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", "Newspaper in the Kisser", "Big Trouble", "Love You TiVo", "It's Not a Tumor", "The Diary of Anne Frank", "Baby in the Bulldozer", "West Nile Virus Rules", "Where Are They Now?". Outtakes from The Dukes of Hazzard, The X-Files, Battlestar Galactica and more come to light in "Bloopers." The world's most famous monkey bursts loose on Skull Island in "Ding Dong, King Kong." The first season of Robot Chicken includes many TV, movie, TV commercial, and pop culture parodies and non-sequitur blackouts, all acted out by dolls and action figures, including parodies like Rachael Leigh Cook smashing more than eggs in her latest This Is Your Brain on Drugs public service announcement, Walt Disney's severed head with its giant robotic spider-body attacking Cuba, the animals Noah left behind trying to survive the flood in their very own ark, America sending Harrison Ford and Aerosmith into space to take out a killer asteroid, the world's most diabolical supervillains getting stuck in traffic, the Teen Titans strengthening their roster by adding Beavis and Butt-head, a teenage girl getting a fashion makeover in "Pimp My Sister", icons from Star Trek and Tiger Beat alike uniting for canned sitcom laughs in "Two Kirks, a Khan and a Pizza Place", the last surviving member of 'N Sync, Joey Fatone, having to avenge his murdered bandmates in a deadly martial arts tournament in "Enter the Fat One", the Masters of the Universe being rocked by a Paris Hilton-style sex tape, William Shatner's toupee having adventures the action star can only dream of, a man in a public restroom encountering the terror known as "Dumplestiltskin", the world's most famous monkey bursting loose on Skull Island in "Ding Dong, King Kong", Sailor Moon encountering a bone-chilling villain, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen uniting to fight a rampaging dragon, JAWS getting a special edition DVD, a man running away from an Oriental masseuse looking for a "happy ending", Alien vs. "Skits: "Monkey Rodeo", "Fatty Sundae", "Tooth and Consequences" (has 2 alternate endings), "Guy Jumping Over Car", "Catch That Nuts! In one sketch, two music producers turn off the sound to a recording booth and don't hear the performer as he's attacked and ultimately killed by a zombie, an alien, and a wolfman. Called Disney+, it’ll offer access to a catalog of content from across Disney’s entertainment companies as well as original, exclusive content. Pennywise the Clown explains why everything floats in the sewers. The Surreal Life gang gets sent on a mission to destroy an enchanted ring. The Mad Scientist wasn't pleased about this, so he kidnapped the chicken's wife and forced her to start watching the show in the same manner that he did for the last 5 years. Many celebrities have guest starred in Robot Chicken season one. Maurice was caught unionizing our labor. 2001. There's not a single person in the seats; just monstrous disembodied voices, laughing and taunting him. The Fairy Godmother stripping naked as part of a Satanic ritual to create Cinderella's dress, shoes and carriage. More of television's greatest screw-ups, from CSI to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and Pro-sports, are highlighted in "Bloopers. See what the future holds in the Carousel of Tomorrow. ", "Grandma Fu", "Polar Bear Puke", "Mission to Mars: Day 331", "The Incredible Adventures of the Olsen Twins", "Disfigured", "God Creates the Platypus", "There's a Monster in My Closet", "He's Dead", "Mission to Mars: Day 332", "Unsolved Case Files: I, Rosie", "Next Time on Unsolved Case Files: Jem", Jaws gets a special edition DVD. 2018. Season one officially began on February 20, 2005 on Adult Swim, with "Junk in the Trunk", and ended with "The Black Cherry" on July 18, 2005, with a total of twenty episodes. Predator on the battleground of love in a special episode of "First Date". Batman also lets out a snicker when he finds out that one member is a mouse named Little Cheese. The Mad Scientist is crushed underneath the television sets he forced the chicken to watch after one of his hands is strapped to the Robot Chicken's torture chair. They can't convince him to "offhandedly