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One thing to look out for is gill flukes. So instead of giving them 2 pinches of food give only 1. Laurytheflowerchild. I have a zebra danio that seems to have become bloated in the last 24 hours and become also really bloated. ; Other abdominal organs may become enlarged and affect the swim bladder. During this time, you have no other sign to go on but behavioral changes which can be easily noted if you are observant when it comes to your fish. 76F What is the entire stocking of this tank? They can easily handle different water temperatures and conditions and require minimum maintenance. Zebra Danios don’t like dwelling alone because they are a schooling fish and isolation can cause stress to this fish. High nitrate level in tap water. Zebra danios are not aggressive, so you can safely add smaller fish to the same tank. The reg zebra (picture below) seems to be pregnant. Keep an eye on her for a while for any signs of stress. Celestial Pearl Danios enjoy densely planted aquariums. Therefore, if you have 4-5 female danios in your breeding tank, expect up to 500 eggs. Active 2 years ago. Bloated Zebra Danio. Zebra danio wont eat! Their habitats consist of silty bottomed rice paddies full of lush green vegetation. Announcements. If you feed them more this happens . Im so freaking exhausted! 3. serious answers only please thanks It looked bloated, and it looked like red - kind of like blood - inside the belly. The tropical freshwater fish are fairly hardy and easy to care for. 2. Can celestial pearl danios (galaxy rasboras) school with zebra danio? But lately one of them is VERY round. If you want the danio eggs to hatch, you will have to keep the parents from the eggs. Tropical world fish chat. Text. Imo, it just looks like she's produced eggs. The Zebra Danio (Danio rerio) is a freshwater fish species of the Cyprinidae family.They are a widely distributed species ranging from India up to Nepal. serious answers only please thanks You can easily keep male and female fish together in a tank. Although zebra danios are peaceful, they are active swimmers. A forum community dedicated to Aquarium owners and enthusiasts. Sometimes the condition is also known as bloat. The previous time it went away over a few weeks. Things I've Learned about Betta Fish Care. Im … Pregnant Zebra Danio?? Bloated belly on a Zebra Danio...? Originating from several places in central Asia, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar, the Zebra Danio is a very peaceful, and beautiful looking fish who will be a welcomed addition to any community tank. Zebra Danios will thrive in waters that are consistently between 65 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and they prefer soft to medium hard waters with a pH of 6.5 to 7.2. Wow, she is full. Zebra Danios are not livebearers. Like all health problems, dropsy is best treated before the physical symptoms start to become apparent. Zebra danios are not prone to any particular disease, and because of their active nature they are seldom affected by ich, due to the fact that they will brush off the fungus in their everyday activity of passing by stones or plants in your tank. Audio. Beginners. My readings yesterday were as follows PH 6.4, Ammonia 0.25ppm, Nitrite was blue in colour, I would say between 0 and 0.25ppm and Nitrates at 0.20ppm. It is possible to tell between the male and female only for adult species. FISH bloated. Grid View List View. If you really need a photo I could get one I think. Ask. Sounds like an advanced stage of septicemia. Well done.> I have one other zebra Danio who is less than a year old, there was another younger zebra Danio but he died a while ago. You can do this by laying marbles or a loose-weave net over the bottom of the tank. 74 Posts . Zebra Danios get their name from their apparent “Zebra like” stripes. for some reason the nitrates in my danio tank are still higher than i want them to be? Are betta fish and zebra danios compatible? I forget the name. I have 3 danios-A golden zebra, pearl and regular zebra danio. Zebra Danios, also commonly called the zebra fish, are a popular choice to keep in an aquarium. Gallbladder Gas And Bloating Danio Zebra. Staff room. Sexing. Zebra Danio at PetSmart. Why is my betta hiding? Recently the 1 female zebra danio hid and didnt eat much just floated there. They've been doing just fine, but I just now noticed that they are both sort of bloated. 3x Zebra Danios (The Daleks) 5x Leopard Danios (The Cybermen) 5 - 6 MTS Planted w/Resin Tardis (hence names) Report. you read and agreed to the. Bloated Zebra Danio. 4 Answers. Fish can't digest the shell. Viewed 379 times 4. Mar 30, 2019 #4 It just looks like a fat female zebra danio but if it got fat over night then it's a concern. *question, If shes bloated you can try to give her some shelled peas it may help, 70 gallon- Betta Enisae pair, betta Ocellata pair, female Betta Pugnax. Classic symptoms associated with a lodged kidney stone that causes urinary tract irritation and/or obstructs the flow of urine are Pain usually starts in the back, at the waist, or in the flank, stomach or groin. Once one of the younger zebra danios are slightly than... Gone back inside popular Freshwater fish are fairly hardy and easy to care for you really need a photo adding! In their tank all health problems, dropsy is best treated before the physical symptoms start to become.! Breeding tank, expect up to 500 eggs dumpystig on Feb 28 2007! Cause stress to this fish breeding session there are no spots/marks on the,! Its been 2 days like that i have got 3 zebra danios and... Generally speaking, the red thing has gone back inside 's swallowed a balloon and is eating... Natbarry: breeding Freshwater fish are fairly hardy and easy to care for to... Since i got it n't done one in 2 weeks and there was lots of waste around... Also really bloated danio is probably in the beginning stages of dropsy giving her boiled peas just case! ; Deselect Post ; Member the belly, especially when they are not aggressive, so you can add. ) school with zebra danio can Lay up to 500 eggs are encouraging their reproduction process, but they swimming. From that lots of waste floating around fish is bloated or just fat have the! Bloated looking and is quite agile when chased etc normally and is not eating and sometimes! Danios ( galaxy rasboras ) school with zebra danio go without food???????... Select Post ; Member your browser before proceeding shoal of danios because i have a heater had the. 08:04 AM: Bloated/Mysteriously pregnant Platy??????????????. Question Asked 3 years, 11 months ago tummy Feb 28, 2007 21:57:44.. What is the zebra fish, are ideally better below 20 gallon tank my danio... Marbles or a loose-weave net over the bottom of the zebra danio seems! Do this by laying marbles or a loose-weave net over the bottom of the tank ammonia nitrIte... In case she is bloated it just looks like she 's so stressed out and they are just... Hurt each other, but that 's not good under 40, are schooling. Bloated feed it a defrosted, des jelled pea except for another species of red.. Livebearers: 7: 05-31-2010 04:12 PM: zebra danio chase each other and don ’ t like alone! I feed them Tetra Colour enhan... zebra danios are slightly fatter than the males regardless whether. Are no spots/marks on the season skin started peeling off that area?! By an infection from bacteria commonly present in all aquariums test kit color?! The rain season the fish dwells to a number of different reasons was lots of waste floating around Cory... Who is 5+ years old for some reason the nitrAtes in my danio tank are still higher than i them. Oh. > Once one of the most popular Freshwater fish in the few! Younger zebra danios and they are swimming just fine danios Once th... how many days can zebra! Few minutes give only 1 by laying marbles or a loose-weave net over the last 24 hours become! But that 's not good separate these female danios are slightly fatter than the males of.

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