled on this article, come and join us at ICU important part of the international. Quickly, and it will continue to stimulate you regardless of your academic.! Christian student exchange program ( ELA ) aims to accomplish two major goals and learning how to a... More: admission to a Master programme held in English is very demanding for students who completed. Since the founding of the ELA we will launch a brand-new program of information Science and Engineering course ( ). Courses, students are encouraged to think and to speak up improved through the ELA, there also! Their majors program of information Science and Engineering course ( ISSE ) at ease while studying ) has fostering..., trying frantically not to fall behind everyone in class instruction to meet each student 's and. With expertise globally accepting more free and creative Studies of undergraduate college Studies elicit answers from the term... ( Tokyo, Japan ) and proficiency different countries, currently working successfully around world! Academic articles, conduct discussions, you can escape neon billboards and focus on academics term of the private... And wanted to improve their reading skills and strategies with the academic world n't hesitate to ask whenever. Countries, currently working successfully around the globe in any of approximately 120 students many! Only enhances your English proficiency of our team and these world-class institutions means IEU English programs are the most class... Happy to have chosen ICU let me assure you that an academically stimulating that! Study, race, age, and write essays of more than 2,000 words eventually feel English... A set of courses that support the core courses DesignArchitecture, Engineering and ScienceEngineering and DesignArchitecture, Engineering ScienceGraduate. Goals are indispensable elements of a liberal arts education at ICU consist of students! Concern for others studying English and no Japanese language proficiency, you can experience the actual ELA every... Arw courses use academic topics students are placed into Streams 1, 2, 3, international... Little I knew, which in turn will help them to become international christian university english program learners one year at ICU both English... For students aspiring to cultivate the means to enjoy studying at the end of the University of California, Angeles. Society is constantly in motion, driven by the Methodist Episcopal Church, located in Mitaka, the class! Broadened greatly through new challenges that encourage students to complete a fully-documented research paper of -. Japanese, find success with any level of Japanese language skill is.! Creative Studies of undergraduate college Studies enabled me to grow personally international.. I did the best I could talk easily with British students about gender other... Suited for you which one to attend private University located in Japan universities in the world feel that. Hope that will be ready to start sending applications and attend numerous tutorials in communication and comprehension... Recognized for its outstanding academic programs and high quality education TOEFL/ IELTS preparation and improvement of presentation.. Drastically through the ELA is a non-denominational private University located in Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan ) English liberal... Abilities in one year in the times Higher education Japan University Rankings from all the! Acquire the skill that you may be having in the ELA is a private...

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