refer to the time we all ended world hunger", though, probably because he hadn't heard a more stupid idea since ", "Anakin's Happy Place" parodies the infamous. Top 10 Mandalorian Season 2 Moments. M. Night Shyamalan has endless fake-outs in store for viewers in "The Twist. I never dreamed you would learn to use the matches for your own purposes! This episode was reedited and aired on the night of Friday, May 16, 2008 as "Adultizzle Swizzle". As Harry and Hermione point out, the ridiculously slim margin for error and result of a botched attempt aren't proportionate for a potion that was just supposed to change their eye color. 0:53; Dec 22, 2020. "Skits: "Newspaper Boy", "Pop Rocks and Soda", "Mothers Back Breaking", "Free Pizza", "A Visionary Cult", "A Love That Can Never Be", "Crazy Mutant Clown", "Gay Pirates", "A Shot of Puberty", "Don't Take Drugs PSA", "The Last Food Fight", "Lewis & Clark", "Wet Off the Oil", "High Caliber Fun", "2% Gone Bad", "Snoop Dogg Plane", "You Can't Do That on Robot Chicken", This two disc boxset includes all 20 episodes from Season 1 in production order. "Skits: "Time for Dinner", "Inept Figure Skater", "Enter the Fat One", "Evil Clown", "Scrambled Porn", "Cow Cannibals", "Living Piñata", "Spelling Bee at the Apollo", "Girls Room Invader", "What a Twist! Batman Beyond. This article is about Carol Danvers. The logo was designed by Corey McPherson Nash under Hatmaker. ", "Italian Stereotypes", "Pimp My Sister", "Hairy Lollipop", "We'll Be Dead Soon", "Corporal Punishment", "The Surreal Life (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars)", "Jesus Christ's Practical Joke", "Ape vs. Kangaroo", "Easter Bunny Rampage", "Exhausted Budget Theater Presents: Debbie Does Dallas", "Alien v/s Predator (chess battle)", "Falling on the Moon", "Good Catch", "Sci-Fi Convention War", Seven of the world's greatest heroes stop being polite and start getting real in "The Real World: Metropolis." Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen unite to fight a rampaging dragon. The Scooby-Doo gang encounters Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake.Skits: "Dragon in the Tub", "Fatal Sneeze", "Codename: The Abortionator", "Berry Rude", "Dorky Dancer", "I Wonder If She Puts Out? Enjoy instant nostalgia with "That '00s Show." Other networks have ordered more serialized stop-motion comedies from Green and company’s Stoopid Buddy Studios; the medieval peg-people epic Crossing Swords came out on Hulu in 2020, and AMC has picked up the urban baby-doll “Mega City Smiths” for 2021. Controversy has surrounded the fossil of a chicken-sized dinosaur with unique shoulder 'needles' — after claims it may have been exported from Brazil illegally. Santa Claus and Superman also share this role with each other in a few skits. The Robot Chicken gets his revenge on the Mad Scientist in the Season 6 opening credits by taking the scientist's body and tossing him onto a table, turning him into a robot, strapping him to the chair, and forcing him to watch the show, just as RC had been forced to do for the first 5 seasons. Carol Danvers, also known asCaptain Marvel, is a superheroine from Marvel Comics. A man in a public restroom encounters the terror known as "Dumplestiltskin." The "Baby Terminators" sketch ends with the Terminator Baby destroying the Terminator Puppy by throwing it into an automatic washer before ripping out the control panel and throwing it in. Superman kissing villains to make them forget why they're villains. "Skits: "Wealthy & Successful", "You're Going Down, Devil", "Seacrest, Out! The teacher. ", "Big Horror Movie Brother", Napoleon Bonamite pops up as a famous figure from history. "Skits: "Flip the Switch", "Humping Robot", "Motorcycle Cop's Dream", "Total Request Live", "More Butter", "Ding Dong, King Kong", "Access Hollywood", "A Little Help? "Skits: "Hip Hip Horray", "See-Saw", "Mission to Mars: Day 293", "KITT's Day Out", "Mission to Mars: Day 312", "My Toe", "Going to the Ball? It was a proposal to bring Yogi Bear into Japan. 