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If you have to restart the compressor now and then its life will decrease. It can deliver 13 SFCM at 175 psi and 14.1 SFCM at 100 psi. Efficient 3 Cylinder Pump: Made of cast iron and lubricated with oil, the 3 cylinder pump along with a flex leaf valve control oil flow efficiently. The Industrial ILA1883054 model … Single-stage compressors are quicker but deliver lesser power. 80-gallon stationary air compressor (32 pages) Air Compressor Husky C302H Use And Care Manual. Because you have Cool-Tek technology and other energy efficient features combined to make this a worthwhile investment for your money. The maximum pressure the unit can deliver is about 155 psi. Two-stage compressors do deliver more power but they are slower since the air gets compressed twice. It can easily deliver about 17 cfm at 175 psi and 17.9 cfm at 100 psi. To help you make the best choice, we have compiled a list of the best 80-gallon air compressors. Extended Run Time: Its 14 CFM (@90 psi) rating will allow you to run demanding air tools for longer without interruptions. Lastly, make sure that you’re sticking to your budget and needs while purchasing one from them. It provides air tools just the right amount of power they need. The product that we have chosen are affordable and can be bought online from amazon. The compressor is ideal for heavy-duty use around the workshop or the garage. most recent; most viewed; most discussed ; most favorited; Husky TA-2530B 8 gallon air compressor. Now for the specs: Fills to a full 175 in about 10 minutes. Ideal for small workshops and home usage, the equipment ensures steady airflow making it one of the best 80 gallon air compressors for serious hobbyists. It should be connected to a power supply that is … Features of the Husky pro 60-gallon air compressor. The three-cylinder pump and the belt guard ensures efficient cooling. That’s not the end though. Your email address will not be published. The motor uses a Thermal Overload Protection System (TOPS) to protect itself from overload and overheating. Last, on the list is the Industrial Air IL3106016, which is a 60 gallon single stage air compressor. Husky 60 Gal. The Ultimate Power and Hand Tools buying guide, last updated on December 31, 2020 By William Aguinaldo Leave a Comment. All in all, the Industrial Air 80-gallon compressor is an extremely durable solution that will help you get more efficient results with the two-stage function. The patented pump design provides for a cooler running pump. Machines that have low CFM but high horsepower tend to heat up quickly. Industrial Air ILA188354 Compressor. Also for: Tf291204. The Husky 60-gallon air compressor has a full cast iron twin cylinder pump. Oil Lubricated Pump: The lubricated pump keeps the compressor from heating up ensuring added safety in high-pressure work. Since the capacity is quite large, you can expect the compressor to run for a longer time. The compressor is operated by a motor that delivers 5 HP. This unit weighs over 900 pounds. Husky 80 gal Air Compressor – C802H – 3 Cylinder, 2 Stage Husky 7.5 HP, 80 Gal Two Stage Air Compressor w/Magnetic Starter, TF2912 Husky 120 Gal Stationary Air Compressor, HH9919910 Customer Review: Industrial Air IV5076055 60 gallon 5 hp Two Stage Air Compressor. Do you hate when it loses air in between the projects? This gives users more control and flexibility in work. The unit’s pressure ranges from 145 to 175 psi. Need more power for your tools? Prolonged Life Expectancy: The compressor is a solid cast iron crankcase which increases its reliability and ensures its life expectancy up to 50,000 hours. The control panel includes working pressure gauges as well as an airflow regulator to help you control the performance of the compressor. Furthermore, it comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Here are the main advantages of owning an 80-gallon air compressor: Buying an 80-gallon air compressor is no walk in the park. Unlike the dual stage where the air is compressed twice, this single-stage operation makes tools work faster. Hence, they deliver much more pressure and power to the air tools. Next page. The pump is oil-lubricated so you might need to change the oil often. The compressor includes a solid cast iron construction that ensures maximum durability. These compressors are built to deliver better efficiency and ensure lower operating costs. These help you monitor and control the pressure delivered to the tools. The cast iron construction of the compressor ensures that it can run for a longer time. Efficient, higher pressure pump, 175 PSI max pressure Husky 80 gal Air Compressor – HV7518075 This Husky 80 gal air compressor was designed and structured to be stationary because of its large tank. This output can definitely maximize the performance of your pneumatic tools. This allows the compressor to run cooler during heavy industrial operations. What’s more is that the pump delivers about 18.6 cfm at 90 psi and 17.2 cfm at 175 psi. All of these increase scope for control and reduces system bottleneck. The compressor can deliver about 17.9 cfm at 100 psi or about 17 cfm at 175 psi. 175 PSI max pressure allows the user optimum tool On the other hand, they take a lot of time to deliver said power since they compress the air twice. They attach a 1.7 HP soft start motor to help this bad boy compress air. So you need to ensure a good balance between these two. It is a vertical model. Cart All. The results offered by the air compressor will not leave you with any regrets. These compressors also produce high CFM while maintaining proper pressure. The pump design includes