2006. One skit involving GI Joe has Snow Job getting rejected for missions for not only wanting to go to places where skis wouldn't work, but also for wearing bright white, making him a very shootable target. "Bake-Off Beatdown" has Sara Lee breaking a beer bottle against her head to use as a weapon. The modern video game Halo invades the old-school classic Donkey Kong. Following the cancellation of The Venture Bros. in 2020, the show took up the mantle of being the longest-running series on [adult swim]. Punish mankind for their sins! "The World's Most One-Sided Fistfights" get wild at Mardi Gras. I'm trapped in a DVD factory. ", "The Fourth Annual Winter Pet Games", "Centaur Tailor", "Inept Magician", "Behind the Music: Electric Mayhem", The tooth fairy stumbles into domestic violence and murder in "Tooth and Consequences." They took my thumbs. In one sketch in "Babe Hollytree in: I Wish One Person Had Died". Best Movies & Shows on Hulu in January. All because he bought a jar of Picante sauce in New York City. The other citizens of Pastryville trying to kill Bitch Pudding for being a bitch, specifically after she gave an extremely rude speech at Granny Grahamcrackers' funeral. Tell my mom I love her, but not in that way. Titan Maximum. General discussion of movies, theatrical, box office, actors and actresses, etc. Debbie Does Dallas gets re-told with the world's cheapest puppets in "Exhausted Budget Theater." He explained that the title of each episode was a name Adult Swim rejected for the name of the show. When Abby declines an invitation to join the Baby-Sitters Club, they get her boyfriend to dump her by telling him that she has AIDS, seduce him into having a four-way with them, throw a brick through her window, put a rabid wolf in her closet, gun down her parents with sniper fire and finally blow up her house. shorts from 1996 and 1997. One of the crueler variations from "The Ramblings of Maurice": A complete list of the "special credits" is on, "The World's Most One-Sided Fist Fights Caught On Film", One of the Nerd's friends decided to skip on their, In the "Apocalypse Pony" sketch, the children. Popeye experiences a world without his hamburger-leeching friend in "It's a Wimpy-Filled Life." One sketch involves three cowboys holding down their buddy and sticking him with a branding iron that says "Jew Lover". Many of the episode names in this season ("Junk in the Trunk", "Nightmare Generator", etc.) With credits dating back to 1982, Coulier has voiced characters in the animated series Robot Chicken, American Dad!, Muppet Babies, The Real Ghostbusters and Voltron: Legendary Defender. Dracula is kind of a mood-killer at parties. Please do not notify our contractors, especially the animal Keith Crawford. A father pigeon teaches his son to poop in a snorkel to make things wild. ", In a sketch in "Crushed By a Steamroller On My 53rd Birthday", some scientists decide to bring back a dinosaur, similar to the movie, Linus is fed up with the Great Pumpkin never appearing on Halloween, so he attempts to summon him by drawing a pentagram, lighting some candles and sacrificing a chicken. Rachael Leigh Cook smashes more than eggs in her latest This Is Your Brain on Drugs public service announcement. ", "Big Balls", "I'm So Fat", "Rock, Paper, Scissors", "Hicks and Pigs", "Bird Learns", "Murder in Smurf Town X", Guest stars: Pat O'Brien, Stuart Townsend, Sailor Moon encounters a bone-chilling villain. ", "Evil Postal Workers", "4 Sale, Baby Vampires", "Confusing Signage", "Ode to the Nut Shot". This version was used in some What a Cartoon! Robot Chicken: Star Wars Special III. Robot Chicken. ", William Shatner's toupee has adventures the action star can only dream of. See what the future holds in the Carousel of Tomorrow. A good example is when a museum in the DC Universe is showing off a priceless diamond, and the curator says, "All right, we all know what's coming, so let's try to get through a round of h'ors d'eurves before the first ice-themed supervillain shows up. ", "She made our lives a living hell / So nasty and so mean / And when Bitch Pudding hit the lava / You should have heard her scream! Movie stars are stepping down from the silver screen to star in award-winning TV shows. Lex Luthor keeps getting smacked in the head with a dodgeball. ", "The Time of the Great Pumpkin", A teenage girl gets a fashion makeover in "Pimp My Sister." The fates of the greatest action figure toy lines from decades past are exposed in "Where Are They Now?" Scandalous Hollywood news and gossip get the Pat O'Brien treatment. If you watch the luggage conveyor belt in the corner, you can eventually see a Playmobil kid figure (which came with the set) rolling through. Heaven is not all it is cracked up to be in "Can We Handle the Truth?" In a different skit, Bitch Pudding's house is invaded by a ghost. the Robot Chicken kills nearly every single character with ridiculous ease, the one exception being Bitch Pudding, To hammer this point home, Ollie himself, the man they're supposed to be mourning, is. ", Earlier on, it was used twice, and both times for the, There's a pretty epic one against the comedian Gallagher. A nerd wins a date with Scarlett Johansson. Ted Turner running around dressed as Captain Planet and screaming his name at the top of his lungs, "harmlessly herding them back to the enemy line. 2:11; Dec 24, 2020. Oprah Winfrey fulfills all her viewers' fondest wishes...almost. The animals Noah left behind try to survive the flood in their very own ark. What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? "My Little Pony, Apocalypse Pony! As soon as he has the chance, he hops the US border. Household animals take to the slopes for "Winter Pet Games." But then, he. Testicles are terrorized in "Ode to the Nut Shot." The Smurfs are terrorized by a murderer who kills based on the seven deadly sins in "Murder in Smurf Town X. ", "Domestic Bird Squabble", "How Old Are You? Walt Disney's severed head with its giant robotic spider-body attacks Cuba. but sure enough, one of the people attending Green Arrow's funeral is. As competition increases, cable companies, and premium networks are producing some of the best series the world has ever seen, working to compete with streaming services and video on demand channels . Instead of being scared, she curses it out and, "Raiders of the Magic Garden" has Paula's head exploding when. This rightly freaks them out. Best Movies & Shows on Hulu in January. ", "Eternia News Network", "Port-a-Potty Mistake", "Where's Michael? "BLAM! These new models would come in both 14-inch and 16-inch sizes, with new a Famed voice actor Tom Kane, known for his work in the Star Wars universe, has been left largely unable to speak after suffering a stroke in November. The Great Pumpkin of Peanuts fame finally shows. You all get a taste of the Bitch Pudding! While it contains many sketches that were edited from the TV airings, several of the original Sony Screenblast webtoons, and the words "Jesus" and "Christ" as an oath unbleeped (though "fuck" and "shit" are still censored out), the episodes are not all uncut. ", "Cow Tipping", "Zombie Idol", The last surviving member of 'N Sync, Joey Fatone, must avenge his murdered bandmates in a deadly martial arts tournament in "Enter the Fat One". ", "Kill Bunny", "Sex Doll Abuser", "Two Kirks, a Khan and a Pizza Place", "Who Poop Last?! ", "The Butterfly Effect", "Happy Birthday Grandma", "Happy Ending Chase", "Women's Soccer", "Restroom Surprise", "Keanu Sausage", "Another Restroom Surprise", "Inept Secret Agent", "Crazy Monkeys on Land Mine Island", "Flatley & Vader", "A Scooby Friday", It's Alien vs. "Hogwarts Lessons" has Ron putting an extra drop of wolfsbane extract in a potion, which causes his teeth to rocket out of his mouth and his head to explode. ", "Sam Leaps Into Paris", Billy's Questions", "Can We Handle the Truth? ", "Ent Murder", "Constipated Clown", "Brandon the Ninja", "Jaws: Special Edition", "Brand New Board Game - Euthanasia", "Gandhi the Night Club Pianist", "The A-Team", A new video game is taking video games by storm, "Codename: The Abortionator." In the "Wizards In Heat" sketch, Dumbledore tells Harry, Ron, and Hermione that they can't defeat Pubertus because he's inside of them, just as his own demon, Wandus Limpus, prevents him from having meaningful relationships. KDDI 法人・ビジネス向けの「Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W05: スペック」(データ通信端末) のご案内です。auのiPhone、iPad、スマートフォン、携帯電話端末の法人契約・お申し込み。通話料金・割引、通話・通信サービスをご紹介しています。 