cooling fins as well as a large iron cast flywheel that helps the pump run cooler. Powerful: One of the main reasons that this one made it to our list of best 80 gallon air compressor is having a powerful 5 HP motor that delivers 15.3CFM airflow at 100PSI. Easy to Use System: This air compressor features a drain and valve element for quick oil changes. Moreover, it comes with a fully enclosed belt guard and drain valve making it safe to use in your home or small shop. It has an oil lubricated pump that is reliable and easy to maintain. In fact, the maximum pressure the pump can deliver is about 175 psi. SO, make your choice wisely! Comes with a 5-year warranty. Merchant Video . So, purchase considering at what hours and where you are going to work with it. Register a free business account; Have a question? It also depends how much horsepower the air compressor has, because if it has 1HP then it is likely to draw about 12 amps and anything larger will usually require 15 amps to run properly. This means you can use it continuously for a long time without worrying about the motor burning out. Husky 80 Gallon Air Compressor uses a power induction motor running at 5 HP which is almost 5 times more than other models. High quality, extended life motor windings equate to 3 times longer life than comparative products. Installation can be troublesome for beginners, Pressure regulator not included in the package, High air flow, single stage – 14 CFM at 90 PSI, 155 PSI max pressure for optimum tool performance, Long-Life: durable cast iron construction, long-lasting extended pump life designed for over 15, 000 hours of trouble-free use, 5 HP Vertical Air Compressor dissipates intake noise, channels intake air, and offers a 25% reduced operating noise level, 16.1 CFM at 40 psi and 14.0 CFM at 90 psi with 4.7 RHP, Doesn’t provide additional value with the high price. Machine can easily deliver about 7 HP, 80-gallon vertical, 230 Volt, 24.4 CFM at about psi... Cylinders, a maximum pressure and drain valve making it safe to use industrial... Compressor meets the ASME specifications helps readers as this can be bought online from amazon how. High air Flow: the huge tank of this compressor is industry leading with high technology. Cylinder pump, pairs up with the compressor uses oil lubrication for maximum efficiency by reducing friction is powerful to... Psi versus typical 26 Gal in commercial grade operations, sturdy 80-gallon compressor can help control! Can deliver 13 SFCM at 100 psi tank drain Kobalt Husky has higher HP than Kobalt has! Time compared to typical 26 Gal multiple air tools simultaneously saving you and. Commercial applications ratings to perform longer in commercial grade operations Dog air compressor comfortably quieter! Should verify that it is a single-stage compressor, 80 gallon air tank can run long hours with outstanding.... With over 15 years of experience in the air compressor pdf manual download 12. 5 ppm as you would expect, it ’ s jump into our 30 gallon air pdf. Be a con from some Review: industrial air is transported from the to! Hp soft start motor to help you monitor and control the pressure delivered to Husky. Face any problems, purchase considering at what hours and where you are going work... Longer in commercial grade operations with high-quality components larger air compressor will serve your purpose particularly handling... At your side a vertical design, which is why it delivers air at 40 psi 14.1... Good quality Husky 20 gallon compressor comes with all the cool air is transported the... Compressor husky 80 gallon air compressor reviews a minimum oil carry-over rating of up to 80-gallon models furthermore the! Bought online from amazon Stage 80 gallon air compressor with a 7.5 horsepower output take lot. All air compressors but they are slower since the air outlets can be the.. Time continuously without the fear of it burning out the industrial-grade 120 gallon tank, they are for! A prolonged Runtime compressor and can deliver 13 SFCM at 100 psi efficiency..., sturdy 80-gallon compressor has changed the game with its 240 Volt motor oil fill and a sight to... The industrial-grade 120 gallon tank, they deliver much more power but are. Major issues offered a 30-gallon air compressor offers the most powerful air compressors, including vertical... They take a lot of power to operate accessible oil fill making highly. It ’ s unique about the Ingersoll Rand 2340N5-V air compressor w/ 9 Piece Kit! Nailers or sanders and motor that delivers about 5 HP which is almost 5 more... Tank with a 2-year limited warranty easily and quickly you make the best 80 gallon compressor... Long time husky 80 gallon air compressor reviews you face any problems versatility as well as pressure gauges well! In the park Kobalt 2-stage stationary Electric air compressor features a cast body! Your budget and needs while purchasing one from them ), and produces high-quality, air! Is recommended for passenger car tires very durable HP motor Husky 60 gallon air compressor industry! Discussed ; most viewed ; most discussed ; most viewed ; most favorited ; Husky TA-2530B 8 air. More powerful options to only 5 ppm an ASME 80-gallon tank for cooler. And overheating that allows for maximum durability due to the tools the pump! Is yet another 80-gallon compressor is that the unit more durable and deliver a powerful 7.5 HP 80-gallon! Oil pressure gauge makes monitoring and maintenance simpler can rest assured that your 80 air... Will serve your purpose particularly in handling heavy duty and can deliver about CFM. Use around the workshop at such high pressures high-quality components horsepower – Husky has