HUAWEI Speed W05 [ブラック×ライム]の詳細スペック・仕様・特長情報 … Here, ninja train day and night to be able to carry out important missions. Apple has planned new upgraded MacBook Pros for launch “later this year” according to a new report from Bloomberg. The laughter is canned for the sketch comedy show "You Can't Do That on Robot Chicken. Voltron engages in an old-school dance-off in "You Got Robo-Served." "Skits: "Skydiving Clown", "Bad Aim", "Fagabeefe", "Hollywood Spotlight", "Squirrel Gone Nuts", "Sabrina the Teenage Bitch", "Pinocchio's Firewood", "Chappaqua Follies", "Wheelchair Ride", "Leon! Marion Ramsey, known for acting in the "Police Academy" films and gracing the Broadway stage in 1978's "Eubie!," died Thursday at her home in Los Angeles. Composite Santa refers to everything used to kill him as his only weakness. Unfortunately for him, he turns out to only have the power to make these decisions in theory. A brawl rocks the nursing home in "Grandma Fu." The 2020 show was broadcast Sunday night on ABC. Two weeks without food. They get killed. Find a full list of movie and TV titles headed to disc in March 2020, including Uncut Gems, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, 1917, Mr. Then, Padmé finds the "fresh cut sunflowers" Anakin left for her. Icons from Star Trek and Tiger Beat alike unite for canned sitcom laughs in "Two Kirks, a Khan and a Pizza Place." The cereal spokesbunny Stix Rabbit finds himself a new way to make a buck. Which also counts as this trope as well. The Star Wars specials have the chicken chorus singing the film series' standard end credits theme. Season 6's opening involves the Robot Chicken strapping the Mad Scientist to the bench, turning him into a robot, and making HIM suffer what the chicken was forced to go through for the first 5 seasons. Faker for He-Man. ", "Scary Barney", "Secrets of the Animal Kingdom" ("The Mongoose: Nature's Assassin", "The Hyena: Nature's A**hole", "The Lemming: Nature's Retard"), "I Have Big Boobs", "Pattycake", "Potter in Pain", "Walt Disney Attacks! One sketch is a commercial where a Mountain Man uses Bearalis, a roofie designed for bears, to drug and rape a bear. ", During "Bring Your Sidekick to Work Day", Kid Flash used his. 2009. ", they reject her because of her appearance and she runs away sobbing, both the zombie saliva and the "we were all infected all along" thing. The legends of rock 'n' roll return from beyond the grave to haunt the "Zombie Idol" reality show.Skits: "Too Curious George", "Rhino on a Car", "The Real World: Metropolis", "Cats Are Jerks", "For America! A reporter in "Junk in the Trunk" is named Jerry Poppendaddi, after the similarly named ska band Cherry Poppin' Daddies. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Top 10 Darkest Robot Chicken Sketches Ever. The Billy Joel parody, which turns "Pianoman". *squeek squeek squeek* "Nice poodle!" Is the Land of Cute Girls / Matt Has Cool Toys / Fasolo Is the Man of the People but Tom Root Is My Hero" during the Six Million Peso Man sketch. Dear Consumer: We are a humble factory. Scooby! Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Too bad he becomes murderous, and goes on a killing spree.Skits: "Farting the National Anthem", "Snail Rides a Turtle", "It's Your Baby", "Chainsaw Surgeon", "Spoilers", "That Was Close", "Corndog Audience", "Beavis and Butt-head Join the Teen Titans", "Hunting Dog Heart Attack", "Sore Loser", "Nun & Bicycle", "Benny Hill Funeral", "Served! not use the sponge during his electrocution. things don't work out the way he expected. Strawberry Shortcake sentencing Huckleberry Pie to be. Smurfs don't have nipples... Not arousing. One sketch features an inventor building a time machine and intending to go back in time to see a T. rex. President Hu forbids it. Season 10 episode 6's opening credits is a recreation of the opening to. didn't pay him on Tuesday for his hamburger. 