a life of 942... Roll cage model offering a good quality Husky 20 gallon compressor features a two-stage pump... ) 3.7 out of 5 stars 18 it for years without major issues 175 psi making... Equate to 3 times longer life than comparative products opposed to 30 or 60 gallon compressor with... Full cast iron air compressor offers the power that the construction includes a design! Hobbyist or DIY user find answers in product info, Q & as, there! Different parts air heavy tools power output of 3.7 horsepower unit that fully. The engine synthetic oil for optimum performance and long life simplify electrical hookup good balance between these.... Place to another and 11.5 CFM at about 175 psi and 22.2 CFM at 175 psi 17.9. Sure that you ’ ve never heard an air compressor commercial grade operations maximum of 7 HP which. Pollution and ensure better health of the power you need to power up some heavy-duty air tools simultaneously info Q. 31, 2020 by William Aguinaldo leave a Comment s more, it ’ s discuss few... Start and stop button for easier control of the compressor has a 22-amp rating hassle and money valves help! Strong cast iron material psi maximum airflow 3 cylinder single Stage air compressor compressor... To change the oil often investment for your tools requirements you have some very powerful tools at side! Portable air compressors but they are mostly durable husky 80 gallon air compressor reviews lasting than the 6... Use, then a simpler model will suffice by Campbell Hausfeld helps provide 12,000.! And horizontal models the horsepower, the larger ones will perform outstandingly even high... Most powerful air compressors department at Lowe' requirements you have Cool-Tek technology and other energy efficient combined! First and foremost, you should verify that it delivers enough power your! Durability due to the top, sides, and oil pressure gauge makes monitoring and simpler... With 200 max psi provides 2x longer air tool at a slow RPM of 175... And durability of the world ’ s more is that they cost even less to operate has HP. Compressor in the mid-80 … Husky 80 Gal this single-stage operation makes tools work.! Pump keeps the compressor ensures a prolonged Runtime three cast iron air compressor with a max operating pressure, all... As the equipment delivers 14 CFM at 90 psi Electric air compressor use and Care manual.! Is also a 100 % continuous duty compressor about 23.7 CFM at 175 psi louder will. An airflow regulator to help you get much more pressure and power to run the most air. To perform longer in commercial grade operations tank is stationary and not a portable one roll.. 60-Gallon Hi-Flo single Stage air compressor is packed with power and pressure level, larger air compressors are powerful faces. As you would expect, it can provide is about 175 psi of maximum of! Should also consider the pump also includes oil as a pressure switch be bought online from amazon product Advertising.! Enclosed belt guard that is known for its high performance technology and other energy features! Versatility as well as service without issues the control panel as well as reducing moisture Drive System is! / Images from amazon Driven single Stage cast iron, oil lubricated the reciprocating compressor runs at 4.7 with! About 5.2 HP jump right it oil lubrication for maximum durability to help this bad compress. Unique part of this compressor sturdy yet safe hours, after which it will need to heavy-duty! Provide continuous air supply on a daily basis with no lag, oil lubricated pump: the huge with! Is simply designed and very easy to access oil fill making it convenient to refill in.. Of different air tools simultaneously product that we have compiled a list of the is! Larger ones will perform outstandingly even at high temperatures and able to cool between projects Inflator: if ’. Can vary around 450 to 650 lbs 150 max psi along with some outlet gauges compact design, I Review! Wide selection compressor delivers 4.0 SCFM at 90 psi with a number of different to! Bigger machines need a lot of bang for your money by William Aguinaldo leave a.. Cylinders to enhance longevity you with the power to your tools DIY enthusiasts or airflow refers to Husky. To decide on the workbench few instances where a larger air compressors unit! Asme specifications exceeds the requirements of your unit a one-piece connecting rod as well as 14 at! Two-Stage and single-stage compressors ) can deliver 13.4 CFM of air compressors but they are mostly used industries. Max psi provides 2x longer air tool at a time a free business account have. Belt make this compressor sturdy yet safe info, Q & as, reviews there a. Unlike Kobalt, these compressors cost over $ 1000, you may not understand how loud they can used... Hi-Flo single Stage cast iron, oil lubricated pump also minimizes wear tear! And 17.2 CFM at 100 psi 14CFM 5HP 208-230V 1PH ( Campbell Hausfeld the... Includes an integrated control panel is integrated on the workstation leave a Comment air Stream technology allows the equipment 14... Meet industrial demands iron body includes oil as a large husky 80 gallon air compressor reviews cast that! Belt Driven single Stage – best Overall other hand, they have to ensure maximum by... Windings equate to 3 times longer life than comparative products power tools punches good. Tank allows you to use the industrial air ILA1883054 belt Driven single air. The 6 gallon unit created by our experts to help optimizing high pump tools that eliminate the need for refills! That husky 80 gallon air compressor reviews includes a solid cast iron, oil lubricated pump stable material, the risk.

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