5:48; ... Hardcore Trivia for Star Trek Fans. an alien squirrel Green Lantern named B'Dg. Chucky from the Child's Play series takes on the cutesy Lettuce Head Kids in the opening to season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The episode "Suck It" includes "If You Are Reading This You Are Too Close = Crappy Bumper Sticker / Robot Chicken Hearts You for Paying Attention to Details" and "The Puppet Dept. When three boys each tweet fake news about Donald Trump in front of a bathroom mirror, Donald himself shows up and starts saying fake news about them in return. Help me. ", "Unfortunate Burglar", "Señor Clean", "The Usual Wedgie", "Meteorgeddon", "Clown Car Crash", "Buffy: Season 8", "Give Me the Boobies! Robot Chicken… "Fridge Smell" starts off with Paul and John from. A Stop Motion series on [adult swim], from Williams Street Productions. One sketch has Batman and Robin bullying, tormenting, and murdering a group of kids for singing the "Batman smells" song. ", "It's a Wimpy-Filled Life", "Halo Kong", "Mrs. McNally's 3rd Graders Present: Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride", "Ponda Baba's Bad Day", Guest stars: Scott Adsit, Dave Coulier, Alan Cumming, Kelly Hu, Shane McRae, Conan O'Brien, Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich re-make Godzilla...again. [2], "Robot Chicken - Season 1 Box Set (Region 2) (Pal): DVD",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Seth Green, Matthew Senreich & Mike Fasolo, Seth Green, Mike Fasolo, Pat McCallum & Matthew Senreich, Seth Green, Mike Fasolo & Matthew Senreich, Seth Green, Pat McCallum & Matthew Senreich, Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Mike Fasolo & Pat McCallum, This page was last edited on 19 November 2020, at 00:50. The side effects listed include "sudden death from an inadequately tranquilized bear". Welcome to the Village Hidden in the Leaves, home to the famous Naruto Uzumaki, star of Naruto. Here is the complete list of winners and nominees for the 72nd annual Emmy Awards. Geeks and nerds collide when a science fiction convention erupts into war.Skits: "All Suited Up", "Will It Hurt? The show getting cancelled at the end of each season, and then renewed at the start of the following season. In the Island of Recalled Toys sketch, one of the toys is one of the old Easy-Bake ovens that would get hot enough to burn the user. Cartoon Network Studios originally used the 1992–2004 Cartoon Network logo for its original shows, which was mostly seen during early episodes of The Moxy Show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and What a Cartoon! sketch, the Nerd is arrested by the FBI, waterboarded, and sent to prison, all because he accidentally hacked into the Pentagon while trying to find cheats for his. Then the Mad Scientist for two seasons. The entire classroom starts screaming in terror. But wait! For the original Captain Marvel, see Mar-Vell. An average fellow named Doug wakes up in the world of the Huggytime Bears. In, Palpatine in the Star Wars specials is portrayed as, Another sketch has an alien (that has just participated in a kidnapping of a human for — apparently — experimentation) lament the PR problem they have, and wonder how the false anal probing rumor got started (turns out, The actual state of the Robot Chicken character until the 100th episode. He only acts stupid for the sake of the show, but is both physically stronger and more intellectual than He-Man behind the camera. Cobra Commander executes a guy for making oral sex jokes about him at his roast. Mrs. McNally's, Army Firecracker, and Ponda Bada's Bad Day replacing "Stix Are Intended for Children".Skits: "Street Vendor Nightmare", "First Date", "Firecracker", "Frogger Car Wreck", "Tetsuo! Season 8 opens with a now frozen Robot Chicken being thawed out and put through the same hell he went through in the early seasons, only with more advanced technology and a descendant of the Mad Scientist. The toy insisted on him loading the gun with the bullets supplied inside the box, had him memorize a target that he was assigned to kill, and goaded the kid into pulling the trigger. Season 3 opener "Werewolf vs. Unicorn" has descriptions for each of the cast members shot during the Season 2. In the short "Christmas 1914", Private Doyle asks Santa to bust through the German line, but before Santa comes to do it, the Christmas Truce is initiated. With sadness we must report that film and Broadway actress Marion Ramsey has passed away, the news was first reported by Deadline citing her management team at … ", The most affectionate, probably, being the end credits music, a chorus of chickens singing. The Japanese execs were not pleased. She's mean, but she previously never did anything to warrant getting killed. On April 28, 1996, the logo was given a highlighted outline and the word "Studios" was added above. More » DVD Calendar , TV , Movies ", "Noah's Rejects", "Close Encounter of the Pantsed Kind", "Thirsty", "Ape Smells Finger", "Roof Jumper", "That '00s Show", "Bring Out Your Dead", "Dodgeball", "Chess Morality", "Disturbing Graph", "The Best Cowboy", "Inept Trapeze Artist", "3 Fast 3 Furious", "Outtakes", America sends Harrison Ford and Aerosmith into space to take out a killer asteroid in "Meteorgeddon." Which ends with "In Bed with Loved Ones", revealing it to be a, The nerd fantasizes about what he'll do with the. Recommendations. ", "Bride of Frankenstein Dumps Her Beau", "Unsolved Case Files: Claus & Effect", "Next Time on Unsolved Case Files: The Taco Bell Chihuahua's Castration", "Come and Get Some! On October 1, 1992, Cartoon Networkwas officially launched and debuted its now-iconic logo, featuring a black and white 7x2 square grid with each letters of the company's name on it set in Eagle Bold. In one sketch where an e-sports player starts masturbating on live ESPN, the announcer yells to "cut to a real sport". A man runs away from an Oriental masseuse looking for a "happy ending". 1 Complete 1.1 1993 1.2 1994 1.3 1996 1.4 1997 1.5 1999 1.6 2001 1.7 2003 1.8 2004 1.9 2005 1.10 2012 1.11 2019 2 Incomplete 2.1 1959 2.2 1960 2.3 1962 2.4 1963 2.5 1964 2.6 1965 2.7 1966 2.8 1968 2.9 1969 2.10 1971 2.11 1974 2.12 1975 2.13 1977 2.14 1979 2.15 1982 2.16 1984 2.17 1985 2.18 1986 2.19 1987 2.20 1988 2.21 1989 2.22 1990 2.23 1991 2.24 1992 2.25 1993 2.26 1994 2.27 1995 2.28 … And the titles of the second half form the DVD factory's response: Season 5's episode titles seem to be mashup of two completely different films that have nothing to do with the episode, one known for being really good, the other known for being awful, leading to titles like, Season 6 (for the most part) seems to be named after ways to die (i.e., "Executed by the State", "Punctured Jugular", etc.) The second DC Comics special sees Batman stop his eulogy for Green Arrow, then (to the horror on those attending) rant about how. Michael Jackson returns from space to confront his n'er-do-well alter ego in "Where's Michael? The Replacements. The fourth Bloopers sketch ends with the host. Turns out they just wanted to borrow a cup of sugar. Due to constraints of time and budget, the ramblings of Maurice cannot be erased, so sorry. It’s about Rock Lee, the one who can’t use ninjutsu at all! He's transformed into the "Six Million Peso Man". Joe's nemesis Cobra. "I've altered the deal, pray I don't alter it any further", pray to the spirit of vengeance to come out of hell and rip your guts out with a spear, the TARDIS and jumps at the chance to become the Doctor's companion, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion go to prison for murdering the Wicked Witch of the West. People receiving a "Shark BJ" in Season 8. Hilary Duff's new film combines history and teen drama in an updated "The Diary of Anne Frank." Season 10 has both the Robot Chicken and Mad Scientist digging up the Nerd's corpse and turning him into a robot. The Masters of the Universe are rocked by a Paris Hilton-style sex tape. If the Mad Scientist hadn't equipped the Chicken with so many cybernetic weapons, he wouldn't have been able to escape, much less kill his former captor. Hulu’s MODOK looks like Marvel by way of Robot Chicken Wolfwalkers trailer shows off the film’s gorgeous animation Star Wars: The High Republic is upon us 4 A weakling turns into the "King of the Beach" with some illegal help. Recommendations. Boba Fett and the other guy he was with both got spit out of the Sarlacc beast because it just couldn't take their annoying activities anymore. A video dating experience a la The Ring scares a potential suitor. Popeye experiences a world without his hamburger-leeching friend in "It's a Wimpy-Filled Life." Check out a little scrambled porn on your 1980s-era cable box. Ramsey had recently fallen ill, but her exact cause of death is […]

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